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  1. No i deer

    .308 long range rifle

    It doesn't matter to me as bud 😁
  2. No i deer

    .308 long range rifle

    it's called the long range challenge so the answer is in the title.
  3. No i deer

    FCSA Update

    If you run a 50 cal on a 20 inch barrel it would run below 13'600 joules/10,000 flbs limit.i think I would rather run a 416 flat out......! I think the downer for most is the 416 won't have the same appeal as they don't make tracers and components are more than likely more expensive.its a shi te outcome.as I said before oppressed covers it grrrrrrr
  4. I had hoped that the CCI segmented subs would be good even though they're expensive but they wernt any good in my rifle either.
  5. And they all lived happily ever after. The End 😁
  6. No i deer

    FCSA Update

    It will take years to go through the kangaroo court then 😁.I would imagine there is more mars rifle owners than 50 cals and the 50's far more impressive too watch.its a real shame these idiots have caused this.just a bunch of bum holes grrrrrrr
  7. No i deer

    FCSA Update

    What date does the ban start from...?
  8. I expect your local has got 100'000 in stock and needs to move them on.i find it strange that it seem most cz452 and alike owners find the old eleys subs shot best and new ones are poo.
  9. I've tried RWS subs and they were crap in my cz452....!
  10. No i deer

    FCSA Update

    416 barrett
  11. I will have to try some of these CCI subs.i like the look of them groups.the best I've used since the eley subs went crap in my cz450 is winny 42gr subs.best of a bad bunch
  12. Howa bout it. I've never bothered looking at them.personly I stick with what I know and if I buy a factory rifle again it would be tikka or sako.my 284 is a T3 action with a 26 inch bartlein screwed on it. It's super accurate.i am.out with it now waiting in ambush 😁
  13. No i deer

    UKBRA Round 3 - 16th and 17th June 2018

    Nice aggregate Darrel. Keep it up and show them all the 6.5x47 is benchrest king 😁
  14. No i deer

    FCSA Update

    The main problem we have in the country and most others is the drug problem.this will cause way more deaths.what gets done about it NOTHING.......! Too many crooked people out the getting back handers to look the other way.
  15. No i deer


    Find another bullet to hunt with as these have a tendency to pass through without expanding.you will find yourself trying to find lost beasts.

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