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  1. Mrad help

    MRad is an angular unit of measure like you say. To that end the amount of space an MRad covers on paper will increase in direct proportion with distance: . 1Mrad at 100m is 1cm . 1Mrad at 200m is 2cm .1Mrad at 300m is 3cm Hope that helps and Merry Christmas
  2. Crimp

    Good info so far. Thanks all.
  3. Crimp

    Indeed, I’m hoping that a light crimp on all my rounds all of the time will go to keeping consistency across my Ammo.
  4. Crimp

    Talking rifle Ammo. I neck size, make sure each case can’t have a bullet pushed in. Then when I’m seating the bullets later on I always always find a couple where the bullet can be pushed in and out by hand. Infuriating. What’s the consensus on damaging bullets with crimp?
  5. Crimp

    A lot on the net about bullet crimping. I’ve crimped my latest batch of rounds as even when sized I still get a few cases that are too loose to firmly hold the bullet. Remains to be seen how these perform. What are your real world experiences with crimping, if any?
  6. As above chaps, brilliant scopes, can’t buy this model anymore. 3-12x44 SCB reticle non IR, comes with Warne rimfire rings and the tools to get the lens caps and rings off. £140 plus postage open to sensible offers advertised elsewhere Cheers
  7. 123 vs 140 gr SST

    Would this do better in the ‘Handloading’ forum?
  8. 123 vs 140 gr SST

    Hello, Currently shooting 140 gr SSTs out of my 6.5 Creedmoor, shooting foxes and deer, and informal targets out to 600 yards. They’re proving to be deadly accurate but bloody slow, as in less than 2600 FPS. thinking of going to down to a faster 123 gr SST load in a bid to make range estimation on moving foxes and foxes under the lamp less of an issue. Will this light bullet still be good for 600 yards targets and varmints?
  9. Nice.thanks man. Sounds like these data books aren’t the awesome resource the Internet makes them out to be?
  10. Thanks for the reply Nick. And when you’ve collected all this information from the range, how do you actually make use of it? How would you go about updating your dope cards when you find trends? Or do you just flick trough to a page where previous conditions match those on the day and use that dope? have you ever spotted a trend that you wouldn’t have spotted without monitoring your rifle over time?
  11. Afternoon all, I’ve always kept an informal data book with my rifles (round count, load details). but looking to maybe keep a more detailed affair. Impact data books in the US have caught my eye. My question is who here bothers to keep a data book for their rifle and what kind do you use? What information do you keep? Where do you get fresh pages? And ultimately, what do you do with the information you collect?
  12. Out of curiosity, are the mounts for dovetail or picatinny?

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