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  1. Richiew

    .308 Target rounds

    Works great for me ,N550 for the heavies then onto N150 as it comes in bulk containers .
  2. Richiew

    Glass wearers

    just started using glasses to read with and got away without proper glasses to shoot with until i got eyes tested and prescription for normal sight is +0.5 for far stuff and +2 for reading .Using varifocals can be making a problem in that once adjusted for a clear reticle if I move my head a little the bottom part of the ret goes blurry ( small lens area normal day glasses ) so got same prescription in some shooting glasses more like aviator style and as theres more glass area the varifocal is over a bigger glass area so a bit less pronounced area of change in magnification . was thinking a more simple pair of glasses with +0.5 top area and + 2 bottom part would be the best compromise .hope this is of use
  3. Richiew

    308 dies neck size only

    Hi all happy will the dies at present ie redding and Forster ,neck size and decap with internal neck sizer .question is would I get more coeccentric ness if using neck die type which doesn’t have an expander ball and just has bushes to set neck tension . If decap pin/expander ball is only a bit not central then it’s going to pull the case neck a bit skew on the way out . Also has anyone tried the 21st century contricity gauge , thanks in advance
  4. Richiew

    308 dies neck size only

    Curiosity got the better of me so ordered the hornady coentricity gauge . lovely bit of kit ! .tested my loads today and the last batches made using the forster dies in 308 with 155 tmks ,155 amax ,155 lapua L and normal scenars also berger 175s and 185s ALL were less than 3 thou run out most 1 thou , so very happy with my home loads .
  5. Richiew

    .308 Target rounds

    Hi All seen this from a link on the lapua web page to its other partners of the nammo group ie lapua berger sk and viht powders , under the N135 info -quote [ if you have never tried N135 with a 155gr open tip match bullet its time to do it ! ] . why would a powder manufacturer of such good reputation put in its tables something which isnt suitable . Also why is Varget quoted for just about everything , is this some kind of wonder powder ? .when choosing powders whats the holy grail to be looking at, is it FPS or going with the accuracy load quoted . Berger manual covers lots of powders for each bullet weight , are a lot of these powders therefore unsuitable even though their burn rates seem to be very mismatched although bulk density does make the difference . viht web accuracy loads for 155s =N540/N140 170s= N140 185s =N140 /N550 Got the flak jacket ready Cheers
  6. Richiew

    .308 Target rounds

    for info only took some load data from experienced shooters in my club and the goto 155 grain 308 recipe was 42.5 gr of VV N135 got lots of negative posts from this forum as this was unsuitable for this bullet , seen the new LAPUA website and this powder is recommended as one to try for the 155's just goes to show there are no experts out there just lots of opinions . also posted on here the weights of various 17 hmr cases regarding quality control and then it turns up in an article in sporting rifle magazine hope our info and findings arent being used to further other peoples careers.
  7. Richiew

    Newbie - needing a reloading kit

    can vouch for the rock chuck kit ,will need a powder dribbler rcbs is good , dies redding to start with but now upgraded to forster micrometer type and bushing die with 3 dies included . , and can reccomend the rcbs trimmer . lyman case trim 240 volt unit with all the reamers +trimmer attatchments.also lyman pocket reamer and flash hole debur tool.. case cleaning via media / corn cob is not too great also tried ultrasonic without much success .wet media might be better ?? . suppliers 1967 spud and hannams . good luck
  8. Richiew

    Thermal Imaging - Whats any good please

    Love my pulsar xq 38 , that is until I tried a xp50 which has the higher resolution sensor and found the detail much better then my model . its not worth the extra money tho. using the pulsar for spotting then firing up the drone pro 10 for the shot . also very happy with gen2 archer by starlight systems so at the moment prefer the detail of image intensifiers/digital units as rifle scopes go . thermal was great to use in winter but now summers here I have found it cant differentiate between hot land with rabbits on it and the rabbit itsself - have seen bunnies sat out on warm land with binos and when checked with the thermal its all one hot mass . try to have a look through both brfore taking the plunge .Military units still use very good intensifier technology .Have never seen anything like the images that are in the brochures so dont believe the hype as they say .
  9. Hi all have tried amax 155s, lapua 155s normal type and the L version ,also 155tmks and berger 155.5 fullbore . by far the best are bergers loaded at 2.85 coalwith 42.5 gr of N135 5 shots .5 moa at 100 - 300 m . 2nd best were amax loaded at 2.8 coal .next up 175 bergers even better with 44.5 gr of N550 ,10 shots through a half inch hole at 100m. next batch to try are berger 185 juggs with N 550 powder loads as per berger manual . 185s loaded to 2.9 coal just like the applied ballistics bullets re bryan litz and now made by berger . 2.9 coal gives 36 thou jump to lands in 26" AI AT 308 rifle with the 185s. moving on to try neck and bump bushes to size cases with 2 thou tension on the bullets , going to use up the N 550 then use N 150 for the 175 and 185s as it can be bought in big cans . hope the info helps cheers richie
  10. Richiew

    Kit Advice Please!

    Hi Ejcb very happy with my rock chucker kit , tried redding dies but found forster to be better once I started to look for more exact and more accurate rounds , rcbs case timmer works well too , calipers digital from machine mart at £ 20 .lapua brass and you can use the box after to store 50 made up rounds ,cant see why a metal rod v plastic one for the COAL gauge is any better but it does help to chamfer the hornady case at the neck end and colour the neck with a sharpie and insert fully into chamber - give it a few twists then pull it out ,if it went fully in there will be a markto prove it fits fully into the chamber neck , cheers and enjoy the better accuracy of reloaded ammo
  11. Richiew

    155.5 Berger

    Very happy with my 155.5s in 308 , new batch was different but not by as much as 40 thou , best load to date with 42.5 gr of N 135 with coal of 2.85 inch although the 2.9 inch worked well as per Berger match grade factory ammo , .5 Moa groups at 100 m . Cheers
  12. Richiew

    On the range with the PMII 5-25

    CANT recommend them too much, got a 3-27x56 on the accuracy int and was so happy that when funds allowed I put a 5-20x50 ultra short on the anschutz .22lr .can see bullet holes at 300 yd and x14 is greaT FOR THE 22 SHOOTING RABBITS UPTO 100 YDS . SORRY BOUT CAPS LOCK . p4 fine reticle on both
  13. Richiew

    308 dies neck size only

    Hi one hole just being reading the posts again and picked up on your comment re runout , not had the made up bullets measured as yet but they do sometimes look as though the neck is off centre after the case has been sized .started off with redding dies and found the return stroke to be very stiff as it expands the neck ( using the graphite media ) changed to forster dies with a ball type expander rather than the barrel redding type and the effort of expanding has dramatically reduced . Also the forster dies seem to be less fussy to get the decap pin to be central when looking down at the open end of the die . next step might be to check runout before going too far into the bushing etc route .What do most people do to check runout ????? cheers
  14. Hi Raw was happy with the AI scope mount but changed over to a SPUHR 4002 as this has same 38mm height as the old AI mount.fitted with S&B 3-27 x56 very happy with a very sturdy mount ,got it from optiks warehouse .hope info helps
  15. Richiew

    AI AT Length of Pull

    Hi RAW just need to find the ideal LOP with the spacers then measure the gap and add about 10mm to make sure the bolt is well into the alloy chassis. Luckily i had a box of various lengths of 6mm allen bolts in stainless from biking days , think the 110mm ones were used .Got mine from a local industrial estate fasteners supplier .my LOP was ok with the two wide spacers and one thin one .done by holding rifle and addind a spacer with your arm bent at 90 degrees till the butt pad is snug in the crook of your arm .currently testing 185 juggernauts and have found 155 and 175 bergers very good.Have fun
  16. Richiew

    308 dies neck size only

    thanks for the relies , lots to try out and think about , was looking at getting just a universal decapper then forster dies with bushing only . think they come in 308 with bushes for 6. 4 and 2thou neck sizing for tightness on the bullet -hope this makes sense . cheers rich
  17. Richiew

    Lapua 308 brass

    Hi All info /advise regarding how many times can Lapua 308 brass be reloaded before its time to chuck it . Its not been anealed and am now on the 7th use and the cases dont seem to expand,leaving sooty cases that dont need trimming to length anymore . Does this mean they are work hardened too much and past their sell by date ???? Thanks for any replies regards Richard
  18. Richiew

    Lapua 308 brass

    Thanks lads great info , the raptor kit looks good so now looking into that .some good vids on youtube . cheers for the replies
  19. Richiew

    Lapua 308 brass

    hi there would like to anneal but not sure if the cost of the machine vs new brass works out cost effective .if only using one set of brass and doing the annealing when do you finally say enough is enough and buy new brass ? and start all over .for the price of the AMP annealer I can get a shed load of brass to last at least 10 years worth of shooting .
  20. Richiew

    Lapua 308 brass

    Hi Morse thanks for the reply ,I have been neck sizing only and have used the brass to load 155s with 42.5 gr of N135 for most of the reloads then lately some 175s and 185s with upto 46 gr of N550 .found a few necks with a slight chip on the outside after chamfering but that could be me overdoing it a bit,tried less pressure and got a lyman electric case prep gizmo and only gave a light pressure outside chamfer with the inside done with a VLD chamfer -much better results .Noticed a drop in accuracy lately so might get the last load for the 185s sorted then goto new brass for the best loads . cheers
  21. Richiew

    To neck turn or not to neck turn

    Sorry to say but if ordering from spud make sure its in stock first ,lots of gear online doesnt seem to be ready to dispatch ,.waited for my order to be fulfilled in march with problems re RCBS order so asked to change to TAB gear, order in december still hadnt arrived ,so had my order changed to berger bullets order which came ok when finally in stock january .tab gear found at LODOCK gear in december and was delivered in 3 days rather than 8 months wait.Dont pay money up front if not in stock . Hannams reloading will put you on a waiting list then email when actually in stock ready to be ordered if you deal by phone rather than web order .
  22. Richiew

    New Kahles 318i

    Have a look at schmidt and bender ultra short 5-20 x 50 about 12" long with p4 fine reticle ,locking elev turret and cap to cover windage .non illuminated in mils clockwise turrets . very happy with mine .sporting services supplied .
  23. Last weekends shoot in still conditions using the monopod for first time and also first time at 300metres ,shooting prone and once sighted/ sorted the elevation ( easy job with FFP scope ) I was hitting target centrally and scoring at worst 4s and mostly 5s with quite a few V bulls ,think its a 1 1/2 " or 2" centre . So very happy with the new gear fitted to the AT308 . home loads of 42.5 gr N135 with 155 gr lapua scenars loaded to COAL of 2.825" .Everything working well .
  24. Richiew

    Drone/Rifle dilemma

    Hi All Alan Rhone website has pic rails that slide onto dovetails and lock with 2 big screws , very solid as have one on my anschutz 64 action for mounting the drone 10x to. these can be specced with diferent moa slant although mine just zero/ flat .also saw some rails in gunmart Britannia ??? look rather good as they have a cut out for the ejection port . dont buy any that clamp on with side bolts / screws as they foul on the drone quick release parts as I found out to my own cost . hope this helps cheers Richie
  25. Hi Allswell WOW !!! what a difference it makes .ordered the parts monday and they came wednesday , plucked up the courage today on day off to start cutting the plastic side plates after removal . cut them with a junior hacksaw and finished off the edges with some needle files ,cut the internal webs off with a small pair of electrical sidecutters . Even with the extra spacers fitted for my long arms the supplied allen bolt fitted a treat. Been laying on the upstairs floor getting the comb reset and experimenting with eye relief on the scope .Massive difference in head position returning to same spot and reduction of paralax hopefully . Bipod adapter fitted to underside of front stock lifts the front of rifle up just the right amount to suit a very flat prone position with a little bit of barrel elevation .As found last weekend the normal bipod mount position seemed too flat for the army range when we needed our targets to be a minimum 70 cm above the ground to clear the regulations re moving targets . All them poor groups might just be my fault now Ive got a steady platform . Thanks Richie

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