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  1. ruger7717

    FCSA Update

    There's a typo as to the date of the meeting, should have been 13th June.
  2. ruger7717

    FCSA Update

    Chris received this response from the Home office last week, and asked me to share, looks black and white now! Direct Communications Unit 2 Marsham Street London SW1P 4DF Tel: 020 7035 4848 Fax: 020 7035 4745 www.homeoffice.gov.uk Mr Chris Stevenson Reference: TRO/0007235/18 11 June 2018 Dear Mr Stevenson Thank you for your letter of 22 May to Minister Hurd about the Government’s intention to ban certain large calibre rifles. Your letter has been passed to the Firearms Policy Team and I have been asked to reply. As you are aware, the Government announced plans on 8 April to introduce new legislative measures in an Offensive Weapons Bill as part of a strategy for tackling the recent increases in the levels of serious violence. A link to the strategy is attached: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/serious-violence-strategy. The case for banning high muzzle energy rifles is based on the risk that that these types of firearms could cause significant loss of life if they were to get into the hands of a terrorist or a person intent on causing a major public shooting. They can shoot over long distances, are powerful enough to cause significant damage and any incident would be uniquely difficult for the police to control. The information provided by your Association and through the British Shooting Sports Council about the legitimate use of .50 calibre target rifles, the ammunition used and the possibility of putting in place additional safety measures were all carefully considered but the risk remains that they could be stolen from current owners or otherwise acquired by those intent on committing harm. There was a case of one of these firearms being stolen – fortunately it was quickly recovered. The Government recognises that the vast majority of people in lawful possession of firearms use them responsibly. However, the Government has a clear duty to protect the public which is why it was decided that these particular types of firearm should be more strictly controlled. I understand that a meeting is currently being planned for 13 April at 4pm with representatives of BASC and the BSSC to discuss how any legislative changes are best defined to avoid any unintended consequences. The Government will be publishing a summary of the responses to the consultation shortly. Yours sincerely M Young Tackling Crime UnitEmail: Public.Enquiries@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk !
  3. Received today, thank you John Regards Glenn
  4. Evening JCS Ill take the unused Forster die for £55, can you pm me your bacs details? cheers
  5. ruger7717

    FCSA Update

    Mark, I have nothing but respect for you!, I'm not trying to force you into anything!!!yes I know that when the fellas developed the MARS & Lever lease thay was pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable by law!.....BUT it is lawful to own these firearms!...we should as a community be looking to protect those who lawfully own them.
  6. ruger7717

    FCSA Update

    Bullying??...with regards to inaccuracy what are we talking about?.The .50s or the MARS or the lever-release? If people want to plink away at targets with their chosen rifles well good for them!
  7. ruger7717

    FCSA Update

    banning 50s and the other daft plinky plonky rifles! So Bradders…...do you consider the .50s, MARS & Lever release amongst others daft 'plinky plonky rifles'???.....if so!..your comment boils my piss!! AH I forgot if its not built on a AR platform, then everything else is not worth fighting for! Or are you just that bitter against the MARS & Lever release?...Because YOU never came up with the concept?? I bet you would be voicing your concern if you had!
  8. ruger7717

    FCSA Update

    Unfortunately not all are privy as to what the NRA, BASC, NGO and others are doing to counter this part of the consultation. Im sure 95% of firearms holders in this country have no clue what so ever, as to what is being discussed between these orginizations and the HO. And that's enough to make me a tad jittery about the whole god damn mess. I never posted this to stir up a hornets nest, it was to inform the members of the forum what we are doing.
  9. ruger7717

    FCSA Update

    Evening all Chris Stevenson agreed to let me share the latest updates regarding the consultation Dear member, Many of you will be aware that the ‘Violet Crime Strategy’ was discussed in Parliament yesterday, for many hours. Perhaps not surprisingly, firearms only had a brief mention, around 14:32 onwards. Ben Wallace MP: “As I have said, we will introduce legislation to strengthen our response to violent crime. That will include the introduction of new measures such as restrictions on buying and carrying knives and corrosive substances; and banning certain firearms. An offensive weapons Bill will be introduced into the Commons or the Lords in the next few weeks.” https://parliamentlive.tv/event/index/ed623c7b-b712-4eb8-b3c8-29937c24bcc1?in=14:32:00&out=14:33:00 https://hansard.parliament.uk/commons/2018-05-22/debates/A0C772F8-74FE-4FF3-9910-961C42A0FB99/SeriousViolenceStrategy I should point out that the results of last Octobers consultation have still not been published, despite this the government is pressing ahead regardless, or so it would seem. https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/offensive-and-dangerous-weapons-new-legislation When the bill is presented to parliament there will hopefully be the opportunity for it to be debated, and this is where the shooting community comes in. We need everyone to write to their MP, alert them to our concerns, and ultimately try and convince them that an outright ban is not the way forward. If we don’t write to our MPs then it’ll be all too easy for them to just roll over and accept the bill in its current form. I have attached three documents, one is a template letter for your MP, this we hope outlines our case. One is an assessment of the Home Office so called ‘evidence’. The other is a position statement, this contains a lot more detail, for example why the consultation is fundamentally flawed, the alternatives to a ban, and a concluding statement which makes it clear that we will pursue legal avenues to prevent the implementation of such legislation. Please add your details to the letter, make it your own, and send and three to your MP. How to find your MP? Put your postcode into this search box: https://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/ Most MPs can be emailed. If this bill is going to be introduced within the next few weeks then we really need to get our arses into gear and get these letters set out ASAP, like NOW. No excuses, if you are a member and actually want to be part of this sport then you really MUST write, otherwise we’ve all failed. We’ve got over 400 members spread all over the UK, if other clubs follow suit then we might stand a chance of getting our message across. In addition to the above, the club will be submitting evidence to the Home Affairs Committee. “The Committee has formally agreed to hold an inquiry into Serious Violence which as part of this will consider gun crime. There will be a call for written evidence announced for this inquiry in the coming weeks. We would welcome you to submit written evidence outlining the problem as you have described below with the Offensive Weapons Bill and the limitations it would impose on Target Rifles. By doing so, it could feed into our inquiry and eventually the report that the Committee would then put to the Government.” So for now at least, get posting letters or emailing your MP! What if you don’t shoot 50cal and don’t care? Wake up, your HME rifle will be next. What if you’ve previously written to your MP? He/She will have forgotten all about your letter, so please do it again now! This needs to be fresh in their minds. In order that we can assess how effective this campaign is, would you please drop me a very brief line to advise which MP (name and constituency) you have written to, and the date your letter or email was sent, and update me once again if and when you receive a response. Many thanks, Chris Stevenson Chairman, FCSA (UK) www.fcsa.co.uk
  10. ruger7717

    George Balfour (gbal on this site)

    Sad, sad news!..Please give him our best.
  11. ruger7717

    FB Sharing of Private Data

    Well thank you old boy, I don't think anyone has ever insulted me so politely! I'm sorry Brown dog the question wasn't aimed directly at yourself!...but as for you questioning my moral compass, ill let you in to a few things about myself!.. I have direct debits going out to London air Ambulance, NSPCC, Wateraid & Battersea dogs home.....combined not that much about £120 a month..oh and by the way I sponsored the RBL Shoots that JohnMH organized to the tune of £2000 all out of my own pocket ...And I'm just an old country boy that works hard for my family, but if I can help, I will. It was just a question that's all,
  12. ruger7717

    FB Sharing of Private Data

    Would you, if they offered you £1,000,000?
  13. Chris Hunt of Spartan Refinishing!
  14. ruger7717

    Your favourite Nightforce reticle

    And me!...unfortunately discontinued now, best ret Nightforce have made IMHO...glad I've got one!
  15. ruger7717

    Reloading with Rosie


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