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  1. £150 collected
  2. Still for sale
  3. Scooby-93

    R.E.M. 700 short action

    Afraid not, but thank you again. i have the barrel, stock and trigger just need the action.
  4. Scooby-93

    R.E.M. 700 short action

    Thanks ronin, but it’s a short action I’m after
  5. Scooby-93

    R.E.M. 700 short action

    R.E.M. 700 short action wanted please with .308 bolt face. Donor action from .22250 .243 .308 etc Please PM me with what you have
  6. Unable to upload pictures so please PM me your number or email address and I will forward them on
  7. Lyman ultra sonic cleaner for sale, only used 3 times so as new. £100 Collected near Pickering North Yorkshire or buyer pays postage
  8. Scooby-93

    Accurate mag

    I’ll be in touch tomorrow Dave thanks

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