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  1. .22 Semi-auto ammo

    My 10/22 likes winchester subsonics, eley are ok too but slower, won't group any of the hv type ammunition.
  2. Essex variation turnround

    Essex have really improved recently, 10 days to do 4 one for ones with change of calibres and 4 days for a sound mod variation. Hats of to them.
  3. ear defenders

    Peltor sportacs for me too, reasonably slim profile and good noise reduction including my unmoderated. 270. I read somewhere about fake howard leights so br aware.
  4. 243 Ackley Improved Dies wanted

    Email sent.
  5. 243 Ackley Improved Dies wanted

    Will send photos over tonight.
  6. 243 Ackley Improved Dies wanted

    I'll have a sort through it all over the next couple of days and email it over. Thanks.
  7. Interested in your dies! 

    How much?


  8. 243 Ackley Improved Dies wanted

    I have a redding micrometer die set in .243 ai and a load of Lapua brass that i bought for a project that never happened if your interested.

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