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  1. Richiew

    Walking boots without 'breathable' liners?

    Have a look at ALTBERG boots in richmond north yorks . I have had a pair of the gamekeeper boots for the last 5 years and am very happy ,this summer also got a pair of their military tabbing boots which are very light and highly breathable so you dont get sweaty feet in our hot summer we just had .these boots are therefore not waterproof . lots of military boots to choose from including canvas designs . plenty of choice in widths too ,if your up north they will measure and check fit just like the old days and give advice as to what is best for your circumstances Good luck ps also like my lundhags for the winter with thicker socks .
  2. Richiew

    .308 Target rounds

    Hi All latest info with chrono 155s tmks max 2820 min 2791 av 2806 sd13.1 2.8" coal all others below at 2.9 " 155 bergers max 2764 min 2741 av 2753 sd 8.3 best group < .5" 155 lapua max 2835 min 2812 av 2826 sd 9.4 tmks 2.9 coal max 2820 min 2808 av 2813 sd 4.6 155 amax max 2784 min 2756 av 2772 sd 10.4 lapua "L" 155 max 2839 min 2821 av 2829 sd 7.7 1.5 " group berger 185 juggs max 2310 min 2253 av 2275 sd 20.8 berger 175 lrbt max 2505 min 2479 av 2497 sd 10.4 goood group 1st 3 shots at 2502 fps amax 168 gr max 2611 min 2559 av 2586 sd 24.1 another 175 berger set max 2529 min2486 av 2504 sd 14.8 magneto speed chrono used for data , loads as above in previous posts . groups at 100m cheers
  3. Richiew

    Which electronic powder thrower/dispenser

    Loving the new A+D scales ,just using them as scales at the moment with the rcbs thrower and trickler set up . new load with N150 seems to have longer kernels and as such doesnt flow through the funnel so well , must remember to tap the funnel and check its empty before loading the next case - know this as had a few mishaps already with powder all over the loading block . BTW had to order a check /calibration weight as an extra to fully cal the scales , all happy now .
  4. Richiew

    Accuracy International

    Hi there try sporting services for the harris adapter ,alternatively stick with the AI bipod and get the adapter to fit under the fore end to raise up by about 1 1/2 " this was my fix for my AT and it uses the spigot on the bipod , have also got a phoenix tactical / fortmeir bipod which is very good .you could try using some planks of wood of different thicknesses to find the ideal height then order a bipod with this range of adjustment .part for under front stock bipod mount is the acc int AX bipod mount (part 25855 ) and think the harris adapter is a magpul keyslot adapter .have a look in the TACTICAL part of the forum for Allswell post on the Accu-shot BT57-QK monopod for acc int at or ax , enjoy the photos as itll give you a few ideas cheers
  5. Richiew

    Oceania Defence

    Hi all after 36 years in the chemical industry when it was frowned upon to wear ear plugs as the lads would call you a pussy , and now on a plant where ear protection is mandatory and I have routinely been tested every 2 years . I now have a noticeable hearing dip in the graph and constant tinnitus and have only been shooting 3 years also done 20 years of motorcyles without hearing protection so that will not of helped . point is take care of your hearing and use the best gear with the highest protection available . Only good point is I cant hear the washing machine / dishwasher beeping to say its finished - drives the wife nuts ha ha
  6. Richiew

    Which electronic powder thrower/dispenser

    Thought the crunching powder thrower was just the sloppyness of my rcbs gear glad to know its the fault/ characteristic of the powder .Just getting TNT to redeliver the scales so might have some toys to play with for next weeks reloading session . Lots of ideas to follow up too , many thanks to all
  7. Richiew

    Which electronic powder thrower/dispenser

    Thanks for the post ,what a great idea !! never thought of that one . there are so many good ideas out there , these forums are great for shareing ideas
  8. Richiew

    Which electronic powder thrower/dispenser

    hi all didnt want to rubbish the commercial gear as I'm sure it all works well ,but wanted to point out that we can get side lined into a certain product set .we all tend to follow brands ,I have had 3 landrovers which I thought were the best 4x4 ,they all leaked were noisy and unrefined but did the job well once you knew their ways . changed to a Shogun auto and was so shocked that I'd put up with landys and now have luxury ,quietness ,can talk to passengers and still manage 75% of what the landy could do . lab spec scales are always going to be so much better than cheaper models in accuracy , resolution and repeatability .going to see the difference between a charge on the beam scales compared to the A+D scales then weigh out charges as before but using quality kit .might not be any faster but will get rid of paralax problems looking at a pointer on the beam scale .Remember when using scales in the labs at work we didnt need to be using check weights everytime we turned them on, they usually got calibrated once a year . Thanks for the replies , safe reloading
  9. Richiew

    Which electronic powder thrower/dispenser

    ordered an A and D scale just now , trickeler system to follow if all works well . Why do we go along with big makers products that are in effect not too good and not always fit for purpose . theres a lot of much better produts out there if we just take the time or get good advice to send us in the right direction . the reloading equipment makers dont always make the best gear for our needs . thanks Martin for an alternative view
  10. Richiew

    Which electronic powder thrower/dispenser

    Hi Martin thanks for the info and link to videos ,NOW this looks much better - a proper proffesional lab grade scale with a trickler , I should have thought of this before .Used to work in a Lab at ICI and know how accurate they can be .Could just buy a very good scale and use my thrower and trickler ?.Youve got me thinking of other option s cheers Richie
  11. What loads of N 150 for the 185 juggs have poeple found to work well ?? also whats the speed ? . cheers
  12. Richiew

    Which electronic powder thrower/dispenser

    thanks guys for the info ,always liked rcbs gear so will look into them . otherwise I'll stick with the beam scales last chrono was 4.5 sd on sierra tmk's in 155grain .Was looking to speed up the loading cycle but if consistency counts then i can stick to the slow way .
  13. What types are good or bad and most accurate . have seen lyman gen 6 and most of the big players .so would like peoples opinions of whats worth spending money on . thanks
  14. Richiew

    what speed to expect

    thanks for the info , will put it all in my notes /info file . looks like 155s 2800 to 3000 mark , 175s 2500 t0 2600 and 185s are 2400 to 2500 fps to get good results . was just after info as what to expect and if I need to get more speed and find another accuracy node . cheers
  15. Richiew

    what speed to expect

    Hi All just wondering what speed I should be expecting for 308 loads in 155,175 and 185 grain bullets, chrono,ed my loads and am getting 2700 for 155;s , high 2500,s for the 175's ,and only 2300 for the 185's . So although accurate loads at 100-300 m I would like to know what speeds would be good for upto 1000m . currently using N550 but moving to N150 cheers

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