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  1. Hi, I have managed to pair the kestrel with the phone but that is all, when I try and link the phone says no devices nearby but the kestrels Bluetooth is on, any other ideas???? Cheers
  2. Hi Laurie, Thanks for taking the time to give a indepth answer, I dont load, my friend does my home loading. I have done some retesting and have found that 42grns of powder is the most I can put through before the groups open up to moa. I will give reloading solutions a call about the bergers though tomorrow. Many thanks Richie
  3. Vitavouri, tried hodgsons no good.
  4. After all this time, I tested 139 scenars and my groups have significantly improved from moa to 0.25, interesting it really likes 40 grns of powder over 41grns. Anyway I was going to get rid if the scenars did not work as they were the last to try, so abit more testing with powder capacity and then to start using it.
  5. RAW

    Trijicon thermal in states

    Probably leave it for the moment!
  6. RAW

    Trijicon thermal in states

    Cheers Bruce, that's all I needed to know!!
  7. RAW

    Trijicon thermal in states

    Ha ha speaking from experience
  8. RAW

    Trijicon thermal in states

    Oh no, that will be a non runner then, shame they don't sell here.
  9. What are the options on me bringing back a trijicon thermal back from the states,whilst on holiday, they don't sell them in this country and keen on having one. Or will this be a no no? Thanks
  10. Thanks Mark, yes this is direct to barrel.
  11. Made for the 6.5 cal and weight around 800gms.
  12. Hi Folks, I have a stainless OLC moderator with 18x1.5 thread, this is mint, only had 100 rounds through it and also has a Cole-Tac tactical cover. Price £205 includes P&P
  13. Thanks, I tried some 120 and 129grn think they were SST yesterday and grouping was an 1" at 100mtrs so nothing special. Trying 140 and 143 grn this afternoon ELD match and X hoping these are better.

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