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  1. Fox Hunting - Tools of the Trade

    Glad you liked it mate
  2. Fox Hunting - Tools of the Trade

    The fox calling has been a little slow of late and the Rabbit population has been decimated by the new strain of Calicivirus so we took a brake from the heat to discuss some of the more modern tools now available to the fox shooter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBnlnomCtqs
  3. Varminting in Australia

    This new strain you talk of is what has most probably been released here as this version doesn't allow the rabbits to build up immunity to it.
  4. Varminting in Australia

    We are now in a similar position out here. Since I did that video two new releases of Calicivirus have been introduced and basically wiped the rabbits out.
  5. Varminting in Australia

    Thanks mate
  6. Varminting in Australia

    Yeah, your hills are scary. LOL
  7. Varminting in Australia

    Glad you enjoyed it mate. Cheers mate. Glad you like our videos. You're too kind but thanks. Thankyou very much mate. My .243 is not a "Cooper". I built that rifle myself based on a Sako L579 action, Australian Maddco barrel and trigger. It shoots the 87gr Vmax at around 3350fps, groups around 1/4MOA and hits bunnies pretty hard. LOL. The Timber stock I hand carved myself from a piece of African Walnut.
  8. Varminting in Australia

  9. Varminting in Australia

    Thanks mate
  10. Varminting in Australia

    In Australia the 243 often gets called the “Pope” as it can perform miracles. So to answer your question we were using 222’s, 223’s and the 243. I built my 243 with the thumbhole stock. Barrel is just under 30” shooting 87gr Vmax at around 3350fps.
  11. Varminting in Australia

    If we want to keep them we usually just use the .22's or the .17 but for most they are an introduced species that needs eradication. Temperatures out here don't tend to allow us to keep too many especially when we are away for over a week. As far as holdovers we keep it simple..............
  12. Varminting in Australia

    I couldn't see and intro section but It is good to see a UK version of what we do a bit of in Australia. Always keen to see how it is done in different parts of the world and see what gear you are using. We probably hunt in vastly different environments but the objective is the same. Thanks for letting me join in and very keen to have a read through some of the threads. This video will give you a bit of an idea of how we try and eliminate our rabbit issues. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABzmzkW20XE

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