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  1. Twin pods

    I didn' bother but I will
  2. Twin pods

    I chopped this pod up and shortened it for a supershort front pod years ago.ive used it on the front many of times to good effect.i was tinkering one day and put it on the buttend and it feels real stable.i may just try it out at 1000yds on the 14th of this month for the crack.it is a little high for my liking as i can feel my back twinge lying behind it.i couldn' show the whole picture so I cropped it to load it.now Bradders will love this .Twin ladypods
  3. I have 2 unopened boxes of 120gr amaxs ive decided i am not going to use.£43 per box inc postage no offers. No I deer
  4. Elevation changes due to wind

    The far right lanes on stickledown are really hard to shoot 1000yds when the wind is blowing .the ground is really undulating a lot this side and the wind plays havoc along there as it swirls or bounces off the trees or both even...! Not sure anybody really knows what its doing Magpie alley is on short Siberia Laurie.that too is on the far right side.zero 3 lanes to the left then shoot McQueens and your poi has changed....!
  5. . I don' really need them either but there would be cheaper than buying the new versions
  6. What's happened to these subs?

    So what subs are we using in the cz452's that shoot the best.the Winnie 42gr subs I switched to are ok but they are pretty noisey where they must be nearing the speed of sound.i am nearly out of these and ready to try something else.the Winnies did shoot better than the rws and one other brand I tried.
  7. They are still for sell on SD Andy..!
  8. Head Space Head Ache

    Try adjusting the sizer down and see if the shoulder bump will help it chamber a case
  9. I would not have a pepper pot style brake again.the last time I used one was shooting on century on snow.i was covered in snow at the end of the COF
  10. 6BRA

    As dasher brass is off the shelf now I may try that instead of the 6mm br.. I will weigh up the differences and make my choice.both have already a proven track record and don't really wanna do any unnecessary fire forming.i don' need too as I don't compete like you gents do but I would like too.i do still want my choice as accurate as possible.i fancy one of them little seb rests Laurie tested and see if I get more consistant.
  11. 6BRA

    As it should be.no bag or monopod
  12. 6BRA

    I like the competition too..! Do you shoot McQueens without a rear bag Vince...? I wish I lived near a range like Diggle.i could do all the load development and shooting I want.i could really get to see what my rifles and myself are capable of.ive put many a nice shot down stickledown,century and short siberia in our club comps.most of my load testing is done off the roof of my pickup across the fields.when its breezy/windy it shakes my pickup making it that much harder to hold still.ive not got the luxury of covered firing points and concrete benches.i wish I did...!
  13. 6BRA

    Excellent post Laurie. I will read it again until I've grasped it all.yes my 284 has proved is capable of very small groups if I do my bit but i cant always do it as been said it cannot be done all day long.not being familiar with these SEB type rest though I did get behind a rifle on stickledown in this type set up and it was remarkably steady.i am 100 percent sure my grouping consistency would much better when ammo testing or competing using them.after all these rests were designed enhance the shooters precision.the rifles you f classers and br shooters use are also designed for the purpose too with absalute stabilty in mind with the wide flat forends and the butts of the rifles are designed to run on the rear bags.i can see the attraction to this type of shooting though it's different to the type of shooting I do.i will take all the luck I can Hi George. I would bother to test ammo at 300yds if it was windy.i would wait for a nice day mate. This has been a great thread
  14. 6BRA

    I would be disappointed if my loads didn't shoot inside 1 inch at 300yds but they may not.i would be more surprised if they didnt not that I test them at 300yds.with your SEB rests etc that should be fairly easy....?
  15. 6BRA

    I would like to see some 1000yds 5 shot ammo testing groups with the BRA
  16. 6BRA

    Hi George. I didn' realise the figure 8 was used.its not something that I had thought of or was told but I do understand the theory.when I ammo test I usually have poi high of centre not to ruin the aiming point depending on where the first shot goes.sometimes I will finish the group if it's too close to poa. atb No I deer
  17. 6BRA

    Your verticles and horizontals sound about the thickness of your dot or reticle.having a smaller dot or finer crosshair could have you shooting even better but somehow maybe wishful thinking....!
  18. 6BRA

    Wow there stunnining groups Al. You could head shoot rats at 600yds. Approximately 1 inch groups at 600yds is going to bring you much glory. It can't be a vertical issue. I had some real bad verticals on my 6.5x47 a few months ago at 600yds.i did post about it.not sure if my barrel started speeding up or what. The last 1000yds day in December I shot some stunning groups so I guess it was more than likely something I did that day. With your set up the shooting isn't down to a physical shooter error.its down to your load or inconsistency in conditions.the big dog is the dogs dangles.well done Al.fruits of your labour.
  19. What is the measurements of the barrel on the shoulder please.it looks slimmer than varmint.
  20. Newbie advice & Hi!

    Welcome to ukv smudge. Forget semi autos unless your going to use HV ammo.they don' really function reliably on subsonics. I have a CZ 452 22lr.variale power scope.a sak mod.i always use subs.buy several different brands of subs and see what your rifle likes.i used to run eley extra hollows for approx 12 years in it that were extremely accurate.theyve changed something now and there crap.i tried a few different brands and Winchester 42gr subs shot the better but not as good add the old eleys.i have found you get the off cracker with winnes. I hope this helps. Atb No I deer
  21. 6.5x47 with 120gr amaxs

    Thanks Vmax.i have h4350 and n150
  22. 6.5x47 with 120gr amaxs

    I've got 200 of these in stock and if I sell them it will cost me more money to buy something else.ive got some h4350 and N150.no varget unfortunetly.anybody tried the 120 grainers

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