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  1. Scooby-93

    .223 action

    .223 or same bolt face action preferably Remington 700 but what have you got
  2. I can measure my dpt .25-6.5 mod for you if that would help?
  3. Thanks for that mick the loop style jag is a lot easier to push through even with the same size patch and that won’t come loose i will try putting the patch on off centre or maybe even trimming it down abit? hopefully will make it easier i may also buy a new spear jag as my current may have a sque-wiff thread
  4. I’ve got a stainless steel pro shot rod and matching spear patch jag and I use the pro shot square pre cut patches for my calibre .22250 i find that it’s hard and very tight to insert the rod into the chamber and the initial part of the barrel - especially with a wet patch I also find that the jag has loosened its self a full turn from the rod aswell once it’s been through the full length of the barrel FYI I do use a borefuide and hold the cleaning rod by the handle aswell can anyone give me an insight onto why this is happening?
  5. 10 x 56 Ziess victory T FL binoculars for sale as I’ve bought Ziess rangefinding binoculars Very good condition comes with original box and extra carry case/neck strap PM me your email address and I’ll forward on pictures as unable to upload onto here £1000 collected from glossop or + delivery (insured)
  6. Swarovski z6 5-30x50 rifle scope for sale glass is perfect very minor marks on the tube from rings Very very good overall condition BR reticle comes with original box, all paper work, bikini and can also provide butler creek covers aswell PM me your email address and I’ll forward pics onto you as unable to upload on here £1100 collected glossop or + delivery (insured)
  7. Scooby-93

    50 grain varmint load for Sako 75 Varmint

    Nosler BT?
  8. Scooby-93

    Newbie - needing a reloading kit

    Thanks again for all the replies i think I’ve settled on the rcbs rock chucker supreme kit I’ve been recommended the redding type S completion die set so will probably go with that tumbler wise I’ve been looking at either the Lyman turbo sonic 1200 ultra or the Lyman turbo 1200 pro tumbler Which is better as there is £60 difference? trimmer wise I’m thinking either a Forster or wilson
  9. Scooby-93

    Newbie - needing a reloading kit

    Thank you for all the advice so far anyone else have any recommendations etc
  10. Scooby-93

    Newbie - needing a reloading kit

    Hi all, im looking into getting into reloading and looking to buy a kit with everything in that I’ll need ( or as near to as possible ) looking on spudreloading site and I see they offer a starter kit using lee press etc has anyone any experience with the above kit? what kit can you guys recomend me Id rather pay more and buy once and have something decent to last a long time than buy something cheap that won’t last or won’t get me reliable consistant ammo thanks in advance for any help
  11. Scooby-93

    204 Vermin Control

    What range was your zero? And how much above did you aim/dial in?
  12. Bump for a great pair of boots

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