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  1. vmax

    Drone pro 10x vs Pulsar N355

    just looked at night vision gear uk ltd site & rather glad I didn’t order drone !!! “ceased trading with immediate effect “ shame as sounded a good company
  2. vmax

    Drone pro 10x vs Pulsar N355

    thanks for replies & info on drone pro’s, Ive read elsewhere a week back that they are stopping which concerns me about warranty issues especially as there’s not been much clarification on the issue to say the least. have thought of putting order on but will wait & see what else comes out in the year as in my mind it could be hassle to get support even when the scope isn’t that old,
  3. vmax

    Drone pro 10x vs Pulsar N355

    I have to admit that the drone pro has alot of supporters, not read of anyone yet swapped to much else once having one. Spanner I know what you mean, been down that road before, buy cheap buy twice
  4. vmax

    Drone pro 10x vs Pulsar N355

    Evening Richy That’s typical, I live up in the hills opposite side of Ludlow to Bishops Castle, a few minutes drive !! been out tonight with nm800 lamp & 1 charlie less so makes you think carry on with Meopta or spend abit on photon or fair bit more on drone. will have to see what catches my eye & as you said if I venture on to social media more someone would give a demo when i think Ive made a decision ? Neil
  5. vmax

    Drone pro 10x vs Pulsar N355

    Sunny South Shropshire richy
  6. vmax

    Drone pro 10x vs Pulsar N355

    Evening Richiew Sounds like your well impressed with the drone pro, I know it’s not the main purpose but how do you find it in the daylight ? still handy enough? yukon photon would do what i need, as would others but I’m very tempted to pay the extra & get a drone & be done with. I always try to buy quality as the money/price I soon forget but will wizz me off if I buy cheaper & not happy in use, there out of stock at the moment so money not burning hole in me pocket !? atb Neil ps Happy New year all ?
  7. vmax

    Drone pro 10x vs Pulsar N355

    Bruce As I said, I’ve only seen good things about Night vision gear and you substantiate that opinion totally, & I fully appreciate the shop /retailer isn’t going to repair a scope of any make themselves, but possibly being old fashioned I try and buy most things over the counter (if convenient) & if I have problems I take it back & it’s a good point of contact to resolve matters face 2 face, cheers for explanation of N355 & photon very informative, looks like photon or drone pro Treetop In truth what your doing with your photon would cover all I do, shooting @ 250yrds is usually a long enough distance in the dark like you say the drone is nice but at nearly triple the price !, I like nice quality but will have to see if I think it’s worth 1K more thanks for green filter tip ? Neil
  8. vmax

    Drone pro 10x vs Pulsar N355

    thanks for the reply & link Bruce the drone pro does look superb but shame you can’t buy / return for warranty from a uk mainland shop though I do believe night vision gear are an excellent company. pulsar n355 not ideal as you say but didn’t know if 3.5 mag digitally zoomed @ x8 say would still be better quality than the photon rt. I thought of photon first as not silly money but wasn’t sure where to spend money will take a look on mentioned forum aswell first forum I’ve been on so just thought I would ask on here atb Neil
  9. Evening all, new to forum, as title says I’m considering going up from meopta R1 scope/nm800 combo to NV it’s on my Sako85 .223 for fox & rabbit mostly shooting on my own. drone is upper end of what I wanted to spend, pulsar middle price & have look down to photon rt price point but just would like to hear opinions & possibly other options I’ve not thought about, (wasn’t planning on going down add on route) apologies for the ramble? Neil

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