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  1. Given the choice you mentioned I`d go Remington then Mossberg with Howa being my last choice.
  2. Moorlander


    You just answered your own question , I shoot them because they are a non native , they cause tree damage, they push out the native red squirrels , finally they taste good. Hope that helps, PS You may find this useful
  3. Moorlander


    RS all their retailers are listed.
  4. Moorlander

    Rebarreling cost

    Paid £600 with a Sassen barrel inc proof - .243w
  5. Right time of year to be selling Turkey Taker sights
  6. Are you an approved subscribing trade supplier on this site ? if not you should not be advertising.
  7. Thomas Jacks offer full support and an excellent warranty back up Thomas Jacks
  8. Moorlander

    New Tikka rimfire

    Good luck finding Sako .22LR / 17HMR ammo
  9. Moorlander

    New Tikka rimfire

    Honestly ? what ammo are you using?
  10. Moorlander


    I got a couple off our local farm shop , will keep the kids quiet for a while ?
  11. Let us know your location (fill in your profile) or the mods will execute you by firing squad.
  12. Moorlander

    Best ever pickles ?

  13. Moorlander

    Oceania Defence

    The bottom line being any doctor/hearing specialist will tell you to wear defenders even with a moderator on most calibres and when you get to the bigger stuff like 300WM and above you should wear ear plugs and ear defenders , and as we all know no moderator can get rid of the super sonic crack so there's not much to argue about regarding dB reduction if you are wearing defenders when using a mod. The only time you want the best moderator is when you use subsonic ammo or you storm embassy`s for a living.
  14. Moorlander

    Best ever pickles ?

    How do you sweeten them? is it as easy as adding sugar when you put them in the jar ?

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