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  1. 260rem RS62 142gr smks

    My mates barrel is also a 26 inch barrel.
  2. 260rem RS62 142gr smks

    Hi all. I am looking for this load data for a mate.cheers No I deer
  3. 6.5x47 140 eldm

    I will try the 123gr scenars once the 139 grainers are gone.I opted for the 139s for the extra BC.it maybe minimal advantage but but an advantage it is.now I have better options for 1000yds switching too the 123s is a no brainer
  4. I am looking forward to seeing some reviews on this scope.ive not looked through any of these delta scopes yet but this one does intrest me being the high mag model.
  5. Electronic scale for sale

    How do these scales compare to the gempro 250's
  6. 260rem RS62 142gr smks

    Thank you sir.very decent of you
  7. 260rem RS62 142gr smks

    The shooter has RS62 to try Paul.no data for the 260 on RS site.you have the luxury of the 30 inch barrel to get velocity with N165.
  8. 6.5x47 140 eldm

    I will move over to another bullet once my 140gr amax stash has nearly dried up.probaly got 700 and 350 ish 139gr scenars.i am looking forward to trying something different.i didn't like the 130gr vld hunting bullets.i had too many pass throughs.H4350 is well suited to the 47.damn shame it' gonnabe unobtainable Am on my last tub
  9. Ronin got the perfect rifle in classifieds for you at your budget
  10. 6.5x47 140 eldm

    I've used 140gr amaxs in my 6.5x47 with H4350 and RS 60.they were equally as good accuracy.with RS60 it was 50fps faster on 0.8grs less powder.i loaded the at 39grs of RS60 and never tried going up any further.i wouldn't of thought there was much difference between these bullets.i only used RS60 in a hunting load
  11. Hi all I am sure some of got both sets of scales and have done the comparisons and I am curious on your thoughts and findings. I currently uses gempro 250 and once warmed up it seem to weigh really accurately down to the last kernal but is a really slow process. If I switched to a powder Dispenser would I see a difference on long-range paper shooting.in real terms how much does 1\10 of a grain make atb No I deer
  12. Rcbs electronic powder Despenser versus Gempro 250

    The gempro 250 can vary a fraction too take pan off and on off and on but not every time.quite often it's bang on. A fraction as in 0.02 or 0.04 which is one or 2 kernels.
  13. Rcbs electronic powder Despenser versus Gempro 250

    A very comprehensive testing.are you a scientist .thanks for that.
  14. Trigger Tech

    Yes it was totally my fault on slackening off the screw too much.couldnt of been anything else.to be honest I can't really remember how I set it.i lowered it from the factory setting.it may of had less of click adjustments than stated.like I said can' really remember.its great trigger though.
  15. 6.5 Creedmoor; Lapua case capacity & life

    Knowledge is power . If it floats ya boat do it...!
  16. Trigger Tech

    Beware I slackened my trigger to lightest position and the grub screw came out during a McQueens detail and I could see it on the shooting Matt.i knew strait away what it was.popped it back in in seconds.lucky I saw it.i had done dozens and dozens of McQueens details from fitting and doing trigger adjustments before this happened.
  17. 6.5 Creedmoor; Lapua case capacity & life

    I too am pretty meticulous with case prepp but the case capacity thing is too anal for me. Primers showing pressure signs early than other primers may purely be due to cup thickness.i think the br2s and 450s have the thickest cup in the sr primer choices being they are magnum primers.my knowledge is years of hearsay from the likes of Laurie Holland who also says don' take quickload data as gospel which to is a parameter guide.if you follow go by what Laurie says you won't go far wrong.
  18. This looks and sounds very good value for the money.
  19. Trigger Tech

    I too have one on my remmy.nice trigger.got mine from Bradders.
  20. 6.5 Creedmoor; Lapua case capacity & life

    That's fine if you feel the need but for me it seems OCD.will you see a difference in you groupings/shooting.i very much doubt it but I've no problem with you proving me wrong.feel free Mac.i am always willing to learn
  21. 6.5 Creedmoor; Lapua case capacity & life

    All this seems a lot of messing about for what....?
  22. 6.5x47 RS62 & 139gr scenars

    Yes I saw that along time ago and screen shot it with my phone just incase i got some hybrids and as a go to guide.for sure this barrel would of been throated for them.scenars seat quite deep in comparison with the hybrids anyway.scenars usually shoot faster on the same charge weight.ive loaded some at 41.5grs to try.fire one and check for pressure signs.
  23. 6.5x47 RS62 & 139gr scenars

    Anybody using this combo.any load development targets and powder weights would be good.cheers No I Deer

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