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  1. Moorlander

    Courier for shipping rifle stock

    Dont take it to the post office straight off or you will pay a small fortune , book Parcel Force through www.interparcel.com then drop it off at the post office Parcel Force only transport firearms/shotguns for RFD`s.
  2. Moorlander

    Courier for shipping rifle stock

    www.interparcel.com , its an engineered part , only use UPS /Parcel Force /DHL , never ever use Hermes
  3. From what I`m told "Them" and Booty`s can have what they want within reason when in theatre , if it`s got an NSN its easy for some to get a hold of.
  4. Moorlander

    Show us your shotguns!

    Pintail B25's are an amazing shotgun. PS Thats the one I`d like to see some pics of.
  5. Indeed , the sign says by appointment
  6. Mayb we could say CSR is an art and Long Range precision is a science.
  7. Moorlander

    Winter 2018 Roundhouse Rifle Challenge

    Its a Magpulddle mag ......okay I`m going.
  8. Moorlander

    Why .223 Wylde ?

    Schmeisser They dont state Wylde but it appears they do chamber in Wylde.
  9. Moorlander

    Why .223 Wylde ?

    Got it, thanks.
  10. Moorlander

    .300 Norma magnum

  11. Moorlander

    Why .223 Wylde ?

    Thinking of getting a .223 AR built , if I go for .223 Wylde I appreciate it will allow the use of .223 and 5.56 ammunition , are the any negatives to this chambering ? accuracy? does it extract the same , easier , harder ? TIA
  12. Moorlander

    New to firearms, have a question.

    Most FEO`s would see the Hornet the same as .233 and for those who dont reload the Hornet is not the best choice.
  13. Moorlander

    New to firearms, have a question.

    If you are new to FAC`s then you`ll soon find that many Firearms Department dont know what they are talking about
  14. Moorlander

    New to firearms, have a question.

    Unless you intend reloading go for .223 for fox, loads of reasonably priced ammo choices .

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