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  1. I must be honest and state when I first used the perfect measure I had widely varying charges but quickly discovered the trick is to repeat exactly the same action when operating the throw lever.
  2. I have a lee perfect powder measure,, yes I know its a cheap plastic item, however I must of had it close to 25 years and it still throws as accurate charge as when first purchased 9/10 charges being bang on and the odd tenth out, but I too still feel the need to "double check" each charge with a certified beam scale. I'm not sure I could happily trust a box of cheap chinese electrics to be 100% reliable or trustworthy. I realise many do and with great success, and then there's a few who have negative experiences with all the makes and models available.
  3. Berger, MATCH TARGET BT?

    "my submarine is full of earthworms"
  4. I keep convincing myself I need one of these,,, but when I begin to research to see what particular make/model is the best value, accurate, reliable,ect,, it soon becomes difficult to make any kind of educated choice.
  5. Awaiting FAC

    For six years???? "we thought you would be in a home now, and couldn't remember your password"
  6. Reloading with Rosie

  7. Reloading with Rosie

    Rosie has competition,,, just watch this coco!
  8. opinions

    saw this and thought of you. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Falcon-Optics-5-5-25x56-ffp-Rifle-Scope/253490592649?hash=item3b05377b89:g:DiUAAOSwxQhaqWyX
  9. squirrel eating

    Well of course they would be bigger in the USA,,,, is this you? I guess you need one hell of a pan to fry that up. is this you??
  10. My new varmint rifle

    Ahh, the mystery appears solved.
  11. My new varmint rifle

    I think it was established in op to be slower however factory says 1.8 with no other option.?? http://www.sako.fi/rifles/old-models/75-varmint
  12. squirrel eating

    reds are protected. [endangered species ] http://www.rsne.org.uk/squirrels-and-law
  13. My new varmint rifle

    .223 you say,, an old keeper friend had one of these with a 14 twist,, it was .222 . of course it could simply be re barrelled. nice looking rifle, his was extremely accurate.
  14. opinions

    I have an older 4.5-18-56. I bought it when they first hit the market, at the time it was getting mixed reviews, here for example. http://www.snipercentral.com/scope-reviews/ It still serves me well, it 's as repeatable now as when I originally purchased it. today it owes me nothing. are there better optics out there ,,,yes. for the same coin,,, maybe, like most things there will be positive and negative opinions, I've met folks who were unhappy with S&B, and leupold.
  15. Reloading with Rosie

    "now look we've all 'ad a drink"

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