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  1. I didn't get to know if the spigot was going to be sold separately or how much the spigot would cost...
  2. No i deer

    NRA RCO Handloading Rule

    If the wildcat rifle has been proofed surely there shouldn't be a legality issue unless it was an unregistered firearm
  3. No i deer

    NRA RCO Handloading Rule

    This wouldn't be managed or monitored properly so there's no point. A HME procedure is one thing,shooters running there 223 ,243 and such like rifles past it's safe working pressures is another issue as they wouldn't be nowhere near HME but is a far more dangerous situation
  4. Early bird catches the worm 🙄
  5. It might work with my bag rider but I'm not gonna know for sure until I offer my bag rider too it to see if 2 holes line up,thanks for the photos I will give it some thought Thank you 👍
  6. It's on the first photo. Yes probaly a spigot mount,my stock is a KRG whiskey 3 so it should fit mine.i would need closer photos to see if it's what I am after though before I decide if its suitable. Cheers No I deer
  7. Would you sell the stock extension separately,if yes how much,can you post some close up photos of it,I'm wondering if I could attach my bag rider too it. Cheers No I deer
  8. No i deer

    Quickload and rs60

    I don't think my 25 06 pushed a 75gr v max that fast off the top of my head,I maybe wrong though. I can remember not getting anywhere near the published nosler data for the 25 06 with Rel 19 pushing the 85gr nosler ballistic tip, I went 2 or 3grs over there max and still couldn't get there.
  9. No i deer

    Quickload and rs60

    I would of said Muir was a very reliable source for load data on SD besides Laurie who is very knowledgeable. Quite a few of SD members are ukv members. If it's the load for 243 load with 48grs of RS 60 pushing a 75gr vmax does sound alot of powder, when I had a 243 I used 41.5grs of Varget pushing the 75gr vmax,it's probaly 10 years since I've had a 243 so I've lost touch.
  10. It's a very nice looking rifle
  11. It's a RSAUM innit 😉
  12. No i deer

    Leupold Mark 5HD 5-25x56 IR 35mm Anyone ?

    Wow that surprised me on the price tag.... I'm sure it's a cracking scope but if you ask me these top end optics have a huge mark up. Way way over priced. No offence intended. Atb No I deer
  13. No i deer

    Just about the sexiest tactical mounts there is !

    What's the new Mk5 leupy like....? MK4 glass is superb and a great scope but my eye couldnt keep the reticle from doubling occasionly which I found annoying but that's probaly my vision not the scope...
  14. No i deer


    My bal cal is shooter

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