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  1. Temperature Sensitivity

    Hi Guys , Thankyou for your replies . The figures I used where quite clearly just made up for ease of explaining the question. I'm on top with most parts of Strelok pro but haven't used the temperature sensitivity settings, quite clearly I need to , to get the best from the App. My original loads were chronographed on a mild 15°c . I shall get the chronograph out again on a cooler day . Thanks again and DaveT you're spot on with the weather, you must surely work for the MET office. Cheers All
  2. Temperature Sensitivity

    Hi All, A couple of questions about powder Temperature Sensitivity . Is temperature sensitivity in powders proportionate ? For example if a drop from 15°C to 0°C results in a drop in velocity of say 150fps would each degree equate to 15 fps ? It's possible to enter powder temperature sensitivity into Strelok Pro to compensate but with a substantial loss in velocity may come a loss of accuracy . Does anybody load seperately for Summer and Winter ? Just mulling this over . Hoping to gain a little knowledge and understanding. Cheers All
  3. To neck turn or not to neck turn

    This concerned me a little too . I have since spoken to Spud and have ordered one of the custom mandrels specifically to give 0.002" neck tension. Problem solved in that respect, I look forward to its arrival .
  4. To neck turn or not to neck turn

    Thanks Guys for sharing your wisdom, I have had a little browse online and found a couple of articles regarding necksizing using a mandrel . The standard mandrel should give a little over 0.001 neck tension , K&M apparently produce custom mandrels specifically for this purpose in a variety of dimensions. The idea of neck sizing by expanding makes far more sense to me than by by compressing the neck . I shall be removing the expander ball from my spare FL die and placing an order with Spud . Guys you've been golden , Happy New Year to you all
  5. To neck turn or not to neck turn

    More food for thought , Baldie did confirm my doubts regarding bushing dies . Using a mandrel to give the correct /required neck tension is something I haven't heard of before , makes absolute sense . Can't believe this is the 1st time I've heard of this ,I have a spare FL die , so not too much of an investment to give this a try. Cheers
  6. To neck turn or not to neck turn

    Thank you onehole ,baldie , Very helpful . I'm not trying to increase clearance but even neck tension in pursuit of improving ES and group size at distance . unfortunately I don't know any reloaders who are neck turning as most are happy with Minute Of Deer groupings , which is a shame . I'm not in baldies league for sure ,600 pieces,now there's a man with patience . At present I'm leaning towards giving it a go , the more I learn in regards to homeloading , the more questions I have but those are for other posts . Cheers guys
  7. To neck turn or not to neck turn

    Hi Webby, I'm not a target shooter but sub 0.5 moa at 600+ yards would be ideal . My pet load is punching sub quarter inch at 100 yards but the ES is creating vertical stringing at distance. I may be one of the reloaders you're referring to. I'll check out the link . Cheers
  8. To neck turn or not to neck turn

    I have been concidering neck turning for some time , the practical side of which, would appear straight forward . After watching various videos and reading a few posts online I see there are a lot of both for and against? I think this may be something that I have to try for myself ,though I have a few questions . What would be a the minimum and maximum recommended neck clearances? What would be the minimum recommended neck thickness? Are bushing dies a waste of time, if the cases have not been neck turned as the necks would not apply even pressure? Would bullet concentricity be improved by neck turning? I'm not having any noticeable problems with my own handloads other than quite a large ES , accuracy at 100 yards is excellent . This is in a custom 243 using Lapua brass . Any help would be much appreciated from those more advanced homeloaders amongst you and if you could recommend a book covering this that would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. Pigeon Parcels

    This was a favourite of mine alot of years ago , but still golden today . Panfry pigeon breasts until slightly under, then layer with chicken liver parfait (smooth pate). The original recipe required flash fried foie gras (hard to find in Asda). Wrap in filo and put in hot over for 5mins .'til golden. The sauce is a simple stock reduction with some ripe brambles to finish. Accompanied by small roasts and seasonal vegies. Autumn is the best .
  10. Have you tried CDSG LTD ? Normally pretty good.
  11. 17hmr vs small CF

    The diminutive 17 HMR has always divided rifle shooters for a number of reasons. With the cost of the little rimmies ammo hurtling towards £20 a box is it worth holding onto . The last box of Hornady vmax ammo I purchased worked out at 39p a round.I must add the quality does appear to have improved. With the above in mind and the cost of reloading small CF ammo being equalled, I'm struggling to justify its place in the safe . For me at least, the time to say goodbye is getting near. I'm interested to hear others views, so,over to you guys. Regards, Mark

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