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  1. Canada`s are non native pests, pest control is a reason to have a FAC shotgun.
  2. Moorlander

    Decent .308 wanted

    I do know the value of s/h 308`s , it can be £50-£10k so letting people know what you want to spend may get you more responses .
  3. Moorlander

    Decent .308 wanted

    You arent giving many clues as to what you want to spend .
  4. Moorlander

    PRL 2019 - What Calibre, Action/Chassis and Optic

    Who sells DTACs in the UK?
  5. Moorlander

    PRL 2019 - What Calibre, Action/Chassis and Optic

    Bump , very interesting subject.👍
  6. Moorlander

    thread adapter

    Just use a Hausken adaptor they reduce M18X1 to nearly every thread available, they are around £20.00
  7. Moorlander

    US ITAR Regulations to be Relaxed

    We may well see more competition on scope prices , ie Nightforce .
  8. Moorlander

    AXMC wanted

    I think you/the seller will need an export license .
  9. Moorlander

    3-in-1 - all weather - jacket for LR shooting?!

    One that does all will result in you over heating as soon as you have to move around , layers or two or three jackets will be better.
  10. Moorlander

    Rongland Thermal Scopes

    Pulsar are the best value for money and back up is second to none , never heard of Rongland , Chinese as a guess , its taking them a long time to catch up with the Eastern Europeans , how do they compare on price ?
  11. Moorlander

    More scottish bans being proposed

    That typifies the anti hunting mob , very little knowledge about how the countryside/ecology works and they dont want to learn as often the real science hurts their fluffy feelings.
  12. Moorlander

    HS Precision new gen 2 bottom metal.

    Would it be possible to cut a 5 round AI mag down?
  13. Moorlander

    Dried food meals

    If you are only away from civilisation for a couple of nights tinned casserole is great , heavier ? only if you dont have to carry water for your dried food.
  14. Moorlander

    cut and crown

    However the proof house disagree .
  15. Moorlander

    cut and crown

    Indeed , if you look at import rifle that has to go to proof and is threaded the sneaky gits stamp it just below the thread .

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