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  1. No i deer

    Bag rider Tikka Tac A1

    I thought Dave makes to order
  2. No i deer

    284 win

    I've been using the 180gr scenar l's in my 7mm saum to finish off the last f open club shoots,at 100yds there great, i struggled to get them going in the tough gusty wind that battered us the last shoot of the year,they've not been competitive enough unpointed, I might try some pointed ones to see what there like as it somehow may make all the difference as it did in my 284.
  3. No i deer

    284 win

    The 162gr amaxs do well in both area's. I do prefer the 180s for 1000yds. Preferably hybrids but very recently I had a PB using pointed 180gr scenar l's, they always shot well unpointed but my first time with the pointed ones beat a PB I never thought I was going to beat again. I would of really liked it for my 284 too of shot the 180gr ELDM bullets. I can't be bothered to waste anymore barrel life on them as I already have really good loads that I don't need to change. I will give them another chance on the new barrel if it's 1 in 8.5 twist or faster, I think the 1 in 8.25 twist will shoot all the 180gr plus bullets. Powderwise N165 RS62 RS60 N550 or N560 . The last 3 mentioned can be hard on barrels apparently. Since the REACH compliant rules came in H4350 and H4831SC were the popular choices but are banned now. Most f class shooters will be using the first 3 powders so that's says alot
  4. No i deer

    284 win

    I run 162gr amaxs in my 284 on 57grs of N165, I use CCI BR2 primers so I guess the 162gr ELDX will be pretty similar, my barrel is a 5 groove 9 twist at 26 inches. my load on a 55f temperature runs at 2877fps ,that's fast enough for my needs. I tried the 180gr ELDM's in my 1 in 9 but they didn't shoot very good but just trying a different primer may see a change in accuracy, I found this out a few months ago by loading 3 batches of identical ammo being the only difference was the primers, groups varied from 1.5 inches to 0.250 inches, I had tested and sold the 180gr ELDM bullets before I discovered this, I've always used and rated the hornady bullets. I think the 180gr ELD match chronied about 2750fps on 52grs of N165 and your 7.5 twister will likely to be slower. Both of my 7mms are 1 in 9 and the twist rate shown on the box is 1 in 8 or faster I think, this includes the 162gr amaxs and they shoot superbly so I am not convinced on the twist rates being too accurate. From now on when I start with a new barrel I will try a load with 3 different primers and the one that produced the best group I would pursue, The only thing with the 180gr ELDM bullets is I weighed a box and they varied up to 4/10's of a grain which may show up from verticle stringing at longerange. I will check my bal cal and see what the 180gr ELDM bullets chronied at and report back The drab olive AICS stock is in my opinion the best looking stock ever made.my 6.5x47 wears one 😁
  5. There maybe still some photos on the thread in the precission riflesmiths showcase section when you were building it Andy for intrested parties, I would of liked it in my armoury for sure 😁, good luck with the sell Thread titled Teaser F Class build
  6. No i deer

    A&D Scales and Adam McDonald Auto Trickler

    Thanks Martin I will try it, I weigh the charge 0.06 ish light of actual charge needed which helps, i do tge same every charge to be consistant. Sometimes you can wait 5 seconds or more for the scale to move up 0.02grs but it's ment to be 2 seconds, Cheers No I deer
  7. LMAO 😁🤣. Bald headed Jordy what are you like 😁 Why I man I'm bald but not ginger 😁.
  8. It's probaly cheaper on a week day or it's a BOGOF deal 😁
  9. I bought once and cried too 😭, the filling is chromite sand, in all fairness a handle on it would be good and more Gucci 😁
  10. I wasn't aware you travelled that far, Alot of the club members I know travel as far and further than me ,there is some more local shooters but I only know a few, it's more a case of finding the time in the busy lives we lead Ive only ever been there once in 8 years on a week day that was a Friday and i stayed overnight.
  11. Good for you Pete, I too had to work 🙄 . I get up there quite often these days but all my shooting is mainly club comps, 100 miles each way is a long way for a plinking session, if I lived closer I would do my load work there for sure.
  12. No i deer

    A&D Scales and Adam McDonald Auto Trickler

    I've found using the gempro250 if you weigh dead on and take the pan off and on it weighs about 0.06grs over which with N165 is about 3 kernels, I am happy to do that to make sure it's bang on though it is quite boringly slow doing it. A set up like yours John would be very welcome in my reloading room 😁
  13. No i deer

    7mm 284 bullets A max

    That's a bargin
  14. No i deer

    Mag Length Gap

    The new TMK's are a different shape to the old smks, probaly more pointed so the jump the the rifling maybe quite a bit depending how much throat wear your barrel has. You definately need to check the accuracy compared to your old load.
  15. No i deer

    Mag Length Gap

    I would of thought a minimum of 10 thousanths clearance would be needed to avoid any jams. Your mags internal measurements my vary. What bullet were you using before Strangely..? You could single feed but that's no good for your McQueens COF's
  16. Final reduction £50 inc postage
  17. Hi all. I forgot I had these items. A 2 inch sunshade 1 rubber eye piece type screw in lens protector 1 objective screw in lens protector. £60 inc the postage
  18. I my 6.5x47 with 41grs of RS62 behind the 139gr scenar shot the same elevations as 39.8grs of H4350 with the same bullet. I've not chronied the RS 62 load yet. I think the H4350 shot just over 2800fps from 27 inch barrel
  19. No i deer

    Long range bullet choice for the .308

    I know somebody who is using a 147gr ELD match in his F open 6.5x284 and he shoots them superbly
  20. Selling this adaptor that will fit parker-hale type pods.Atlas pods aswell as the pheonix pods. Used it a few times when I had a pheonix pod £35 inc postage
  21. Have you had any richocets
  22. Cheers Bri, It fits the TRG too 👍

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