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  1. new price of £260 including postage
  2. Selling due to upgrading to the A&D FX120 and autotrickler, only owned since January, looking for £260 including postage. Also advertised elsewhere
  3. Boxed and as new, only only selling as I'm slowly upgrading to the A&D fx120i scale and auto trickler , GemPro 250 scales accurate to 0.01 grains! Battery or mains (mains adapter included) This is also being advertised elsewhere
  4. Deker

    Harris or quality copy 9x13 bipods

    Does it have to be a Harris type? I have a nearly new Vanguard Equalizer Pro 1 with two mounts so can be quickly swapped between guns http://www.sportingshooter.com.au/gear/vanguard-equalizer-pro-1-bipod Deker
  5. Deker

    AIM50 tactical dragbag

    I'll send a PM accross
  6. Deker

    AIM50 tactical dragbag

    As title, is anyone selling an AIM50 tactical dragbag before I buy new?
  7. Vanguard Equalizer Pro 1 Pivot Bipod, hardly used, come with two sling swivel to picatinny adapters (cost £110 new) Looking for £70 including postage +paypal fees I have this advertised elsewhere
  8. As title, selling my ACCU-SHOT BT12QK Rail Mount Monopod Looking for £80 posted (+paypal fees) I have this advertised elsewhere
  9. Deker

    new .223 time

    Hi, the price of the CZ is very good and I did look at them at the shooting show but wasn't sure about the 1:9 twist
  10. Deker

    new .223 time

    Thanks, I'll look at both options, I did read a thread about going the custom route with a T3 but in all honesty I'm a little lost as to where to start with donor actions etc and will probably end up buying the wrong things again :/ But I'll take a look again and see what I can find, I do like the idea of going that route as I was planning on doing similar with an xbolt due to the 1:12 twist being wrong (form rifle stock and custom barrel). I'll also check the Sabatti out. Regards Derek
  11. Hi, I'm currently looking at buying a T3 Varmint/Super Varmint for mainly target shooting, I want the 1/8 twist as I'll be shooting 77gr SMKs and I'm currently looking at the heavier barrels, but are there any other rifles worth looking at before I go and order one? Thanks Deker
  12. .223 Browning x-bolt (2009 model) including MAE over barrel moderator, this rifle has a 1-12" twist and I'm only selling as I want a faster twist and heavier barrel for longer range target shooting. The rifle is in good condition and works as expected, there's mark on the barrel where the moderator has been (can be seen in photos). Looking for £525 for rifle and moderator, an unbranded illuminated reticle 6-24x50 scope (1 inch tube) and bipod. I have this advertised on a number of other forums Thanks for looking Derek

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