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  1. No i deer

    2018 50 calibre world championships

    The blast from the 50 cal brake is herendous.well done Darrel. I wondered why your name wasn't at the top of the last 1000yds benchrest results 😉. It gave somebody else a chance of winning I guess 😜 Watch your eye on the recoil 🤣
  2. No i deer

    2018 50 calibre world championships

    A mate of mine shot there too He had the opportunity of shooting a 375 cheytac in the 2 mile comp.unfortunetley he didn't make the 4th round which was the 2 mile shots. I've not got all the details yet on what the range was on the 3rd round.he finished 12th. He texted me a photo of the accuracy international contingency one being a a left hooker
  3. No i deer

    swiss reload, velocity consistency, primers

    .My 47 shoots single digit ES,s on CCI BR4's using 123gr amaxs.140gr amax and 139gr scenars.i am not getting that with my 7mms at the mo.i am trying too.i use muroms sellor and belliot and CCI BR2's.the load probaly needs dropping to achieve them.accuracy is good so I will leave it until temps are lower which I guess will contribute to this too.
  4. No i deer

    swiss reload, velocity consistency, primers

    Do you me ES or SD
  5. No i deer

    308 Rifle Wanted

    There is probaly 100s of them on guntrader
  6. No i deer

    Tight Neck Rules

    I think most gunsmiths only have tight neck reamers on f class 7mm calibres.
  7. Factory 338 lap mag barrels are usually 27 inch.if you have a quick load you could find out how far up the barrel it's goes before the powder is all burnt.probaly not worth going any longer than that other than a bit more velocity
  8. That is good speed.i am tempted to try RS70 in my 7mm saum but I have plenty of H1000 to go on with.its the cleanest burning powder I've ever used.sends the 180gr hybrids pretty fast too
  9. No i deer

    6,5mm Creedmore or 6,5x47L for F Open?

    If you want extra velocities above the 47 then the obvious choice is the 6.5x284.extra velocity comes with the extra throat wear.changing to the creedmoor from the 47 seems pointless
  10. No i deer

    F class open rests

    Cheers V
  11. No i deer

    F class open rests

    Should I go for a SEB neo type front rest or a bipod with the joystick.not sure what the difference would be if there is any.hopefully l will get the opportunity to test them both.
  12. No i deer

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    This time of year the carcase will be skin and bones in a week once the flies find them
  13. No i deer

    F class open rests

    Is there any difference inbetween the stability on taking the shot between the SEB neo the SEB mini and the SEB joypod.i guess the rifle moves around somewhat after every shot on all the rests or does the rifle settle strait back down in exactly the same place in the SEB neo.
  14. Dauntsey guns had there last 10 tubs up for sell for £70 a tub 🤣
  15. No i deer

    Bump shoulder back

    The trouble is if you have reloaded them and there to tight to chamber you have too pull them all and start again.i used a 25 06 neck sizer and f l sized every few firings and never had a problem.most of the experts would say f l size and forget neck sizing.i wouldn't bother to neck size anymore.
  16. No i deer

    F class open rests

    Having not tried one I would still like to try before I buy. What about the sandbag mat that goes with them.is it an advantage or a gimic....? I just watched a video on YouTube with somebody using a 375 cheytac with a SEB joypod
  17. No i deer

    F class open rests

    The pod needs beefing up then or screws loctited in place to stop any movement.the joypod seem ok and stand up the FTR 308s recoil/torc and definately feel it's more my type of rest.
  18. No i deer

    F class open rests

    My set up I a t slot rail that is held on by several 6mm x 16mm torc screws
  19. No i deer

    F class open rests

    That's what I read/thought looking at the bumf.its POA aswell.no.prices for this pod stated.
  20. No i deer

    F class open rests

    Did it come with the t slot rail fitting that fits inside the picattiny rail as shown on the SEB and fox firearms sites
  21. No i deer

    7mm saum and 284 load n165

    You won't get 3000fps from your 28 inch barrel with the bullet seated so deep.get it throated for the scenars or forget the ideal with N165. I doesn't sound like RS70 will either due to the same reason.
  22. No i deer

    FTR Newbie

    I believe RS52 is the powder to launch the 155gr Berger hybrid. Lots of good advice from previous posts which there isn't much too add. There's always plenty of ftr equipment in classifieds on a weekly basis.

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