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  1. No i deer

    Hornady ELD variability

    They more than likely take every step needed to make the perfect cartridge and shoot regularly to keep there eye in. From what I've been told measuring and batching the bullets by base to ogive is more important than the bullets weight. Til now I've not batched weighed bullets or batched the bullets by base to ogive.ive not trimmed the meplats only pointed. My ammo is still pretty good. Most of us can make very accurate loads. The art is in the wind calls or reading the mirage. I was doing both at 900yds Sunday and dropped too many shots early in the COF and gave up on the flags and used the mirage, I shot shot much better only dropping 2 points in the last 8 shots and finished strong with VV.
  2. No i deer

    Hornady ELD variability

    As my name sake I've no I deer but minimising the variables is bound to help. I take the advice from some of the top f open shooters in the country as they've already done all these things
  3. No i deer

    Hornady ELD variability

    It's more a curiosity thing for me but if you want to be top of your game you need to take these steps to get the best out of your set up. 4/10ths may not sound alot but at 1000yds may make a difference of winning or not
  4. No i deer

    Hornady ELD variability

    I checked the 7mm 180 grainers and found 4/10ths of a grain variation,the hybrids,scenar l's and 183gr smks varied 2/10ths of a grain, a mate tried the 7mm 180s in his 284 and they shot great at 1000yds, I've been testing them at 100yds myself and now I've loaded some to to see how the go at 1000yds,measurements I checked were as good as others mentioned
  5. No i deer

    6br specific mags

    Sunday at bisley was the first time I've seen a 6mm br close up.i didn't realise the case was so short.
  6. No i deer

    Remington Primer Reliability

    Bob blown primers means the load is too hot unless you mean it in a different way..
  7. No i deer

    Cheytac .375

    Ive worked with a few chaps and there surname was Hunt, i always called them Isaac 😆
  8. No i deer

    Defiance / Eliseo 6.5x47 OCW

    My RS62 139gr scenar load will be doing about 2810fps from the 27 inch pacnor, i've not bothered to chrony it as it shot the same elevation at 600yds as the H4350 load, I use this for McQueens and out to 600yds,I've got 300yds McQueens this Sunday.looking forward to it.
  9. No i deer

    Bolt lube

  10. No i deer

    Bolt lube

    The best lube is snake oil 😁
  11. No i deer

    115 gn DTAC

    Yes they're sold
  12. No i deer

    Defiance / Eliseo 6.5x47 OCW

    That will be an expensive load development 😁
  13. No i deer

    115 gn DTAC

    Guesty has 400 odd for sell on here and stalking directory
  14. No i deer

    Defiance / Eliseo 6.5x47 OCW

    I use 41grs of RS62 behind the 139gr scenars that shoot superb in my 6.5x47, I tried them first on 41.5grs but I felt they were too pokey,went down 0.5grs and they shoot like a laser
  15. What size AICS mags. 308 or long like 300 win mag size

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