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  1. Hi EC, Can you recall when you got rid of it ?
  2. Rifle Cleaning

    At what point would you use KG 2 and KG3
  3. Rifle Cleaning

    Do you not use any other of the products such as KG12 for copper fouling?
  4. Rifle Cleaning

    I have some KG1, KG12, KG2. KG3 & KG4. I have tried reading online how best to use these but there appear to be conflicting views/opinions. Does anyone have a tried and test way of cleaning using KG products?
  5. Deserttech Europe. Are you EC by any chance and would you know who owns the rifle now.
  6. Jiminic That's a memory and a half. I am trying to find out who now owns it!
  7. Reloading Advice

    Hi VarmLR Is Lee case sizing lube not very good. Any reason why you favour the Imperial lanolin and where do you get it from. I couldn't find anything online. Also, I see that you tumble once and then ultra clean,, Could I just tumble again instead of ultra clean to get rid of the lube inside the case. I understand from speaking to a reloading shop that it isn't imperative to clean any lee lube residue from the case mouth.
  8. I cannot find it on guntrader. I believe its a .308. Have gone through all their .308's and cannot see it. Can you point me in the right direction. Thanks
  9. Anyone recognise this rifle. If so pm me please.
  10. Barrels

    Excuse what may appear an ignorant question. Can you buy rifle barrels without an FAC.? I saw this advert which prompted me asking
  11. 6.5 variants

    Many thanks for the responses. Needn't worry about a variation.
  12. 6.5 variants

    Just found the following re 6.5 v creedmoor. Thanks for helping out: However, reading srvets response, would I be permitted to request my slot be changed for a 6.5 allowing flexibility of choice.
  13. 6.5 variants

    I was planning to go to 1000 yards. Will a 6.5 x 55 be able to achieve this. I read that a 6.5 creedmoor is the way to go
  14. 6.5 variants

    If I put in for a variation that just shows 6.5 than I can I choose any 6.5 variant
  15. Hi, Some help please. I have a slot for a 6.5 x 55 on my license. How limited am I to this calibre. Is a 6.5 Creedmoor, Grendel permissible or indeed any 6.5 such as 6.5 x 47

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