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  1. No i deer

    6.5 creedmoor OACL

    Not alot wrong with that group.i would try a few more groups before you change anything being barrel is new.being repeatable is the key.i am almost certain the gun will out shoot you. To be precise measuring get a oal gauge, comparator and a modified case then recheck it with that then measure one of your loaded rounds and compare.
  2. Hi all. I forgot I had these items. A 2 inch sunshade 1 rubber eye piece type screw in lens protector 1 objective screw in lens protector. £60 inc the postage
  3. I've 2 leupy scope coats for sell.it is thin neoprene and it will fit scopes up to around 34cm long without target turrets.used for in and out gun safe too protect the scopes £10 each inc postage
  4. I've decided to sell this pod.ive only used it a few times and can't see myself using it again.it was new when i bought it. As new condition.i had to crop the photo like this to get it too load.info for it will be on beechwood site.£80 including P&P
  5. Sold too Condorman 👍 Thanks for looking 😉
  6. There maybe a queue for the 123gr amaxs 😁
  7. No i deer

    50 Cal Ban Dropped

    There was Alot of miss information misinterpritation of so say evidence presented to the government.theyre were thinking on the lines of civilian shooters having belt fed 50 cal Browning machine guns 😂🤣 .what a pile of poo 🙄
  8. No i deer

    50 Cal Ban Dropped

    I don't think it's all settled yet but hopefully the ban has been overturned.it maybe all over bar the shouting but it may come with extra conditions.chris Stevenson and others have been a relentless pursuit of sorting this mess out.
  9. No i deer

    6.5mm 123g amax alternative

    123gr sst . 123gr ELD match or 129gr sst
  10. If you got too shoot the foxes desperate at all costs then NV and thermal is the way forward for you.i am happy to carry on lamping.ive not got the funds to buy NV or thermal and a rifle dedicated purely for foxing
  11. There isn't many foxes that getaway from me.its only a matter of time and sooner or later I get them or neighbouring shooters get them.its more of a challenge using the lamp 😉

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