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  1. until I saw this post I really thought I had stumbled on a bit of banter between mates, if I'm wrong then this is a post I have to agree 100%. so many shooting folk willing to throw other disciplines "under the bus", maybe brexit got everyone fired up for a bit of "dick swinging"
  2. Reloader54


    I agree, management/culls, etc can be at differing levels. and often benefits many creatures that may have a lesser chance of survival should things be unmanaged or in some cases mismanaged.
  3. Reloader54


    If it's eating poults,lambs,and doing everything a fox does,,I'd slot it. what difference does it make what colour it is.?? with respect, I don't think I could enjoy watching it "going about its business" should that be any of the above. I no longer shoot hares, but in the past have pursued them with all legal methods at the time. my boss has requested they be left alone and I'm happy to adhere to that. often I spend a whole day in pursuit of a particular deer, sometimes going home without firing a shot, not becase I never found it, but because the ideal shot never presented itself, for instance in thick cover or an unsafe or no backstop. there's always another day.
  4. Reloader54

    An Afternoon on the crows.

    I have to be honest, I'm no stranger to eating roadkill myself, [in one or two distant,darker moments, it was the difference between roadkill or imminent hunger] but I'm not sure I fancy some of his tastes, and lucky I never had to.
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    It was noted post # 2, and an appropriate helpful link given.
  6. Reloader54


    I named my turkey "alfie" this Year.
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  8. Reloader54


    sometimes a "like" button seems like a useful addition. 👍
  9. Reloader54

    50 Cal Ban Dropped

    totally agree, seems almost any subject,opinion, or thought can be weaponized into a brexit reference . facts don't seem to count for much, welsh shooting ban, 50 cal, increases in crime, ect, immigration, the facts are often disregarded in favour of a political agenda.
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    ‼️UPDATE ON AMO ‼️ SOMEBODY SAW AMO BEING PUT INTO A TRUCK!SHARE SHARE SHARE Did you attend the Midland Game Fair?Somebody has come forward saying they saw Amo being put into a BLACK pick up truck with a covered back between 4:45-5:30pm on Saturday 15th September at the Midland Game Fair. The truck has been seen around Telford area previously! The truck had ‘Dog Unit’ written wonky on the side/back in white. It had a dog crate in the back. They exited the fair out the Blymhill exit, past the farm shop and over the bridge. The driver was quite tanned, dark hair, thick eyebrows and had stubble. THIS TRUCK IS NOTHING TO DO WITH WESTON PARK OR THE ORGANISERS! Please can everybody to check their photos again from the show, and if they recognise any description above please come forward!
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    its right there in front of you, post#1
  13. Reloader54


    yeah doesn't take much common sense to avoid making the owners feel worse than they do already. how does that help. can we please concentrate on helping spread the word and getting the dog returned hopefully. and leave personal opinions aside.
  14. Reloader54


    I,m sorry but what a dumb thing to say, I'm sure the owners of the dog feel so much better now.

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