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  1. petesv

    What primers are using in. 260

    cci 200 primers 123gr scenars .
  2. petesv

    Small Rifle Primers ?

    cci br4s and they will crater unless you have a custom rifle .
  3. petesv

    Recomendations for reloading manual

    The lyman 50th & lee 2nd edition all you will need .
  4. I use n150 lapua 123gr scenar 100yds to 1000yds excellent and cheap.
  5. 123gr lapua scenars in 260 rem & 6.5 creedmoor the dogs do dars
  6. petesv

    pedersolli 38/55 high wall

    Im after a pedersolli high wall in 38/55 winchester . Thanks Pete.
  7. Hi Towsey If you are going to load your own 6.5 creedmoor ,if you are going to buy ready made get your rifle in 6.5x55 swede a great caliber and plenty of ammo of the shelf. Just my opinion Pete.
  8. Hi ive got three 1500 in 223 6.5cm .308 all excellent my club has four all tac drivers , every one who has owned one i have met has confirmed this made in japan and like there motorbikes perfect . From someone who owns three Pete .
  9. petesv

    6.5 PRC Hornady

    I was thinking about the new Sauer 100 field shoot in 6.5 PRC coming in end of this month. However i have discovered the only people stocking brass are brownells at a cost of £136.80 plus post and i can find nobody who has dies or ammunition for this calibre. Sounds like a no go?
  10. petesv

    ruger no 1

    Hi has anyone had a new barrel fitted to a no 1 in any caliber . Thanks Pete .
  11. Here is my load data: I am using 39 grains of vit n150 and a 123 grain lapua scenar bullet. My velocity is 2860 fps. My es is 4 fps. This is out of my howa 1500 26 inch heavy barrel rifle. This rifle i would recommend to anybody as an excellent rifle. I also have a 308 howa which is also excellent. Both of these rifles are more accurate than myself. The load i have for the creedmoor is showing no signs of pressure at all and i have shot at bisley to 1000 yards with excellent results. Why do people chase velocity over accuracy. Obviously you must work up to this load in your rifle. Pete
  12. Hi looking for howa1500 short action magazine floorplate conversion kit plus mag if 6.5 creedmoor
  13. Hi Mick i will have this scope , i would like to pick it up tomorrow if you could send me your details i will pick up and pay you thanks Pete.

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