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  1. Richiew

    155gr Lapua Scenar load for F Class

    Hi Michal for info the 155 amax and 168 amax if used at 2.9 coal are jammed into rifling in my rifle . Found by chambering a round and finding it tight fit , removed cartridge and re-seated them all to 2.235 inch case base to ogive and now all ok . Amaxes also very accurate at 2.8 coal even though its a big jump to the rifling . Also try bushing dies to get consistent neck tension it’s only took 3 years to get to a load I’m happy with Enjoy
  2. Richiew

    155gr Lapua Scenar load for F Class

    Factory Berger ammo is 2.9 inch coal for all 308 match weights ie 155.5,175,185 . Found my sweet spot at 2.234 to 2.237 case base too ogive this gives me a 60 thou jump with plenty of bullet in the neck . 155’s be they amax lapua or Berger give 0.5 moa with 42.5 g of N135 or 46g of N140 , 175 burgers like 44 or 45 g of N150/N550 and same for the 185 jugs . Loads built up to these figures and tested at 100 and 300 yards . hope this helps accuracy int 308 ...26” barrel
  3. Richiew

    Cheytac .375

    More funny if he’s called Mike, sorry couldn’t resist the old work jokes
  4. Richiew

    pulsar XQ38F or XQ50F

    Yes totally agree with eyepiece needing a cover ,tend to use an old butler creek cover to stop light giving me away . The higher res detector of the Xp that I tried does show a clearer image as found at the last nec show . I just use it for quick spotting then affirm the quarry with drone pro 10 before the shot .
  5. Richiew

    pulsar XQ38F or XQ50F

    Wished I had gone for the Xp version , as even at close ranges ie 100 yard it’s hard to tell between a fox or a hare as it’s just a hot blob with the xq type . Wednesday I saw a hot blob and took ages to work out what it was ,only when it moved sideways could I see it was a heron . A lot of images from the advertisers give a false impression of what these units actually show you . If using a monocular at least you’ll have one eye with good night vision so won’t fall over when walking . Cheers
  6. Richiew

    Where to buy NRA type targets

    Didn’t realise we have to say thanks to every post . Think I will expect lots to come from past post of useful info I’ve put on here . Just wanted a non sarcastic bit of info regarding a web that shows sizes and scoring rings as the nra web page wasn’t much help either . I was sure there was a site recommended from someone on here that I had seen but not saved on the computer . Childish comments are the best way to get through the day working in heavy industry environment and sarcasm is the lowest form of wit but it’s good fun . There’s too much fawning and sucking up to certain peeps on this web so I’ll move off . Thanks for info from the past
  7. Richiew

    Where to buy NRA type targets

    Clever boy here's a gold star *
  8. Richiew

    Where to buy NRA type targets

    Hi All seen mcqeens web ages back and its not user friendly to find the targets i am looking for , thought i had found or seen another site which was more useful so thought a few people on here would have some alternative ideas . sorry for not replying to bradders to say thanks but didnt realise a gold star from teacher was required ...... really I wasnt going to mention it . cheers Dalua for your reply to clear things up
  9. Richiew

    A&D Scales and Adam McDonald Auto Trickler

    Cracking looking set up there ,particulary like the chopping block block idea .think the check weight was from Germany through the company I got the a+d from and was about £55 . Didn’t know about the internal check weigh version till later but very happy with the gear
  10. Richiew

    A&D Scales and Adam McDonald Auto Trickler

    Bought the A+d fx120 last year and had good intentions to get the same set up , ended up just adding a hornady two speed trickler to meter out my powder . Can do things by throwing a slightly under powder amount and trickle slowly up or do it all from the trickler at fast speed then use the bottom cog to do the last bit slowly . In the end I found that I didn’t want to speed up the process just wanted the accuracy . You’ll need a check weight too for the fx 120 100 gram was recommended cheers
  11. Been using primos sticks mark two for over two years now in all weather every Wednesday for 3 to 4 hours and a full day once a month at another farm , all ok up to now . Also using their cradle mount so can leave the rifle ready while scanning withe the thermal , although this adds some height and weight to the trigger grip and makes it a bit wobbly so you need to adjust the yokes to get point of balance over the trigger handle . Looking into a system more like treetops for the future .
  12. Richiew

    Accuracy Int AT - advice required

    Hi bradders only moved backwards so my barrel end was level with his ,
  13. Hi All wanting to buy targets and repair centers also huns head targets ,checked the web and nothing of substance found any info much appreciated . cheers
  14. Richiew

    Accuracy Int AT - advice required

    try the 26" barrel as it will get you a bit more speed and if shooting from fox holes the end of barrel and brake is over the edge so doesnt give much blast ,most of my mates are glad to see me put the mod on and its very quiet . worst shoot i had was with a fella next to me with a straight pull short barrel AR type 223 with brake fitted ,every shot was a slap to the face feeling until i moved further back than my normal position . have a look on the forum as i have posted in the past about powder recipes for 308 in my AT and also about cleaning the mod and 'O' -ring. cheers Rich
  15. Hi baldie thanks for the weight , poss looking at 8 to 10 pounds all up , wil check other makes Then get in touch. Thanks

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