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  1. 308 175 gr bullet makes which works best

    Checked my 155 tmks at the range today and found that the green bit where it joins the copper part is slighly wider than the copper body ,still performed well though . 155.5 bergers were the top performers today . see other post in favourite hand loads . got some berger 175 lrbt that came in the post this week so looking forward to trying these soon . Enjoy the weekend
  2. .308 home loads

    Just got back from Deerpark at Catterick today 10mph crosswind , rain then sun ie the usual mix . As before the Berger 155.5 were the best grouping 0.5 moa second best Amaxes , equal 3rd Lapua L and the Sierra TMK , lastly the Lapua scenars even though still at .75 moa . All seated at 2.85 COAL ,150 bullets down range -a great day . 50 bergers left over so reseated these to 2.825 to try next time .Forster die was set up for a zero point of 2.85 coal so was just a matter of turning the knob one turn down which seats 25 thou deeper and hey presto job done . Looking back on previous results the 155 amaxes were the previous best groups at < .5 moa when seated at 2.800 coal as per Hornady manual . All groups 5 shot and the ones that were very good kept going till had a ragged hole with 10 shots through .5 moa . only allowed 100m today so well happy . rifle now cleaned and chilling with a beer cheers all
  3. 308 175 gr bullet makes which works best

    Hi Cienfuegos What powder of the Viht series are you using ??
  4. 308 175 gr bullet makes which works best

    checked my 155 tmks and can see a step where the tip joins the copper , Amax `s are a much better seamless join .sent out some emails to check on availability of Bergers so will see what turns up . thanks for the info ,it does pay to get as much info as poss . as they say knowledge is power !!
  5. 308 175 gr bullet makes which works best

    Cheers Stu47 when and where were the TMKs From as it might put me off buying too many . berger quality does seem to be very consistent ,175lrbt and 185 jugs are my next to try , although for the 155.5 FB the sizes quoted in their reloading manual doesnt match actual measured with digital calipers. Re 155s have some lapua scenar-L and comparing these to standard scenars the L`s look to be pointed ie have a second angle at the tip and also the hole at the end is much smaller than the std scenars . cheers Richie
  6. TRG22 or AI AT ?

    Also shot both rifles at the local club and settled on the AT 308 with folding stock so I can fold it over and remove bolt easy ,if its a fixed stock AT the cheek piece needs to be moved to remove bolt . AT has an adjustable stock with spacers to get your ideal LOP . Didnt like the grip on the sako . both are heavy and dont move much so sight picture is very good ,shot a remy 700 with a light plastic stock and found it shoots all over the place - probably my inexperience but the AT is easy to shoot well .BTW using the AI bipod and just load it up against the wood edge of the shooting pits and enjoy 10 shot groups of 3/4 inch . very happy AT owner ,. Cheers Richie
  7. 308 175 gr bullet makes which works best

    Thanks VarmLR I ve still a lot to learn from this reloading lark, N150 for the 175s will be first to be trialled . cheers Richie
  8. Hi all Got the AI version on my 308 AT everyone is happy to see me fit it to the brake at the range and also comment on the low sound ,only problem it has is its a pain to clean in the area where the `O` slides over and screws onto the brake ,usually needs the o ring taking out and the inside area cleaning with a small wire brush / screwdriver blade to get the crud out .This is after trying it dry and using various amounts of silicone grease , nickeleze release agents etc to try and reduce the fouling . Threads stay clean ok also the brake gets crudded up too . Might be a good idea to get some spare O rings as these seem to get some hammer keeping the gases inside the can ,once the O ring stops sealing the only way for the gas to go is backwards towards your face and nice optics . Cheers Richie
  9. 308 175 gr bullet makes which works best

    Thanks for reply gbal been back at the berger manual again and N140 looks suitable for both the 155s and 175s or if looking at viht web page 175s loads are n140 n150 n550 n540 funny though n135 is a reccommended powder for scenar L 175s. the N140 seems to hit the most accurate loads in the 150 upto 185 gr range too .berger only quotes n550 for their 185s from that powder maker . checked with hornady and nosler manuals and all give confusing info but n140 does come out a winner of Vihts range . cheers
  10. 308 175 gr bullet makes which works best

    Hi All many thanks for replies ,lots of great info especially re the TMKs which seem to be easier to get hold of compared to Bergers ,.. Deadcenter have look at my post from september for info on 155 s with n135 . Looked at the berger handbook and it quotes N135 to be a powder for the 175s so in theory one powder could do both duties 155 and 175 loadings. Ive got quite a bit to use up yet before trying something new , seems N 140 is frowned upon from a few old hands in our club for 155 reloading ???? not sure why its usually from the tikka shooters so poss twist related . Any ideas what the new amalgamation of Lapua and Berger will bring ? .
  11. 308 175 gr bullet makes which works best

    Thanks again Laurie ,Aha boat tail angle rears its ugly head again!!!!!! looks like I'll stick to trying the 175's and 185's and N 150 seems to be the prefered powder? . Im wanting to find the most accurate loads to suit 155 and 175/185 then settle to making a batch of these to keep powder types to a minimum . All good at the moment with n135 for the 155s. Once ive found the best load ill stick with it as long as supplies are avasilable . Cheers Richie
  12. 308 175 gr bullet makes which works best

    Thanks very much for your replies , lots of great info to play with ,will get some of the above to try depending on availabilty/supply., off to catterick soon to try the new loads of 155's seated to 2.85 .old amax and the bergers work very well the lapua standard and L type are good and the 155 TMK need to find best seating depth . had a few issues with not getting enough bullet in the neck at 2.9 coal and had smoky cases as if the case hadnt expanded to chamber size before the bullet was on its way . best group has been bergers at 10 shots through a 1/2" hole ,so would like to see the same for heavier bullets. ps Why do lots of people rubbish the 168 gr bullets , hornady 168 bthp match factory ammo didnt suit the rifle btw , also PPU ammogroup sizes were 2" at 100m cheers Richie .
  13. Hi All Found good results with Lapua scenar and scenar L , berger 155.5 fullbore ,amax 155 ,and sierra 155 tmk's. Question is I would like to try either 175 /185 weight bullets from the same makers and would like to hear peoples views regarding - secant /tangent/hybrid successes . Rifle is Accuracy International AT 308 which seems to have long throat but shoots well with coal lengths of 2.8 to 2.9 .Thanks in advance for your replies . Cheers Richie
  14. 17hmr vs small CF

    Hi All just some info re hmr variations , have been using winchester ammo and have been very happy with it ,lately had issues with supply so had to settle for Remingtons ,federal and some hornady vmax all seem to need a tweak to the zero of 100m compared to the winchesters but what was rather strange is the empty case weights, Rem 17.3 grains Feds 17.4 grains Horn 17.7 grains Win 20.0 grains Also looking at the bullet end of the empty case the winchesters seem to have a much wider edge so poss why they are heavier ? All the above are 17 grain bullets and often pass through rabbits without expanding unless they hit bone . Anyone else noticed these variations even though they are reportedly all from the same factory . Cheers Richie
  15. Forster FLS die neck honing sizes

    Hi All Just got a new forster die from hannams in 308 neck sizer only, very impressed with the ease of use and looking down at the end of the depriming pin its right in the centre/middle of the case hole ? unlike my other redding die which needs to be spun around a bit to find the most coencentric position . the redding die is also much harder to push up and down . just waiting for the forster ultra seater die to come through the post .very happy with the new dies .Hope this helps with anyone wondering what to choose . Cheers Richie

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