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  1. Lt col Chris Rose, He over sees all the field firing areas and ranges, when we find out more details I will pass them on.
  2. All civilian use of IBSR ranges has been suspended. This came from Chris Rose, no one knows why.
  3. ruger7717

    Sad news: Bradders.

    He was well respected on both sides of the pond🇬🇧🇺🇸
  4. ruger7717

    Sad news: Bradders.

    Sleep well Mark, I was lucky enough to have known you for the last 10 years, we had our disagreements but remained friends. Give em hell buddy😉
  5. ruger7717

    PRl round 4 @ Roundhouse

    Yep me and the boy are there😉
  6. ruger7717


    I prefer the AW stocks to the new AX chassis.
  7. ruger7717

    .300 Norma magnum

    Will from Barton Gunworks has just made a brake for me, pleased with the way it came out!
  8. ruger7717


    I wonder what's going to happen with all the old AW stocks? Also wonder, will the upgrades be done 'inhouse' by Bundeswehr armours or be sent back to AI?
  9. .303 die set please Can you pm me payment details cheers
  10. Where in Essex are you bud?
  11. ruger7717


    I'm in that picture ;-)….I'm still drying out!
  12. ruger7717

    Stuart Anselm / PGS Precision

    Dave Contact him via the Diggle shooter FB page😉
  13. Not seen any available in this country yet, but the septic tanks like them in the .300NM😉
  14. ruger7717

    Sako 75 stock

    What are you wanting for it Ben?
  15. ruger7717

    What primers are using in. 260

    CCI BR2s

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