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  1. Hi All spent time last night testing some new ammo at the club . anschutz 1416 on bipod at 25 m 10 shots each test winchestersubs 42 gr new type good group and tight sideways .5 inch but a spread of 1 inch up and down . £6 per box new type 38 gr eley subs .5 inch group , smaller head than before £ 7 RWS subs best group less than 10 mm ragged hole , very waxy all over £ 8.50 was previously using the old eley subs 40 gr and looks like you cant get these anymore so was looking for a replacement, RWS or Eley for the future depending on what the shops have . cheers
  2. Richiew

    Good scope for archer night vision

    Used my archer on a hawke 3-12x50 side illumination and parallax, sr pro reticle for years until moved to a drone 10x. Never used the illuminated ret but loved the unit and now use it as a spotter or on the hw100 for round the barns . Had to get a plastic sleeve made up to fit the aluminium adapter ,so just took the scope in to Northallerton shooting shop where the archer was bought from and the man behind the counter popped out back and made me one on the lathe . Btw scope used at 6 times mag
  3. Richiew

    N 150 versus N 550

    Hi all would like to know why when using n150 it seems to need less powder than N550 ,the confusion is that n550 is a high energy powder so why don’t we put more n 150 in as this should be a lower power powder . cheers
  4. Richiew

    N 150 versus N 550

    Thanks for the info boys , all very usefull I will use the data to make up long barrel life /accurate rounds ,would prefer the n150 as it comes in big tubs . latest results for n550 and berger 185 jugs in 308 were best accuracy at the bottom end of the load range ,started at 40g to 46g n550 and best results were at 41,5g on a hot heatwave day 22 to 24 deg c .got some loaded now for chrono test next time out to play . sets of 155/175/185 bergers 155/168 amax and sierra155tmks all at 2.9 coal which was the best for all the bergers . cheers
  5. Richiew

    17 HMR scope and mounts advice

    nice one mate enjoy the 223 , buy best quality gear first time out and you wont regret it in the long run . very happy with my hmr but have had dodgy ammo ie split necks but only with remington and federal brands . hornady and winchester are fine .
  6. Richiew

    17 HMR scope and mounts advice

    Hi there info re scopes , had aZeiss 3-12x50 On mine for a while but as it’s fixed parallax it wasn’t very good at closer ranges , so went back to a sidewinder by hawke sr pro reticle and am very happy with the scope .
  7. Richiew

    N 150 versus N 550

    Thanks for reply , was just checking a few loading manuals for future reloading. Hornady has in its 9th edition a section on 308 win and a few pages on info for 308 service rifle showing some interesting info for viht powders .
  8. Richiew

    Sierra 155gr TMK for mid/long range?

    Hi All Answer to my own question if any others were wondering about Rt/R values . Rt/R is a ratio measure of how aggresive the ogive is to bearing surface . a ratio of 1.00 =perfect tangent smooth nose to bearing surface , ratio of 0.5 = aggressive VLD types abrupt change of curve of nose to bearing surface . info according to applied ballistics /bryan litz web site . tangents =easy to tune and jump tolerant . versus vld's need to find sweet spot .
  9. Richiew

    Sierra 155gr TMK for mid/long range?

    Hi all Laurie what is Rt/R as in your post above . Thanks
  10. Richiew

    Sierra 155gr TMK for mid/long range?

    Just for info the 155 Tmk s don’t suit my AI AT 308 but 155.5 burgers are great .amaxes work well too . Cheers
  11. Richiew

    .308 home loads

    Hi all first post so go easy rifle is accuracy int At 308 with 1 in 12 twist 26" barrel , started with ppu ammo and got 2" groups at 100 m , not impressed !!. changed to hornady factory ammo 155 amax and 168 gr hpbt and got much better groups but still not as expected .moved onto home loading with viht n135 powder starting at 39 gr and moving up in.5 jumps to 43 grs using the hornady cases and lapua 155gr scenars and 155 amax s . getting good results now with a sweet spot with both bullets at 42.5 gr and 2.8 " coal .75 " groups .still not happy so moved the seating depth around and got a hornady length gauge to measure cbto . berger fullbore 2.2" cbto coal 2.889 lapua scenar l 2.243 cbto coal 2.842 Amax 2.223 cbto coal 2.845 sierra tmk 2.223 cbto coal 2.94 All above 155 gr apart from berger 155.5 s . accuracy has improved dramatically with best being berger fullbores at a 5 shot group with 3 through same hole and another two touching - less than 12mm ,. also 10 shots through hole less than a thumb nail . Amax s are second best and are less finicky in seating depth also cheaper . some of the seating depths seemed a tad too short so moved to 2.85 coal with the bergers and had 5mm of bullet in the case now all at 2.85 coal - amaxcbto 2.225, scenar l cbto 2.250 ,sierra tmk 2.135 cbto ,berger 2.249 cbto Happy days now with small groups less than .5" for 10 shots if I keep my cool and stay consistent at 100m cases neck sized only, now onto Lapua brass, and primers are whatever is available ( cci / fiocchi ) hope this helps any new boys cheers
  12. Richiew

    .308 home loads

    Latest load for 185 Berger juggernaut 41.5 gr N550 great results less than thumb nail size groups at 100 m at cow park 6a range at wathgill . Started from 41 and worked up to 46 grains , there was some good results at 44.5 but started to see marks on the case head . So now have loads for 155,175,185 burgers ,also 155, 168 Amax , lapua 155 standard and L scenars . Only need to get them chrono ‘d and bobs your uncle . Cheers
  13. Richiew

    EU Beginner load development - 6.5creedmoor

    Hi Ronzi for what its worth I started with redding normal type dies and neck sizing after fire forming ,then moved to better quality forster dies and now trying neck bushing dies .checked some old ammo with the hornady lnl co-entricity gauge which were made by the basic redding dies and all were less than 4 thou of runout/ straightness ,compared to the forster which gave less than 2 thou runout . just goes to show that basic gear can produce great results . bullet seating for 308 cal I try to make sure that the part where the start of the taper of the boattail starts is seated in to the bottom of the neck where it joins the bottleneck part .have tried jumps of 30 -130 thou to the lands and have found no significant gains .. Enjoy the learning curve and as said find a combo that works then stick with it cheers
  14. Richiew

    .308 Target rounds

    Hi scotch egg N135 is my load for the 155 grain bullets , N 550 and N150 are for the 175 and 185 juggernaut bergers . n135 with 42.5 gr of powder for the 155 gr lapua ,amax , bergers 155.5 fullbore works very well from 26" barrel accuracy int 308 .1/2"groups at 100m and at 300m all shots in the black . with the 175 berger longrange boat tail 44.5 gr of N 550 works great , will move to n150 when the 550s used up .hope the info is usefull
  15. Richiew

    .308 Target rounds

    Works great for me ,N550 for the heavies then onto N150 as it comes in bulk containers .
  16. Richiew

    Glass wearers

    just started using glasses to read with and got away without proper glasses to shoot with until i got eyes tested and prescription for normal sight is +0.5 for far stuff and +2 for reading .Using varifocals can be making a problem in that once adjusted for a clear reticle if I move my head a little the bottom part of the ret goes blurry ( small lens area normal day glasses ) so got same prescription in some shooting glasses more like aviator style and as theres more glass area the varifocal is over a bigger glass area so a bit less pronounced area of change in magnification . was thinking a more simple pair of glasses with +0.5 top area and + 2 bottom part would be the best compromise .hope this is of use
  17. Richiew

    308 dies neck size only

    Curiosity got the better of me so ordered the hornady coentricity gauge . lovely bit of kit ! .tested my loads today and the last batches made using the forster dies in 308 with 155 tmks ,155 amax ,155 lapua L and normal scenars also berger 175s and 185s ALL were less than 3 thou run out most 1 thou , so very happy with my home loads .
  18. Richiew

    308 dies neck size only

    Hi all happy will the dies at present ie redding and Forster ,neck size and decap with internal neck sizer .question is would I get more coeccentric ness if using neck die type which doesn’t have an expander ball and just has bushes to set neck tension . If decap pin/expander ball is only a bit not central then it’s going to pull the case neck a bit skew on the way out . Also has anyone tried the 21st century contricity gauge , thanks in advance
  19. Richiew

    .308 Target rounds

    Hi All seen this from a link on the lapua web page to its other partners of the nammo group ie lapua berger sk and viht powders , under the N135 info -quote [ if you have never tried N135 with a 155gr open tip match bullet its time to do it ! ] . why would a powder manufacturer of such good reputation put in its tables something which isnt suitable . Also why is Varget quoted for just about everything , is this some kind of wonder powder ? .when choosing powders whats the holy grail to be looking at, is it FPS or going with the accuracy load quoted . Berger manual covers lots of powders for each bullet weight , are a lot of these powders therefore unsuitable even though their burn rates seem to be very mismatched although bulk density does make the difference . viht web accuracy loads for 155s =N540/N140 170s= N140 185s =N140 /N550 Got the flak jacket ready Cheers
  20. Richiew

    .308 Target rounds

    for info only took some load data from experienced shooters in my club and the goto 155 grain 308 recipe was 42.5 gr of VV N135 got lots of negative posts from this forum as this was unsuitable for this bullet , seen the new LAPUA website and this powder is recommended as one to try for the 155's just goes to show there are no experts out there just lots of opinions . also posted on here the weights of various 17 hmr cases regarding quality control and then it turns up in an article in sporting rifle magazine hope our info and findings arent being used to further other peoples careers.
  21. Richiew

    Newbie - needing a reloading kit

    can vouch for the rock chuck kit ,will need a powder dribbler rcbs is good , dies redding to start with but now upgraded to forster micrometer type and bushing die with 3 dies included . , and can reccomend the rcbs trimmer . lyman case trim 240 volt unit with all the reamers +trimmer attatchments.also lyman pocket reamer and flash hole debur tool.. case cleaning via media / corn cob is not too great also tried ultrasonic without much success .wet media might be better ?? . suppliers 1967 spud and hannams . good luck
  22. Richiew

    Thermal Imaging - Whats any good please

    Love my pulsar xq 38 , that is until I tried a xp50 which has the higher resolution sensor and found the detail much better then my model . its not worth the extra money tho. using the pulsar for spotting then firing up the drone pro 10 for the shot . also very happy with gen2 archer by starlight systems so at the moment prefer the detail of image intensifiers/digital units as rifle scopes go . thermal was great to use in winter but now summers here I have found it cant differentiate between hot land with rabbits on it and the rabbit itsself - have seen bunnies sat out on warm land with binos and when checked with the thermal its all one hot mass . try to have a look through both brfore taking the plunge .Military units still use very good intensifier technology .Have never seen anything like the images that are in the brochures so dont believe the hype as they say .
  23. Hi all have tried amax 155s, lapua 155s normal type and the L version ,also 155tmks and berger 155.5 fullbore . by far the best are bergers loaded at 2.85 coalwith 42.5 gr of N135 5 shots .5 moa at 100 - 300 m . 2nd best were amax loaded at 2.8 coal .next up 175 bergers even better with 44.5 gr of N550 ,10 shots through a half inch hole at 100m. next batch to try are berger 185 juggs with N 550 powder loads as per berger manual . 185s loaded to 2.9 coal just like the applied ballistics bullets re bryan litz and now made by berger . 2.9 coal gives 36 thou jump to lands in 26" AI AT 308 rifle with the 185s. moving on to try neck and bump bushes to size cases with 2 thou tension on the bullets , going to use up the N 550 then use N 150 for the 175 and 185s as it can be bought in big cans . hope the info helps cheers richie
  24. Richiew

    Kit Advice Please!

    Hi Ejcb very happy with my rock chucker kit , tried redding dies but found forster to be better once I started to look for more exact and more accurate rounds , rcbs case timmer works well too , calipers digital from machine mart at £ 20 .lapua brass and you can use the box after to store 50 made up rounds ,cant see why a metal rod v plastic one for the COAL gauge is any better but it does help to chamfer the hornady case at the neck end and colour the neck with a sharpie and insert fully into chamber - give it a few twists then pull it out ,if it went fully in there will be a markto prove it fits fully into the chamber neck , cheers and enjoy the better accuracy of reloaded ammo
  25. Richiew

    155.5 Berger

    Very happy with my 155.5s in 308 , new batch was different but not by as much as 40 thou , best load to date with 42.5 gr of N 135 with coal of 2.85 inch although the 2.9 inch worked well as per Berger match grade factory ammo , .5 Moa groups at 100 m . Cheers

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