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  1. Biathlon Rifles?

    I'm quite surprised Feinwerkbau don't produce a biathlon rifle🤔
  2. FCSA at Bisley 31st March

    Evening all Just a heads up to FCSA members on the forum (not sure if its a guest day!..will comfirm) We have 4 lanes booked for Stickledown AM, and 4 booked for Century PM look forward to seeing you there! Please book your attendance via the FCSA website.
  3. H1000 alternative?

    Laurie Thanks for taking the time to give such an in depth reply!...When I had the rifle built about 3 years ago by Neil Mckillop, we spoke at length about the best powder to use, in regard to throat erosion and barrel wear. After some research we found that the F-class lads in the US used H1000 for these exact reasons, as you so righty stated. Personally I'm running the naked 115s at a pedestrian 2940fps 46.6gns H1000 CCI BR2 Lapua brass COAL 2.880
  4. H1000 alternative?

    Thank you Paddy!
  5. H1000 alternative?

    Evening guys With H1000 no longer being available which I use in my 6mm for the 115DTACS.(straight .243win)....what's the best alternative?
  6. As Triggersqueezer says!..you have a rifle more then capable its the glass that's letting you down, plenty of 8-32x56 NXSs on the market...
  7. ill take the 6.5 140 Amax pls!
  8. Borden Alpine .308

    Looks like one hell of a well thought out and built bang stick!...Nice work Mark!
  9. FCSA at Bisley

    Morning allAfter chatting to Chris Stevenson, the FCSA are looking to book lanes at Bisley as we are a NRA affiliated club.Keep a eye on the FCSA bookings page in the members area.
  10. Evening Dorg Would you be willing to send it to Neil Mckillop to take a look at?...I'm very interested.

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