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  1. Fox Tales

    Surge protection for electronic scales

    I'm with JCS on this and remove all electronics from the near vacinity . I also have a ferrite rfi filter on the power supply cable . As for surge/spike protection, I think the £20 wallwart device is peace of mind and just common sense if you're using expensive and sensitive electronics . A spike in our mains power supply fried a very expensive hifi amp , which cost a small fortune to repair . If you think you'll get any joy from your supplier, good luck , I didn't.😭 As for warm up , the longer the better . I usually allow 2 hours minimum. 👍 Not an expert. ....
  2. In reply to the OP's original entry , I noted a big difference in velocity and pressure signs between my 1st and 2nd tubs of RS62 . The same charge weight in my 243 using 87grain Vmax saw a drop in average velocity of 187 fps using the second tub . ( Quite clearly not of the same batch , different containers and a year between purchase. ) This equated to 0.1 grains equalling 31 fps , the velocity confirmed by my chronograph appeared quite linear. I'm sure others must have noticed this ! I'm not a QL user myself , but is it possible that QL's data was based on the earlier production runs ?
  3. Fox Tales

    243 powder

    There is a school of thought that believes the throat erosion in the 243 is a direct result of the case design. The shoulder angle and the relatively short neck , this combination directs the the blast and heat at the throat and the short neck offers little in the way of protection . Logically speaking fast burning powders would only exacerbate this and I believe do . But by how much would using slower burning powders in the 243 realistically extend the barrel life ?? I ask out of genuine interest as I can't find any real figures relating to this . Apologies to the OP for going a little off topic .
  4. Fox Tales

    Satterlee load development method

    I used this method to develop a 243 load , using both MV over the chronograph whilst doing point of impact tests (using the same aim point) I found that the MV 's in the higher end of the plateau in this particular load development were where the POI's became very close to each other . A further 12 rounds and I had a 0.2" load . I would think that a sweet spot could occur anywhere within the plateau. Conditions on the day were a breeze free 14°(so no wind drift to account for down range ) and I was using new Lapua brass. Certainly quicker than a previous load that I developed for the previous barrel , around 50 rounds .
  5. Fox Tales

    Case Weighing

    It would appear that JCS summed it up nicely . I did think this may be leading down the rabbit hole before I asked the question , though still feel it was worth putting out there . I've got a chicken, might be waiting for a while before it's warm enough to dance naked under the moonlight . The water appears be less muddy now. It seems that any gains that would be made would be so marginal as to be of little interest, whether sorting by weight or volume. Thanks all for your input and giggles . Cheers ?
  6. Fox Tales

    Case Weighing

    Hi All, It was suggested to me , to weigh new brass to help improve consistency. My questions to those of you in the know are ; Should the cases be trimmed to a uniform length first ? Should the primer pockets be uniformed ? How would you bracket the weighed cases ? I'm sure this will be of help to a lot of fledgling hand loaders as well as myself . Thanks in advance . F T
  7. Fox Tales

    Lyman Gen 6 - views from a loading bench!

    I bought a Gen6 very early on after struggling to read the Lee scales that came in the Challenger kit . Constantly putting on and off my specs (old eyes) . My only criticism and it's a minor one is that the 3 minute warm up just isn't long enough. Not a real problem, I simply turn it on 1st thing , I also added surge protection at the socket , these 2 things put an end to the drifting.
  8. Fox Tales

    Temperature Sensitivity

    Hi Guys , Thankyou for your replies . The figures I used where quite clearly just made up for ease of explaining the question. I'm on top with most parts of Strelok pro but haven't used the temperature sensitivity settings, quite clearly I need to , to get the best from the App. My original loads were chronographed on a mild 15°c . I shall get the chronograph out again on a cooler day . Thanks again and DaveT you're spot on with the weather, you must surely work for the MET office. Cheers All
  9. Fox Tales

    Temperature Sensitivity

    Hi All, A couple of questions about powder Temperature Sensitivity . Is temperature sensitivity in powders proportionate ? For example if a drop from 15°C to 0°C results in a drop in velocity of say 150fps would each degree equate to 15 fps ? It's possible to enter powder temperature sensitivity into Strelok Pro to compensate but with a substantial loss in velocity may come a loss of accuracy . Does anybody load seperately for Summer and Winter ? Just mulling this over . Hoping to gain a little knowledge and understanding. Cheers All
  10. Fox Tales

    To neck turn or not to neck turn

    This concerned me a little too . I have since spoken to Spud and have ordered one of the custom mandrels specifically to give 0.002" neck tension. Problem solved in that respect, I look forward to its arrival .
  11. Fox Tales

    To neck turn or not to neck turn

    Thanks Guys for sharing your wisdom, I have had a little browse online and found a couple of articles regarding necksizing using a mandrel . The standard mandrel should give a little over 0.001 neck tension , K&M apparently produce custom mandrels specifically for this purpose in a variety of dimensions. The idea of neck sizing by expanding makes far more sense to me than by by compressing the neck . I shall be removing the expander ball from my spare FL die and placing an order with Spud . Guys you've been golden , Happy New Year to you all
  12. Fox Tales

    To neck turn or not to neck turn

    More food for thought , Baldie did confirm my doubts regarding bushing dies . Using a mandrel to give the correct /required neck tension is something I haven't heard of before , makes absolute sense . Can't believe this is the 1st time I've heard of this ,I have a spare FL die , so not too much of an investment to give this a try. Cheers
  13. Fox Tales

    To neck turn or not to neck turn

    Thank you onehole ,baldie , Very helpful . I'm not trying to increase clearance but even neck tension in pursuit of improving ES and group size at distance . unfortunately I don't know any reloaders who are neck turning as most are happy with Minute Of Deer groupings , which is a shame . I'm not in baldies league for sure ,600 pieces,now there's a man with patience . At present I'm leaning towards giving it a go , the more I learn in regards to homeloading , the more questions I have but those are for other posts . Cheers guys
  14. Fox Tales

    To neck turn or not to neck turn

    Hi Webby, I'm not a target shooter but sub 0.5 moa at 600+ yards would be ideal . My pet load is punching sub quarter inch at 100 yards but the ES is creating vertical stringing at distance. I may be one of the reloaders you're referring to. I'll check out the link . Cheers
  15. Fox Tales

    To neck turn or not to neck turn

    I have been concidering neck turning for some time , the practical side of which, would appear straight forward . After watching various videos and reading a few posts online I see there are a lot of both for and against? I think this may be something that I have to try for myself ,though I have a few questions . What would be a the minimum and maximum recommended neck clearances? What would be the minimum recommended neck thickness? Are bushing dies a waste of time, if the cases have not been neck turned as the necks would not apply even pressure? Would bullet concentricity be improved by neck turning? I'm not having any noticeable problems with my own handloads other than quite a large ES , accuracy at 100 yards is excellent . This is in a custom 243 using Lapua brass . Any help would be much appreciated from those more advanced homeloaders amongst you and if you could recommend a book covering this that would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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