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  1. Moorlander

    Yardley - outstanding (if true)

    His negative shooting page is still there , last used 16/3/19 but his personal one has gone , whilst I think he`s a despicable ***t I dont know why they would ban him.
  2. Moorlander


    You are wasting your breath here , better to join these
  3. Moorlander

    VN160 WANTED

    Hannams do most Viht`s in 1lb tubs so they could be ordered in by your local supplier if they dont carry it.
  4. Moorlander

    Barrel thread choice

    In which case if you go for M18x1 you can get adaptors from Hausken to reduce the thread down to around 1/2" and everything in between so you could use that mod on other rifles , just a thought.
  5. Moorlander

    Barrel thread choice

    Have you already got a mod for it ? if so use that thread if it suits or you'll spend nearly £300 on a new mod.
  6. Will a Remington bottom metal and mag fit these or does it have to be a MagPul one ?
  7. Have you got the trigger guard / magazine ?
  8. All Arns eh, Para`s and literacy :)
  9. Moorlander

    ammo ,the stolen dog found

    👍 thanks.
  10. Moorlander

    ammo ,the stolen dog found

    Great news , did they catch the scum ? I ve seen the posters around the shows and thought there would be no hope as the scum most likely offed the dog as it was too hot .
  11. Moorlander

    Selling privately via RFD rules

    I wouldn't trust the normal service they offer , not even for a broom handle let alone a gun , I reckon you would be part responsible if you didn't take out the best tracking service they offer. Bradders link for RFD`s states "Carriers It is also very important that due diligence is taken when making arrangements for the transportation of firearms. If you intend to transport firearms and ammunition yourself, it is very important that reasonable precautions are taken to ensure there is no unauthorised access to the firearms and ammunition. Please consult the Home Office Security Handbook 2005. By virtue of Section 9 of Firearms Act 1968, as amended, carriers are exempt from the need to hold a firearm/shotgun certificate and can possess Section 1 and 2 firearms and ammunition in the course of their business. However, Section 14 of the Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988 obligates the carrier to take reasonable precautions to ensure the security of all firearms or ammunition. The transportation of prohibited firearms and ammunition can only be undertaken by carriers who have been specifically authorised by the Home Office. (Section 5 Transport Authority Holders) Please note, although firearms dealers are permitted to possess expanding ammunition (which is prohibited) in the course of their business this exemption does not extend to carriers. Therefore, you need to ensure expanding ammunition is only transported by a carrier authorised by the Home Office to possess prohibited ammunition in the course of their business. • The quantities and description of firearms and ammunition accepted for sale, repair, test, proof, cleaning, storage, destruction or other purpose; with the names and addresses of the transferors and the dates of the transactions. • The quantities and description of firearms and ammunition sold or transferred with the names and addresses of the purchasers or transferees and, (except in cases where the purchaser or transferee is a registered firearms dealer) the areas in which the firearms were issued, and the dates of the transactions. • The quantities and description of firearms and ammunition in possession for sale or transfer at the date of the last stocktaking or other such date in each year as may be specified in the register. Section 40 (3) requires that every entry required by subsection (1) of this section to be made in the register, shall be made within 24 hours after the transaction to which it relates took place and, in the case of a sale or transfer, every person to whom that subsection applies shall at the time of the transaction require the purchaser or transferee, if not known to him, to give details sufficient for identification and shall immediately enter the said details in the register. To comply with Section 40(3), in most situations which require the production of a certificate, it should be straightforward for the details of the person to be recorded from their certificate. "
  12. Moorlander

    Selling privately via RFD rules

    Interesting , I didnt know that , the thing I`d check out is the "may be sent in compliance with UK law" , that could take some reading up but I guess it means they have to go to an RFD but then I doubt the PO check that, what do they charge for one rifle ?
  13. Moorlander

    Selling privately via RFD rules

    The Post Office and Parcel Force are two different companies , PF state: "Arms and Ammunition All firearms, other than low-powered air weapons sent within the UK (air rifles, air guns and air pistols), including imitations and antiques; paint-ball or toy guns; taser guns; components of firearms and all other items similar to, or resembling, the foregoing are prohibited. All ammunition other than lead pellets and other air gun and airsoft projectiles is also prohibited." So it is quite clear , "I didnt know " wont wash in court or with your FEO. As we know there is an exemption for RFD`s who have an account , if you were honest at the counter , and you must be, about what you are sending then I`m sure they`d refuse it , the PO always ask me whats in the packet when I post stuff .
  14. Moorlander

    Selling privately via RFD rules

    Firstly he`s lying to/ deceiving the carrier , Parcel Force , only approved account holders can ship firearms with them and they only give approved accounts to RFD`s , so his FEO could revoke his FAC for that , secondly he`s not telling his FEO he`s shipping firearms as sporting goods so more deceit , bye bye FAC if ever a firearm gets lost , a mate works for PF and reckons they are tracked and monitored far more thoroughly that any other parcel. edit I`m pretty sure if PF found a firearm (and they do randomly check stuff) that was shipped as something else they would firstly call the Police , try and explain that one to the Police.

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