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  1. Reloader54

    Cormorant predator

    Several years back a fishery owner applied for a licence to control cormorants on his waters and was promptly granted said licence, it was for two point four a year??? when he enquired about the fraction and how would he go about shooting point four of a cormorant they were most unhelpful, I suggested simply removing the "point" from the equation solved the problem.
  2. Reloader54

    EU Beginner load development - 6.5creedmoor

    You talk of headspace,, Quote; but problem with my gun is i have HUGE big headspace and thats why i dont even have whole bullet diameter seated inside.Quote; but then talk of bullet seating depth, they are not the same. seat bullet to c,o,a,l excess headspace is a whole different issue. do you mean freebore, [see dia, below]
  3. Reloader54

    Ward nv

    Ward-D-Vision 700 Digital Night Vision or 800 what's out there? PLEASE PM ME WITH DETAILS AND PRICE. CHEERS.
  4. Reloader54

    Recommend a: Digital Powder Dispenser

    I said,, "opinions differ, that's mine". You said,, " It's one of those personal reloading choices we each make and what suits one may not suit another." no offence but that looks pretty similar to me.
  5. Reloader54

    Recommend a: Digital Powder Dispenser

    that's what I said, only more concise.
  6. Reloader54

    Recommend a: Digital Powder Dispenser

    I tried to convince myself I needed one of these digital type gadgets but after extensive searching it seems they are less accurate and consistent as well as needing to be altered or "improved" in some way, [shouldn't be necessary after spending hundreds of £,s really], ,than a good quality beam scale, RCBS 10/10 being the favourite . the amounts of time dicking around with various filters,anti spike devices could be spent actually enjoying time out with the rifle. opinions differ, that's mine. 😎
  7. Reloader54

    RCBS 10-10 scales

    and another set on SD
  8. Reloader54

    Font Colour

    Interstellar Overdrive and remember "puff,puff, pass"
  9. Reloader54

    Font Colour

    but it's ,,,,
  10. Reloader54

    quality mincer

    "well you'd never guess, he looks as straight as the next man"
  11. Reloader54

    Fat Bag

    what a good looking dog. obviously "thinking"
  12. Reloader54

    Fat Bag

    "isn't she shadow home Secretary"
  13. Reloader54

    Lock and Load

    maybe I should have said "condition 1"
  14. Reloader54

    FB Sharing of Private Data

    "UKV,,,,, Connecting people"
  15. Reloader54

    couldn't help noticing


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