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  1. Labrador77

    couldn't help noticing

    Lovely, I've got Yoshimura cans on my SP1, can't beat that v twin noise. Got it's ugly brother the Firestorm too which I love, really great road bike. A ccm 604 supermoto for being a tool on. Had various Blades, a 595 Daytona which was a nice bike. Have a really strong itch for a Triumph Thruxton R.
  2. Labrador77

    Nightforce Nxs

    15x on the stalking directory today.
  3. Labrador77

    McM A5 for stalking

    A bit late for the party but, I've got an a3-5 on my T3 .308, purposely bought for highseat work. It works very well apart from needing to drop the cheek piece to remove the bolt. I've happliy used it for general stalking too, it's a fairly heavy lump but not too bad.
  4. Apologies Dave, profile updated
  5. Up for sale as I want to try an NV unit. 30mm tube, hollow mildot reticle, FFP, non illuminated, side parallax. Cracking scope that was on my Swift, usual S&B quality. Complete with original box, manual etc. Very very faint ring mqrks and a tiny mark on the focus drum. Damn near perfect condition. £850 posted + fees if paying via paypal. Please pm if you want to know more. Thanks.
  6. Labrador77

    Recent build

    Ours will be a stick built timber frame with a vintage soft brick outer skin, slate roof. Just cleared the last planning condition so almost there.
  7. Labrador77

    Recent build

    Very nice, love the stone work.I'll be starting a self build in a couple of months, nothing fancy just a nice family home with a gun room for me!
  8. Had a hold of a Hausken mod in my local shop the other week, incredibly light, especially in comparison to my old pes t12 which felt like a length of scaffold. I ended up buying another jet z though for my .270, just felt that it built to last and as i do spend a bit of time on the range with it, felt it was the better option for me.
  9. Labrador77

    Lyman Gen 6 - views from a loading bench!

    Good to hear, I bought an immaculate used gen 6 a couple of weeks ago, similarly to you, I'd pondered over an electronic dispenser for ages. Now I'm doing more range work and consequently more reloading, it should make life easier.
  10. Labrador77

    .22 Semi-auto ammo

    My 10/22 likes winchester subsonics, eley are ok too but slower, won't group any of the hv type ammunition.
  11. Labrador77

    Essex variation turnround

    Essex have really improved recently, 10 days to do 4 one for ones with change of calibres and 4 days for a sound mod variation. Hats of to them.
  12. Labrador77

    ear defenders

    Peltor sportacs for me too, reasonably slim profile and good noise reduction including my unmoderated. 270. I read somewhere about fake howard leights so br aware.
  13. Labrador77

    243 Ackley Improved Dies wanted

    Email sent.

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