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  1. Spare parts or a Lee challenger press

    Thanks Dave Its worth finding out but probably just a cheap to buy another second hand one and swap the part over.
  2. Spare parts or a Lee challenger press

    Anybody know where I can source the part that the handle locks inbetween as mine broke last night.crappy die cast stuff.fortunetly it's reversible so I turned it around and fixed but would prefer a replacement.i can do it without the handle with my hand as that's how easy it it using imperial sizing was but my wrist would soon hurt after a few dozen. Cheers No I deer
  3. L.P.S.C results for 18th of Feb

    It was a decent morning for 1000yds snapshooting.the sun came out a few times but mainly overcast.not cold and wind from 7 o'clock slightly fishtailing.a poor turnout again. Myself started well with 3 great siters stacked and overlapping about 7 inches right of centre.great elevations.i ruin my score by dailing the wrong way and put all 4 shots just off the edge onto the backer.i realised what I had done and dialled back so I was back on coarse.i didn't realise I had others that made the backer then on the 20 second detail had a misfeed and only got 3 of my 4 shots off.second COF I dialled wrong way again and lost my way so I stopped shooting .blonde moments or what...! Ive only dialled wrong once before which was years ago then cock up twice in one day.oh well it happens.keith had a good first shoot 👍.I recovered well on the 3rd COF with my 6.5x47 with out dialling wrong .More shooters turned up for the afternoon session which was good to see.as usual after zeroing then on to do a Cof point of impact changes.my 6.5x47 shot different on all 4 COF's .good old magpie alley It was a great day as usual
  4. 200yd mcqueens

    That's what its ment to be but it wasn't done anything like that.as soon as you shot it was moved to the next window.as quick as i could chamber the next cartridge the target was in place. Crazy fast
  5. 200yd mcqueens

    My best had 4 vbulls yesterday.still not bad prone and no rear bag etc.its a shame they didn't do the targetry timings right
  6. I shot my 7mm saum today at a 1000yds and it went pretty well until I made a school boy error and dialled the wrong way.what a doughnut.i made 4 great elevation shots that were off the edge of the fig11 that would of killed my score.last detail I then had a misfeed and didnt get my last shot off before targets went down.just to pee me off futher I did it again on the next COF and lost my way and stopped shooting.i checked after and I ended up 5 moa right.what a complete balls up.only ever dialled wrong once before today .Oh well nevermind. Sorry to waffle on. You won' be disappinted with a 7mm if you dial in correctly
  7. 200yd mcqueens

    I zeroed and shot 3 x 200yds McQueens COF's today.every time it shot the poi was different without touching the turrets.the 4th go I dialled up 2 clicks and 2 left as that was how much I aimed off on the 3rd detail.i did ok and could of been better as some of them putting targets up were going from 1 window to the next without stopping and not taking the target down and moving target away instantly after the shot rather than waiting the 3 seconds and I didn't get to see the last bullet holes.fast fire or what.way to fast
  8. Recent build

    Another wall I built
  9. Murom kB7 competition large rifle primers

    That's exactly what I thought laurie
  10. Recent build

    This was another wall I built that started as a old dry stone wall that falling apart.i dressed the stone it as I took it down.opposite side was fair faced blocks.a concrete backing block in the middle and the faced up with freshly dressed bathstone.i had to get some ashler stones to make some jumper with.used a .600mm slabs to cap it off
  11. I seated few last night and they were much tighter than the br2s. Is this normal..?
  12. Sellier and bellot 6.5 creedmoor

    I like reloading.gives me something to do in the evenings and on wet weekends.i don't do load development like some do.i load up 5 or 6 different loads to try and the best one I go with. I don't load like 50.0 50.2 50.4 50.6 etc If I find my load is a touch warm that shot really well I download it 0.2grs and try it again another time as i dont have a range near to do it.all my testing gets done across the fields.
  13. Sellier and bellot 6.5 creedmoor

    Sometimes I do wonder why I reload when somebody beats me using factory ammo.fortunetley that does happen very often.generally I fire too many shots to use factory ammo.my time reloading doesn't cost anything

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