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  1. https://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/threads/zeiss-victory-diavari-6-24×56.167687/
  2. Labrador77

    Show us your shotguns!

    I also run a Benelli Supernova (sgc version) for vermin, wildfowl etc, cracking bit of kit and those 3.5" magnums always raise a smile! I've also got a Beretta 687 EL and an S57 El, something is just so right with that era of Beretta. On the odd driven day I'll take my Carr brothers sbs Damascus barreled hammer gun, I love it as it's 120 odd years old and always a talking point. Last and least is a folding .410 for livestock destruction.
  3. Labrador77

    Tikka 595 .223 magazine

    Many thanks Bob, just for the record, Bob has just asked for a donation to Bradders charity for the mag which is not only an incredibly generous offer but also gets me out of a muddle. If only more people were this way inclined rather than profiteering from your customers. Rant over, thanks again Bob.
  4. Labrador77

    Tikka 595 .223 magazine

    That'd be great, thank you.
  5. Labrador77

    Tikka 595 .223 magazine

    Anyone have one spare, believe a 590 mag will work too before I order a new one. Thank you.
  6. Labrador77

    Tikka t3 short action varmint

    T3 varmint .308, 20" factory barrel (has been fluted) bedded in to a mcmillan a3-5, AI bottom metal and mag, fluted bolt, badger type handle. Bought from Greenfields of Salisbury who think the work was carried out by Patrick Croft but I can't confirm that, unknown round count but shoots 168gr factory ammo better than I can. Bought as a dual purpose rifle but I just dont get enough range time so going back to a sporter .308. Let me know if you're interested and I'll sort some photos out.
  7. Labrador77

    Best UK Varminting Calibre?

    My personal favourite is my .220 Swift, I can't say why and no fox will ever know the difference between it and the latest wsmwhizzbangackleyBR. I just like the cartridge, much like my .270.
  8. Labrador77

    S/H Scope S&B, or Karl Kaps Or similar Wanted

    2.5-10x56 Klassik S&B? £500.
  9. Labrador77

    Tikka 595 trigger replacement

    Thanks Breacher thats good to know, I'll get in touch with Dave when I know more next week. At least it appears there are options.
  10. Labrador77

    Tikka 595 trigger replacement

    I saw that on SD! Thanks for the offer of the set trigger, but I'd prefer a standard one ideally if possible.
  11. Labrador77

    Tikka 595 trigger replacement

    Thank you again.
  12. Labrador77

    Tikka 595 trigger replacement

    Thats great info thank you, I'll give Dave a shout. Cheers.
  13. Does anyone know for sure if a 595 trigger mech as interchangeable with a t3? Not much on the web and reading conflicting reports if they do or not. Or if anyone has a 595/695 trigger mech they want to sell. Long story but I'm pre empting replacing a missing unit, along with some other bits possibly. Thanks in advance.
  14. Labrador77

    couldn't help noticing

    Lovely, I've got Yoshimura cans on my SP1, can't beat that v twin noise. Got it's ugly brother the Firestorm too which I love, really great road bike. A ccm 604 supermoto for being a tool on. Had various Blades, a 595 Daytona which was a nice bike. Have a really strong itch for a Triumph Thruxton R.

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