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  1. Even better we did a trade 👍. The 180gr ELD match bullets are gone.
  2. Seems my barrel doesn't like these. 1 unopened box 1 opened box with 65 in £70 inc cheapest postage
  3. Hi Terry. If you have entered the correct info entered into a ballistic calculator that is easy to have as an app on your phone will put you very very close then walk your shots onto the target if needed
  4. This would have sold instantly if it was on the famous green patio table 😄.this man's kit is well looked after 👍
  5. No i deer


    I tried some 180gr ELD match bullets in my 7mm saum and they shot about 0.750 inch 5 shot group on very first try but in mirage.it may have been better if it wasn't miraging but can't say for sure. I tried them in my 284 the same time and they didn't shoot. The 180gr ELD match bullets show a 1 in 8 twist rate on the box but so does the 162gr amaxs and they shoot great in my 1 in 9 twists. Tried a few more the weekend and it maybe the twist isn't fast enough.
  6. No i deer

    Load data 6.47

    If you look through hand loading and favourite loads you will find what your after.Accurate shooter may also have some load data too.
  7. Sold sold sold 👍
  8. Sold pending the usual 👍
  9. No i deer

    Load development

    I did look at the result posted with the highlighted markers and forgot I had read it reading through the rest.i will try and make one as directed when I find the appropriate materials
  10. No i deer

    Load development

    Thanks for that.good to hear it works at the highest level
  11. No i deer

    Load development

    Have they won the world championship team event or the individual shoot using this method.....? I will read it a few more times so it sinks in.
  12. No i deer

    Load development

    If it was 75 degrees I expect the velocity to be up a fair bit more than 2800fps.what temp was it when you got 2800fps on 55.3grs...?
  13. Chrony is in good nick.probaly as new.its still original box though that's tatty as I carry it in my shooting vehicle all the time. £50 plus p&p no offers it's a good price

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