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  1. George Balfour (gbal on this site)

    Me too I thought the other day I've not seen any of his replies to posts lately.
  2. Any body handled one

    There' nothing wrong in being an AI wannabe.i have a remmy action in a AICS stock.absalutle cracking shooter in 6.5x47.great stock.
  3. Any body handled one

    That was my initial thoughts going by its looks.I think I am gonna need a bigger boat scotch
  4. I imagine most would say accuracy is the most important thing.velocity is second. I have a 7mm saum and launch the 180gr hybrids on N165 and H1000 which shoots very well at 1000yds on both powders.30 inch tube 1 in 9 four groove.your rifle is pushing the 175gr smks 200fps faster than my 60.5gr N165 with 180gr hybrids.ive not tried above that.must be near max.
  5. Shooting Shed "Thingy" for Lyman Gen 6

    It' a shame the makers of the Lyman gen 6 don't look on ukv as they may lean something about building powder dispensers.
  6. Any body handled one

    Another Accuracy International wannabe
  7. Shooting Shed "Thingy" for Lyman Gen 6

    Can you show us video's with the new thingy versus the original....?
  8. Plot-o-matic scoring strategy

    So when it comes to shooting in the internationals they won' be able to use them so why bother unless the rules get changes to keep up with the times
  9. Selling my armalon 4 port muzzle brake.its 18/1m threaded and for up to 6.5 cal.it may need timing.it comes with a brake spanner.as new condition but used.£100 inc postage. Thanks for looking No I deer
  10. Shooting Shed "Thingy" for Lyman Gen 6

    Sounds great.almost time for me to go auto
  11. Anyone used any N565 yet

    Just checked and it has.I went on a couple of the likely calibres and it's on the website.
  12. Anyone used any N565 yet

    The viht load data will need updating then
  13. Bipod Adapter

    Fox firearms keep the t slot rails in stock

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