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  1. Can’t believe these haven’t sold
  2. Scooby-93

    Rpa action

    Thanks I’ve already emailed them but not had a reply yet, I’ll give them a ring by end of the week if I haven’t heard anything
  3. I’m looking at getting either a quadlock or quadlite action in single shot for my 6.5 build still undecided on which calibre - probably 260 or 6.5-284 i understand the quadlite can be fitted into Remington sa stocks but require a little work? Does anyone know if there are any off the shelve stocks available for the quadlite and also who manufacture/importer then? the gun is going To be used for long range work so a sporter style stock is out of the question
  4. Open to sensible offers thanks
  5. Scooby-93

    .22-250 load advice

    Unfortunately I don’t have a chronograph, has anyone got quick load who wouldn’t mind running it through for me? Tbh itl be the 50grain bullet I’ll use if compatible if not then 40grain it is
  6. Scooby-93

    .22-250 load advice

    Hi ive bought a tub of n130 to use in my .223 im wanting to use it in my .22250 aswell, I can only find data on vit website for n130 with 40grain bullets i was hoping to use 50 or 55grain vmax/noslerBT in my .22250 Can anyone confirm if this will work please? It’s a 26” 14/1 twist thanks
  7. Scooby-93

    Wanted 30mm blued medium optilock and bases.

    Someone on the stalking directory forum is selling some
  8. Just had these back to ziess for a refurb and check over back now and ready to go to new home
  9. Scooby-93

    14x1 sound mod/rear section for dpt

    Needing a 14x1 rear section for dpt sound mod or a light weight mod in 14x1 please
  10. Scooby-93

    .223 action

    Thank you for all replies, now sorted

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