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  1. David will

    Delta Stryker

    OK I have had the Stryker out but just once, weather permitting I should be out again on Sunday. The optical quality as I have said earlier is of a very high quality even at 50x the image was pin sharp and groups were clearly visible at 300 yards. Sunday is primarily for load development but if time allows I intend testing the tracking and I will pass on my findings.
  2. That may be an option but I would prefer one good Un for both. I see where you are coming from but I am from Aberdeenshire and we have a reputation of being shall we say a little reluctant to part with the green stuff to uphold and as load development can run off with excessive funds ! On a more serious note with a box of bullets in the £45 - £60 mark putting as few as posable down range to crono, develop a load, and verify your balistic ap. And then you are left with half used boxes of bullets that collect dust or I certainly do.
  3. Hi chaps. Thanks for taking the time to reply to my querie. The reason I ask is the range rule is no expanding bullets so I would like to use one target classed bullet for range work that also fragments so suitable for use on vermin as some bullets do ie Amax. Vmax as we know is classed as expanding for humain use on live targets so not allowed, why I really don't know. It is so much more simple to work only one drop,wind chart and hence the plea for help.
  4. Thanks for that Varm. I have not used theTMK before so I will give them a try, the SSTs I have used in 6mm and 7mm, the 6mm were acurate and not a bad bullet for Roe but found that pass through with little expansion was the norm on foxes,they did the job but you had longer expiry times. As far as I can remember I have only shot one fox with the 7mm while out stalking and it was instant lights out, mustard on deer and keyholed most shots at 100yrds from my little Heym.
  5. I am awaiting delivery of a 6.5 creedmoor and hope to stock up on reloading components at the British shooting show in a few weeks time. Can anyone recommend a 6.5 target bullet in the 120 140ih range that fragments for use on fox rabbit etc, I would have normmaly gone for Amax but I believe that they may be hard to find in the near future.
  6. David will

    Delta Stryker

    Hello palo. I am still waiting for my Bergara BMP so have yet to fit it to a rifle. The optical quality is first class , better than the Sightron which in itself is pretty good it is brighter than my Zeise, I am very pleased with the build quality and until I mount it to a rifle there is not much I can say realy. I bought the scope as it ticked all the boxes for me and I must say I was a little disapointed with what Swaro, Kales, and Zeise had to offer. I had a rather long trip to have a look at the V8 but was diapointed to find that it would only dial one rotation and the X5 only went up to 25x the Kales dialed in milrad so not for me and high mag IOR scopes are like hens teeth. I will let you know how I get on when we are up and running. ,
  7. David will

    If you could choose one caliber for foxes, what would it be?

    I don't think there is a bad cal for fox I have used 223, 243 and now use 22.250 as a dedicated fox NV rifle they all do the same job and do it well. I have also shot many foxes with a 22 lr and HMR when out clearing rabbits. If I were to choose just one the 243 is probably the most versatile.
  8. David will

    Does anyone here use Prvi .22-250 for foxing?

    I bought 100 in 223 for brass and found them to be acurate, good on Roe ok for fox expanding rather than fragmenting but did the job, a friend was less than happy when used in his 22.250 finding them to pass through with very little expansion, strange as the actual bullet was the same.
  9. David will

    Delta Titanium

    I must agree that these Delta scopes are very good indeed, I have recently been gifted the 5-50x56 Stryker and it is most impressive. The optics are right up with the best continental glass and build quality seems to be excellent. I can't wait for my Bergara BMP to a rive to have a real play.
  10. I had racnagel on my 275 and for stalking they were spot on, returned to within half an MOA every time.
  11. David will

    Drone pro 10x vs Pulsar N355

    I went over to the dark side many years ago with a Nitesite200 which helped us conect with many lamp shy foxes, a step up to a Brucie vision add on gave more performance and I still use Bruce's home grown unit on the airgun, when I was ready for high end NV I consulted with NV sage Bruce again and a dronepro was recommended. The Drone is a little more expensive than most of the competition but every time I switch on and take in the night view I don't regret the purchase. At close range you can count the hairs on their back and it is effective out to max night shooting range. Just a we note, if you decide to go down the Drone route don't go with the 15x until you try it in the field the field of view on the 10x is tight enough and finding your fox with the 15x may prove a little tricky.
  12. David will

    Hw60j .22lr

    Quality rifle I had one in HMR tack driver a budy of mine has a 22 and HMR both tack drivers and the Hornet belonging to Phoenix is a tack driver and by the way the two stage trigger unit on these rifles are the best in the business so £400 is a steal.
  13. David will

    Bergara BMP

    I would like to hear from anyone who has one of these, they are getting a good press and the Bergara name is well thought of but none of our local retailers have one in stock to have a look at. I would be very much interested to hear about the trigger in particular, I am told that the pull weight can be taken down to 2lb which is a little heavy for me but if it has a good clean break I could live with it in the short term. Any information on BMP would be very much apreciated.
  14. David will

    Inexpensive 34mm Tube Scope

    Just got a Delta optic Stryker plus Burris tactical rings for under £1400 from optics warehouse, 5-50x56, 34mm tube, very fine ret with a tiny illuminated centre dot, 1 MOA hash lines , 100 min of adjustment, zero stop and glass every bit as good as my Swaro and zeise. These are target varment type optics quite large and heavy so would not be the perfect match for a dainty stalking rifle but for a heavy varmint rifle a match made in heaven.
  15. David will

    Sightron III 8 - 32 x 56 first impressions

    The S3s are very good, I have the 8x32 on a Tikka varmint it has the moa ret with an illuminated centre dot. Well made, tracks well and good glass.

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