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  1. Moorlander


    Standard rifle CZ 527 .204
  2. Moorlander

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    Why? I`m not ashamed of my perfectly legal fox shooting activities.
  3. Moorlander

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    Who cares , no one has claimed to be doing anything illegal , the information on how farmers/keepers / pest controllers operate is no secret , shooting magazines are full of it , I`m happy to discuss fox shooting face to face with anyone , if they are not educated enough to understand how the countryside ticks thats their look out.
  4. If it is 6mm Flobert it almost certainly will be Sect 5 as ammunition is available Flobert
  5. I`d look into the legalities of firing it even as a blank firer , I guess it discharges down the barrel like a "real" pistol?
  6. Moorlander


    My .204 CZ527 has a 26" barrel.
  7. Moorlander


    The .204 is a cracking long range vermin / fox round , if a few of your mates have one and one of you reloads then it could work out well.
  8. Moorlander

    Fox hunting

    Over 700 by my calculations x £25 per pelt =£17500 , good money.
  9. Moorlander

    Enfield 7.62 Ideally Enforcer

    Theres a few here 7.62
  10. Moorlander

    Petition against dangerous weapons

    I signed it but from what I`ve heard its too late .
  11. Moorlander

    Bushcraft Hunting Knife

    Googgle Mora ,they`ll do both jobs, cheap and good , (get the carbon ones) if you lose it or damage it just buy another , no tears shed.
  12. Moorlander

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    The fox population gets out of control without management , they do kill lambs, poultry and game birds , fact . I shoot foxes and so do a lot of people I know, none of us would want to see foxes eradicated , foxes are needed but not in the quantities they get to unmanaged, keeping the balance is the key. The way to dispose of them is in the bottom of a hedgerow or over the fence within woodland, hope this helps.
  13. Moorlander

    300 Norma Mag

    Spud appears to have them.

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