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  1. No i deer

    7mm LRM

    There won't be much difference between a 7mm magnum and a 338 lap mag ballistics at 1000yds apart from the extra recoil.
  2. No i deer

    The Fix from Q

    Yet another nice tacticool rifle. So many to choose from now......!
  3. No i deer

    Rim fire mod

    Using 42gr Winnie subs with the sak isn't great.the other subs ive tried are much quieter but there crap in my CZ452, the winnies must be very near the sound barrier. I've been tempted to get the stumpy as It did very well in a mod comparison test I watched.
  4. No i deer

    Terminal velocity

    I know some FTR shooters that use the 190gr TMKs and there very good.not sure on there loads but they will be using 30 odd inch 1 in 10 barrels i think, they would be stiffish loads.
  5. No i deer

    Steel Core Designs

    One of my club mate mates has a 26 inch 308 cyclone.he has has a few issues feeding and something to do with the bolt throw. The after sales service was excellent. They even met my mate at Bisley and carried out a thorough inspection and test and took it away, solved the problems,the rifle shoots as good as it looks.
  6. No i deer


    You forgot the NHS lol
  7. No i deer

    Looking for: Minimum neck surface to hold bullet

    The case will grow on firing and resizing so you should be trimming
  8. No i deer

    Looking for: Minimum neck surface to hold bullet

    Scenars shape usually makes them seat quite deep unless it's throated for them. If you chase the lands and your throat is worn then the bullets gradually runs out of any neck to hold the bullet,my old 308 wore to the point when measuring with an oal gauge there was no bearing surface of the bullet in the case and they had quite a jump into the rifling.still shot ok if you find the perfect jump.
  9. No i deer

    Indecisive ftr, Savage or Custom?

    I asked about the custom thing a while back and was told a custom rifle was was not built from a factory rifle that being a semi custom. I don't really care what there called...!
  10. No i deer

    Indecisive ftr, Savage or Custom?

    Semi or full custom 👍
  11. No i deer

    Indecisive ftr, Savage or Custom?

    If you don't reload there's no point buying a custom rifle really but If it's the aesthetics your after then why not...! You would need buy a variation of factory ammo and find which shoots the best whether is a custom or factory rifle regardless. Atb No I deer
  12. No i deer

    .284 win Doughnuts

    Glad your sorted 👍
  13. No i deer

    .284 win Doughnuts

    Sorry bud a mate was watching the thread messaged me and bought it strait away. Atb No I deer

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