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  1. My DIY annealing machine!

    Thank you 👍
  2. My DIY annealing machine!

    Ive not really looked into the annealing much and I do fancy Giving it a go now.how do i know what tempilag stuff I need.i would be doing 7mm saum Remmy and Norma brass .284 and 6.5x47 lapua brass
  3. That' a fine looking rifle.definately my current favourite.baldie built a rifle recently and it wore that stock.very very nice indeed.great colour 👍
  4. FCSA leading the way!

    I've heard of that swaro he is on stalking directory.great sense of humour and great bloke apparently 👍.he reminds me of myself 😉
  5. FCSA leading the way!

    No I deer Definately somewhere warmer. I do like the sunshine Mark. The cold doesn't do my fibromyalgia much good.
  6. FCSA leading the way!

    Lets be honest there isn't much that can't be stolen.......doh This whole thing stinks. Another conspiracy...........! Time to emigrate and get out of this snake pitt of a country
  7. No need to re-invent the wheel mesun. I too use shooter.i got me within inches on elevation at 1000yds last sunday on 2 different calibres.ive no urge to change.atb No I deer
  8. I always use a cordless screw driver with the shell holder and some fine to medium wire wool.cleans a case in seconds.after I've done my case prep I put them the tumbler for an hour just to make sure all the lube is off.i do wipe them with a towel first to get the worst of the lube off
  9. Creedmoor or 6.5x55

    What load does foxing 2 nite use.....?
  10. BiPods

    I have 3 Harris pods ive had for 17 years or so I use for hunting.these still work as if new.ive got a super short parker hale/AI type with AI spigot and friction screw.I have a Phoenix pod that is real nice.it's a little high for my liking and its the shortest one.I use it along with a rear monopod now.ive also got a mystic pod that I use only on the range.i did have a accuracy international pod that I sold to buy the pheonix and regreted selling it.that was my favorite pod for my 6.5x47 remmy AICS rifle I used for 1000yds and McQueen's
  11. BiPods

    I bought a cheap Harris clone and one of the sling stud dowels that insert into the sling stud was too tight and it fell out.who I bought it from on flea bay sent me another and it was exactly the same.the functional bits work fine but the fixing it to the rifle was crap.what can you expect for £20 quid.ive glued the dowel in a couple of times but dont use it anymore.
  12. I was at bisley today.i won' be there again til mid January
  13. I would of had the primers as I am not gonna pay the silly prices on the BR4's anymore.
  14. Boretech carbon remover is very good as is there copper remover.i also use wipe out tactical advantage.that too is very good.its 50/50 I think.does copper and carbon.

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