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  1. 20 series. 200g Sierra MK are yous PM sent.
  2. Berger 6mm 95g and 88g sold. Spiker2
  3. Taylorj. You have a PM. Spiker2.
  4. Taylor. You have a PM. Spiker.
  5. For Sale Sierra MatchKing. 30 cal. 200g HPBT. Code 2230. 73 bullets. Cost £20. SOLD Berger VLD Hunting. 30cal. 168g. Code 30510 92 bullets. Cost £35 SOLD Berger VLD Varmint. 6mm. 88g VLD Code 24323. 82 bullets. Cost £30 SOLD Berger Target VLD. 6mm. 95g Code 24427. 62 bullets. Cost £20 SOLD Nosler Ballistic Tip. 6mm. 55g. Code 24055. 107 bullets. Cost £35 2nd class Postage included. Advertised elsewhere. BACS transfer or Paypal. Spiker2
  6. Spiker2

    Best moderator

    One to avoid. Third Eye Tactical/Tier One. I have one on my .308 and it is the noisiest moderator in the club. Everyone moans about it. It is easy to strip for cleaning but the noise.

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