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  1. Magazine for BRNO 611 wmr wanted.

    Let me know how you get on...
  2. reload costs

    Received , thank you very much .
  3. reload costs

    Done , Many Thanks.
  4. Has the .17 HMR had its day?

    From what you all tell me theres no point getting a calibre thats known to have issues ,think I`ll be giving it a miss and stick with my .22WMR and .204R for foxing and the .22LR for rabbits.
  5. I was considering getting a .17HMR but have come across a lot of negativity , have you got one , love it /hate it? Have you have a barrel blockage? Will it / has it be superseded by a better .17 ?
  6. reload costs

    Care to share a copy with us excel inepts?
  7. Smock

    This lot make very good quality outdoor workwear , waterproof and breathable is the way to go , the windproof thing on fleabay will be like a sponge. https://www.engelbert-strauss.co.uk/waterproof-work-jackets/functional-jacket-e-s-prestige-3131071-78522-1.html
  8. 300 norma magnum brass

  9. Air rifles in Scotland

    What a mess that is then edit just seen M/Os post but its still a mess.
  10. SVLK-14S Sumrak 4K capable!

    Fake news or at least not news.
  11. Was wondering , where pistol/revolver ownership is allowed for humane dispatch are they classed as Sect(5) and a special FAC required ? Also do RFDs selling them have to be Sect(5) ?
  12. Forum Question - How do I amend . . .

    I bet the mods could if you insulted them in a title
  13. Forum Question - How do I amend . . .

    Good Question.

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