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  1. I chronied 1 shot over my F1 chrono and it put me within 1/2 moa that my bal cal predicted on the correct weather condition entered at 1000yds.more than happy with my chrono.
  2. No i deer

    Whidden pointing die set pm me

    the shooting shed make them.i believe the chap who won the Euros 2 years ago used one of these on the 180gr scenar l's.
  3. No i deer

    Quickload help needed for 7mm rsuam

    I tried the scenar load at 900yds first.seemed to work quite nice.i had a 71/5 which started real promising VV3V555V5. 1000yds I got the windage going real good but it seemed I was getting verticles.i chased them for a few shots but cost me shots so it was about damage limitation..ive emailed 2 members to find out if they were getting verticles and I had one reply saying not that he noticed.awaitng the other reply before I decide to peruse this load.i will check the ES on this load as I only got to put one shot over the chrony due to fading light.
  4. I am at bisley this Sunday which would save postage costs
  5. No i deer

    Quickload help needed for 7mm rsuam

    Tested 63.5grs.its right on the edge.no tight bolts but a very very faint ejector Mark.it could of been as the black marker pen I put on the base got moved from the blast.not my best effort with the scenars.i am afraid I can't shoot one hole groups all day off the roof of my pickup.2 loads tested.i zeroed the amaxs so I could sit n wait for a Charlie after.nice group though but using a mod.i love them amaxs.i should try them at 1000yds really.
  6. No i deer

    KRG whiskey 3 stock rear bag rider

    I think it was £108 from March scopes. Blackburnbuccaneer had the used bag rider.
  7. No i deer

    Quickload help needed for 7mm rsuam

    Thanks Richy 👍 I've screen shot it for reference. I've loaded some at 63.5grs to test.
  8. No i deer

    KRG whiskey 3 stock rear bag rider

    A flat bag rider v shaped with a flat bottom.i was offered one from another ukv member but it wasn't much of a saving on a new one so I opted for new
  9. No i deer

    KRG whiskey 3 stock rear bag rider

    thanks bud but I am sorted now.got one from March scopes uk.i nicely made aluminium one not the Delrin one
  10. No i deer

    Miraging and bullets point of impact

    Us in the LPSC have several volumes of the book of excuses and in the process of writing another.i had organised for a mate to have my brass at the end of the day too anneal them for me and I was sat 7 or 8 yards back from the firing point with a cordless screwdriver and some wire wool and someone said the noise was putting them off so I stopped while they were shooting and carried on when targets went down to be marked and scored.that was a new excuse Paul 🤣💋 Somehow you would think this 100yds group would serve you well out too 1000yds.unless it was the bad mirage and heat caused inconsistent point of impact 🤔
  11. No i deer

    Quickload help needed for 7mm rsuam

    63.5grs and upwards then

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