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  1. RAW

    Trijicon thermal in states

    Probably leave it for the moment!
  2. RAW

    Trijicon thermal in states

    Cheers Bruce, that's all I needed to know!!
  3. RAW

    Trijicon thermal in states

    Ha ha speaking from experience
  4. RAW

    Trijicon thermal in states

    Oh no, that will be a non runner then, shame they don't sell here.
  5. What are the options on me bringing back a trijicon thermal back from the states,whilst on holiday, they don't sell them in this country and keen on having one. Or will this be a no no? Thanks
  6. Thanks Mark, yes this is direct to barrel.
  7. Made for the 6.5 cal and weight around 800gms.
  8. Hi Folks, I have a stainless OLC moderator with 18x1.5 thread, this is mint, only had 100 rounds through it and also has a Cole-Tac tactical cover. Price £205 includes P&P
  9. Thanks, I tried some 120 and 129grn think they were SST yesterday and grouping was an 1" at 100mtrs so nothing special. Trying 140 and 143 grn this afternoon ELD match and X hoping these are better.
  10. Have ordered some scenars from reloading Solutions but abit of a wait. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. I want to learn how to shoot it out to 1000mtrs and take the odd crow etc and longer ranges.
  12. RAW

    What bullet for .260 for an AI

    Great and thanks!
  13. RAW

    What bullet for .260 for an AI

    Brilliant and thanks!
  14. RAW

    SAKO Sling Swivel

    Hi Folks, I am after just a single sako sling swivel, if anyone has one? Obviously don't mind paying for it. Cheers

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