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  1. Accurizing Tikka T3x Varmint

    I certainly wouldn't touch it until I `d put a few different rounds through it , it may well be perfect.
  2. Accurizing Tikka T3x Varmint

    So hows it shooting currently ?
  3. CZ 452 Pictinny Rail

    Good luck finding one for the old model 452, I ended up changing to a 455
  4. 204 Vermin Control

    .204 Ruger , the calibre for winners
  5. Rifle Life

    Its more likely to have a round jammed up the spout well before it wears out
  6. CZ527 Single Set Trigger

    Thumbs up from me for the 527 SST .
  7. Remington gone bust.

    Similar to being in administration in the UK , and we all know where that usually ends
  8. Importing reloading equipment from the states?

    I`d guess you are talking about Tesco for guns of the south west
  9. Importing reloading equipment from the states?

    I think its actually a way of stopping discounting and de valuing a premium product , if something is in short supply the retailer can ask full wack as we have little choice and with a premium brand it wont affect sales figures as people will wait, with a budget item like Howa dealers often discount heavily .
  10. Sound Mod Legalities

    Is the current requirement for moderators to be proofed still as vague as it was a decade ago? I`ve got some that are and some that are not , my Firearms admin say they should be and I know other counties never used to require moderator proofing, quite frustrating when you want to stay on the right side of the law but dont want to pay over the odds unnecessarily for moderators that are proofed.
  11. Importing reloading equipment from the states?

    That can be frustrating but you need to read the small print as in many cases as they are often advertising what they can get and what they will charge , even the biggest retailer does not carry everything and neither do distributors , Tikka / Sako are a good example and can take upto 12 months to get some models in.
  12. Importing reloading equipment from the states?

    GMK should move their HQ to Sicily, they`d be right at home there.
  13. Recent build

    Front door looks cheap and nasty otherwise very nice.
  14. Importing reloading equipment from the states?

    I`ve had a look at some gun trade price lists and margins are shockingly low , when a dealer says he cant knock anything off he really cant , having worked in many other industries and knowing their margins I dont get why the gun trade pays so poorly , labour of love I guess , the only guntrade big winners I`ve seen are the distributors/importers.
  15. Remington gone bust.

    I doubt Trump has ever been bankrupt , several of his companies yes , a very different thing.

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