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  1. RePete


    How on earth do I upload an avatar, and what's happened to all my previous posts prior to the recent site changes which forced me to re-register and be regarded as a newbie? RePete
  2. RePete

    ES changing between mod and a brake

    Low ES doesn't always mean tight groups.................. RePete
  3. RePete

    ES changing between mod and a brake

    Could be down to barrel harmonics in some weird way............mods are generally heavier than brakes. Did the group size vary? RePete
  4. Yes, it's modular.....comes apart for cleaning. The ends unscrew and the baffles slide out. RePete
  5. Third Eye Spartan mod, end of barrel type, slight signs of use (about 100 rounds). Black anodised. Boxed, with an extra spanner and a couple of aluminium washers. £125 Collect Southampton or Bisley. RePete
  6. RePete

    6.5 for Fox

    Yep, that's pretty fast........I applied late Nov 2016 for mine, due in March 2017. It arrived a day before expiry. Sounds like they're getting organised. They're a nice crowd at Winchester. RePete
  7. RePete

    6.5 for Fox

    How quick is lightning quick?.........we're in Hants RePete
  8. RePete

    How Clean is clean??

    You really can't tell how clean a barrel is from looking at a dry patch, only how clean the patch is............. Only a borescope can show you how copper and carbon free your barrel is. RePete
  9. RePete

    'Works in everything' N140 load for 6.5x47?

    40.5 grains of RS 60 behind a 136 grain Scenar "L" does it for me. 2940fps from a 30" 8 twist barrel. Still doing 1200fps at 1200yds, according to Litz, and has done well at this distance. Start 10% lower and work up, usual caveats apply. RePete
  10. RS60 works very well in my 6.5x47.............RS 52 would be worth a go as well, but if you use Quickload, for a starting load with RS52, drop the recommended charge by 15% and work up. RePete
  11. RePete

    Stock for a Savage mod 12 FTR

    Now sorted.....and made in Devon!! RePete
  12. RePete

    Stock wanted, Savage 12 F/TR

    Now sorted........and made in Devon!! RePete
  13. RePete

    The New format site - problem

    How do I change my password? RePete

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