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  1. No i deer

    Ultrasonic cleaners

    I've still not got around to buying one yet 🙄
  2. Berger have always without fail replied to my emails and provided there load data I asked for.....
  3. No i deer

    Getting scope level

    I set my scopes up on my dining room table which looks out to neighbours house which has white UVPC double glazing and a is brick built,plenty of verticle and horizontal reference points, also they have a white outside light I boresight on 😁,with bolt out I can hold my head and eye down so the verticle line goes plumb down through the centre of bore axis.. I double check with levels,I've boresighted within 4 inches several times
  4. No i deer

    Getting scope level

    Getting the scope level is easy. Getting the rifle level/plumb is the harder bit depending on the action/stock.
  5. Wish I had the spare funds.... Thats a real nice stock
  6. No i deer

    A bad nights Foxing

    That was the ghost of one of the other rabbits you shot 😁. Shooting foxes is cruel 😁
  7. No i deer

    A bad nights Foxing

    It's reason if anybody was wondering why/how did I miss that.....!!!
  8. Oh that one....! That looks like a tikka action 👀
  9. No i deer

    Inside of brass neck to clean

    I've not inspected my brass with a magnifying glass but visually it looks clean/polished,it's not a real rigid brush and the bristles soon flatten down.i will post a photo of my current bronze brush and have a close look at the necks and report back.
  10. No i deer

    Inside of brass neck to clean

    I'm not 100 percent but I'd say jump
  11. No i deer

    A bad nights Foxing

    Look for the foxes shadow the next time your out shooting over stubble
  12. No i deer

    A bad nights Foxing

    Oh I c I didn't know you were using a night vision.... For the ones who's missed plenty shooting over stubble will check too see there not shooting at shadows from now on 😉. We all miss at times though some never miss never ever 😳🤣😴
  13. No i deer

    A bad nights Foxing

    If the misses came from shooting over stubble ive got the answer this as I too have missed and I believe when your shooting over stubble you get a shadow from the fox and I think you shot at its shadow..!!!!!
  14. No i deer

    Inside of brass neck to clean

    Some use dry lube in the neck for neck tension mandrels and seat the bullet on this dry lube that's still in the neck. I won't mention any names but I know someone who does this who recently chronied some ammo and had an ES of 0 fps and I seen the chrony reading

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