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  1. I am after the above if anyone has one sat at home doing nothing? Cheers
  2. RAW

    kestrel wind vane

    I am after a kestrel wind vane? if anyone has a spare one. cheers
  3. Would this work with a Meopta 6x42 fixed
  4. RAW

    Pulsar xq38f

    I will take it to the shooting show and have a face to face with Scott Country the problem with eBay is their cut then paypal cut.
  5. RAW

    Pulsar xq38f

    When I contacted Scott Country in regards to px my XQ38f for an accolade xp50LRF they said that it would be around the £1000 mark, jeez what a joke, its still in warranty and mint.
  6. I have a kestrel 4500 with applied Ballistics and bluetooth, boxed with screen cover on only used a couple of times selling due to using Strelok. £210 pm for pics Cheers
  7. RAW

    What primers are using in. 260

    Ok Cheers folks
  8. Hi Just wanting to know what primers you are using with 139 grn scenars in. 260 and getting great results with? Cheers
  9. Hi Just wanting to know what primers you are using with 139 grn scenars in. 260 and getting great results with? Cheers
  10. RAW

    Scope elevation question

    Thankyou for taking the time, appreciate it, off back out in abit at less range just for a confidence session out to 450 and get to grips with this kestrel. Thanks again Richie
  11. RAW

    Scope elevation question

    They were 139 scenars MV 2709 zero at 15 degrees On the day 6 degrees, pressure (did not log this) Zeroed at 100 mtrs
  12. RAW

    Scope elevation question

    Two separate sessions, on the 1000 session everything set up after the long walk carrying gongs, dialling in then realised not enough clicks available hence original post. Also checked my data I wrote in my book 80 clicks for 800 which was spot on, I typed it last night and it said 84, so something in my inputted data has changed, don't think it is the rifle.
  13. RAW

    Scope elevation question

    Yep, that's exactly what I had done.
  14. RAW

    Scope elevation question

    Yes. 260 I did check the temp, I inputted 6'degrees, but kestrel was sat on bonnet of truck and that may of warmed it up, it did feel cooler. I did shoot it at 800 a few weeks ago, and played with turrets slightly which resulted in some adjustments yes should of been prone.

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