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  1. No i deer

    Tikka T3 Synthetic stock bedding?

    That's what you call deer management. Manage too shoot as many as possible 😁
  2. No i deer

    New Tikka rimfire

    Eley xtra hollow plus used to shoot amazing in my CZ452 and now there crap.they changed to something for the worse.probaly a cost cutting exercise 🙄.it's cost the 1000s of subs from me.best accuracy am getting is 42gr winny subs and there not the best.not a patch on what the eleys were 🤔
  3. Does the HBN not foul up the bore itself in its own way.i know only a little about HBN but most shooters on here may not have even heard of it.maybe Catch or you Dave could give a expert explanation on the benefits from using it for the UKV audience 👍
  4. No i deer

    Wiltshire Clubs?

    There was a FCSA shoot on the plains not far from Upavon on the Javelin test range but currently not running at the moment as the templates were taken away as some snooty officer thought civilians shouldn't be shooting 50 cals and the 50 cal ban thing got under way around the same time.something like that...! If a javelin missle can be tested there then a piddly 50 cal to me is insignificance in comparison....! It was a great shoot and hopefully things will be sorted soon and it can go back to normal.
  5. No i deer

    New Tikka rimfire

    Them groups are terrible.you definately need to try some different brands until you find one that works.i assume the stock is one of your own creations edi that looks real nice.
  6. Your definately one of the best users on here that you can trust that your information as reliable 👍
  7. Have you done a comparison with and without HBN on the bullets your using..? Do you use it on all your calibres...?
  8. No i deer

    Wtb KRG Spigot/ NV Cap

    Bri at pheonix tactical will sort you out.i have a KRG spigot I bought with the pheonix tactical bipod which I sold but I've kept the spigot just incase i stop shooting f class and go back using it with my supershort versa-pod
  9. No i deer

    Tikka T3 Synthetic stock bedding?

    My tikka action is still in that same manners T4A stock it was bedded in and shooting like a laser in 284 win 😁
  10. No i deer

    Tikka T3 Synthetic stock bedding?

    It doesn't need a aftermarket stock if it shoots great. I had a tikka varmint that shot like a laser and had it bedded into another stock and did I see any difference in accuracy.....? What do you think.....? No..... but it looked nicer 😁
  11. I don't know anybody else that uses it but that doesn't mean they don't.it may well be some shooters secret to their success....!
  12. HBN is fairy dust 😁. I've not heard anybody mention this stuff for years. You would think if it was that good everybody would be using it....!
  13. I've decided to sell my Mk4 for something with more magnification It's in good condition apart from usual wear on the turrets.glass unmarked.recently serviced and very little use since.a couple of McQueens COF's and a shoot or two on stickledown and century. £750 inc p&p or swap for a 32 mag S111 sightron with illuminated dot.must be good condition. Thanks for looking No I deer Photos via email on request.
  14. Crop the photo.2.9mb max
  15. No i deer


    Modern technology is great until it starts going wrong.ive only recently moved onto the V3 magnetospeed and that works great.i still prefer to accuracy test without it strapped on and check ES after.the upside to the labradar. 2 birds with one stone.
  16. No i deer

    338 300gr Scenar - pointed?

    I have considered pointing them but not got any further than that. I believe the 1000yds benchrest record is held with a 139gr scenar shot with a 6.5x47. If you have a pointer then why not point the 300 grainers.there 30 percent ish cheaper than the hybrids. I use the 7mm 180gr hybrids for f class.i have tried some 180gr scenars but not done a proper load development with them.i had a bughole group with them but about 2grs less than what the 7mm saum can run them at. I use the 7mm 180gr scenar l's in my 284 occasionly for 1000yds snap shooting.they shoot really good.definately recommended them. I've fired the 300gr scenars in a mates 338lm at a mile at sennybridge on f range.my first 3 shots I hit the fig11 down twice.that was nice watching the ETR target go down ?
  17. No i deer

    338 300gr Scenar - pointed?

    If the 300 grainers are as good at the 7mm 180gr scenar l's and 6.5 cal 139 grainers you won't need bother.if you do the shooting shed probaly have what you need or make some to your requirements.
  18. As I've seen a scope I would like come up for sell I will resurrect this thread.
  19. No i deer

    Hot homeloads

    They are around the same price
  20. Is that including postage cost scotch. It doesn't say that's all ?
  21. No i deer

    Hot homeloads

    I would never be without a kenetic hammer.ive got 2 actually as the frankford arsenal hammer is too small for magnum case heads.the RCBS one will do magnums.its not original as it broke so it's made up of a frankford arsenal screw on bit that holds the shell holder on and the RCBS hammer stem.it works.i don't have to buy another. Don't use pliers.buy a kenetic hammer scrooge ?
  22. No i deer

    Redding Titanium Nitride bushing size .312

    Thank you ?
  23. Hi all. If anybody has one they don't want please let me know. I did buy a .310 and a .311 bushing from somebody on ukv who had a .312 bushing but I didn't have it.need it now if your watching ?. Atb No I deer
  24. No i deer

    Redding Titanium Nitride bushing size .312

    Payment made ?

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