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    Family 1st , Foxing , long range varminting and reloading (the more I learn the less I know ).A little deer stalking , pigeon shooting and the occasional fluff throwing on water .
  1. Pigeon Parcels

    This was a favourite of mine alot of years ago , but still golden today . Panfry pigeon breasts until slightly under, then layer with chicken liver parfait (smooth pate). The original recipe required flash fried foie gras (hard to find in Asda). Wrap in filo and put in hot over for 5mins .'til golden. The sauce is a simple stock reduction with some ripe brambles to finish. Accompanied by small roasts and seasonal vegies. Autumn is the best .
  2. Have you tried CDSG LTD ? Normally pretty good.
  3. 17hmr vs small CF

    The diminutive 17 HMR has always divided rifle shooters for a number of reasons. With the cost of the little rimmies ammo hurtling towards £20 a box is it worth holding onto . The last box of Hornady vmax ammo I purchased worked out at 39p a round.I must add the quality does appear to have improved. With the above in mind and the cost of reloading small CF ammo being equalled, I'm struggling to justify its place in the safe . For me at least, the time to say goodbye is getting near. I'm interested to hear others views, so,over to you guys. Regards, Mark

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