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  1. Conorj

    Competition seating dies

    Did you ever get sorted I've a rcbs competition seater and standard neck size in 223 rem
  2. Conorj

    Laserware pressure switch

    As per title I'm looking a rat tail pressure switch that will fit a laserware ndx is a Male threaded end. Thanks
  3. Have you wrote down my address? You can delete your bank acc details as I've payment sorted😀
  4. Hi jamie inbox deleted i should be able to receive messages now
  5. Hi if the 75gr bullets are still available ill take them off you for the asking price i previously offered you £20. Could you send me your details for payment thanks
  6. Thanks for the info, would you be willing to let them go for £20 posted?
  7. Is there a difference between the 75gr eld and the 75gr amax? The bullet code seems to be the same
  8. Conorj

    WANTED 223 rem dies

    Wanted 223 rem neck sizer and seater dies anyone looking a new home for them?
  9. 200 remington 204 ruger cases once fired for sale £25 plus postage
  10. Hi is this monopod still available?
  11. I'm in the market for a new gun mounted light, I've been looking at laser genetics nd3 50 and some of the wicked lights what the differences between them or is one better than the other?
  12. Could you resend your mobile number think the last one wasn't working
  13. Hi could you send pics of the 34mm med rings if still available

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