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  1. is the bipod still for sale?....can it be top hung from a picatinny rail?
  2. ruger7717

    Sako 75 Action IV Magazine

    Rocking horse poo!...will have to buy new buddy......been there done it!
  3. ruger7717

    .22 tracer rounds

    Have you any intension of using them Mark?....If not I'll have them off you if you want to sell them.
  4. Got the mount today😉..As described .Thanks Andy
  5. Thanks for the deal Andy!
  6. ruger7717

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    Nice reply to the scaremongering folk here!
  7. ruger7717

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    I just hedge them, that said its a private estate of 9000 acres, with very few public footpaths....
  8. ruger7717

    6.5mm varmint bullet choice

    140 Amax works just fine for me!
  9. would you take £225.00 posted?
  10. ruger7717

    Long action .338 Lapua boltface

    Thanks for the chat today Paddy! All sorted thanks to the man above.
  11. ruger7717

    Long action .338 Lapua boltface

    As per title action wanted for a .300 Norma Magnum build....Cash waiting! Thanks
  12. ruger7717

    Gardners Extreme Target Shoot - New Competition

    Myself and Mike Roberts are putting a team togeather as we speak...:-))
  13. ruger7717

    Bradley Arms BAR-10

    Thats a nice looking build Mark!...Any reason the handguard is not one of your own? Looking forward to seeing how the .243 performs, do you envisage any feed problems?...i've always said a .243 in a AR platfrom would be sweet.
  14. ruger7717

    FCSA Update

    There's a typo as to the date of the meeting, should have been 13th June.

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