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  1. This looks real mean. Can you please share the weight of this rifle, and the barrel profile?
  2. I m planning my 2nd ftr rig, that would also serve as a backup rifle. My current is 11t Bartlein 32" 5r, and I shoot 175smk and 185 juggernauts, saami spec. I have 200 and 215gr hybrids in mind for future, but would shoot the 175/185 for now. Would a 9 twist and 0.170 freebore be ok for these bullets as is (saami spec)? Would the 215gr hybrids fit in 0.170 freebore and still give me decent mv? I know, 175smk to 215gr hybrids is a wide range and not without some complication perhaps, but looking for the best compromise.

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