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  1. ruger7717


    Oh here we go🙄
  2. All sold now, thank you chaps?
  3. Admin can you please confirm that my advertisement is clear on price and quantites of what I'm selling?....some don't seem to understand.
  4. Open to offers gents, but not silly ones please. :-)
  5. Clearing out the reloading room 200 6.5 140gn ELD-M 100@SOLD 1000 .224 69gn SMKs 500@SOLD 200 6mm 107gn SMKs 100@SOLD 200 .224 52gn SMKs 100@SOLD All prices include p&p? Advertised elsewhere.
  6. Will post at some point tomorrow
  7. I'd be happy to swap the Amax, for 2 boxes of ELD-Ms

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