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  1. Labrador77

    Tikka t3 short action varmint

    T3 varmint .308, 20" factory barrel (has been fluted) bedded in to a mcmillan a3-5, AI bottom metal and mag, fluted bolt, badger type handle. Bought from Greenfields of Salisbury who think the work was carried out by Patrick Croft but I can't confirm that, unknown round count but shoots 168gr factory ammo better than I can. Bought as a dual purpose rifle but I just dont get enough range time so going back to a sporter .308. Let me know if you're interested and I'll sort some photos out.
  2. Labrador77

    Best UK Varminting Calibre?

    My personal favourite is my .220 Swift, I can't say why and no fox will ever know the difference between it and the latest wsmwhizzbangackleyBR. I just like the cartridge, much like my .270.
  3. Labrador77

    S/H Scope S&B, or Karl Kaps Or similar Wanted

    2.5-10x56 Klassik S&B? £500.
  4. Labrador77

    Tikka 595 trigger replacement

    Thanks Breacher thats good to know, I'll get in touch with Dave when I know more next week. At least it appears there are options.
  5. Labrador77

    Tikka 595 trigger replacement

    I saw that on SD! Thanks for the offer of the set trigger, but I'd prefer a standard one ideally if possible.
  6. Labrador77

    Tikka 595 trigger replacement

    Thank you again.
  7. Labrador77

    Tikka 595 trigger replacement

    Thats great info thank you, I'll give Dave a shout. Cheers.
  8. Does anyone know for sure if a 595 trigger mech as interchangeable with a t3? Not much on the web and reading conflicting reports if they do or not. Or if anyone has a 595/695 trigger mech they want to sell. Long story but I'm pre empting replacing a missing unit, along with some other bits possibly. Thanks in advance.
  9. Labrador77

    couldn't help noticing

    Lovely, I've got Yoshimura cans on my SP1, can't beat that v twin noise. Got it's ugly brother the Firestorm too which I love, really great road bike. A ccm 604 supermoto for being a tool on. Had various Blades, a 595 Daytona which was a nice bike. Have a really strong itch for a Triumph Thruxton R.
  10. Labrador77

    Nightforce Nxs

    15x on the stalking directory today.
  11. Labrador77

    McM A5 for stalking

    A bit late for the party but, I've got an a3-5 on my T3 .308, purposely bought for highseat work. It works very well apart from needing to drop the cheek piece to remove the bolt. I've happliy used it for general stalking too, it's a fairly heavy lump but not too bad.
  12. Apologies Dave, profile updated
  13. Up for sale as I want to try an NV unit. 30mm tube, hollow mildot reticle, FFP, non illuminated, side parallax. Cracking scope that was on my Swift, usual S&B quality. Complete with original box, manual etc. Very very faint ring mqrks and a tiny mark on the focus drum. Damn near perfect condition. £850 posted + fees if paying via paypal. Please pm if you want to know more. Thanks.

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