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  1. Moorlander

    Remembrance Sunday 

    +1 or pay a fine of £100 to H4H .
  2. Moorlander

    Barrel import

    I fully understand , you would be initiating an illegal export from the US, you dont have to be in the US to commit a crime there and a few people have found that out the hard way , read the ITAR regs if you have many hours to spare.
  3. Moorlander

    Barrel import

    If you dont want peoples views / opinions dont ask questions , if its too rough here for you try Mumsnet
  4. Moorlander


  5. Moorlander

    Barrel import

    You live in a dream world , as an exporter ( which you are if you initiate the deal) its your responsibility to find out if you need an export license to export firearms components out of the US , and guess what , you do if the cost exceeds $99.00, you even have to get an export license for a wooden stock ( see Boyds stocks) but carry on breaking the law if you want , only you will be prosecuted not me.
  6. Moorlander

    Barrel import

    Tell that to those extradited for hacking US government computers just to for the crack with no criminal intent.
  7. Moorlander

    Barrel import

    No issue with UK authorities however US authorities may take a different view , exporting most firearm components from the US are covered under ITAR regs .
  8. Moorlander

    Fire Arms licence question

    Its not always about what your FAC says either , if the calibre is vague then your RFD may not agree to let you have your opinion of what it means.
  9. Moorlander

    Fire Arms licence question

    Then thats all you can have unless you send in for a variation.
  10. Moorlander

    Fire Arms licence question

    Every firearms dept will have different a view , ask yours then youve no worries.
  11. Moorlander

    How many shots makes a group?

  12. Moorlander

    damn fireworks

    Irony 😁
  13. Moorlander

    1-10 twist .243

    There`s the issue with nearly all factory 243w`s , they are 1:10 yet sold for deer stalking and in Scotland and NI you have to use 100gr + ,
  14. Moorlander

    Best Deer legal Calibre for a Carbine

    Yes if it can be fired folded.

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