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  1. Hi ther r-p-r Richard Paul Russel . bought kestrel 2500 and a vane kit ages back very quick service and gear in stock so got it 2 days later
  2. Richiew

    Waterproof Trousers

    Hi all was also looking at the fortis clothing , what colours / camp pattern people using . Swedeish or multi terrain pattern look interesting . Cheers
  3. Richiew

    finding my best load

    Hi there go to load for 155’s in 26” barrel acc int AT 308 using N140 is round the 46 grain mark . 42.5 grains N135 for Berger 155.5 s 44 grains N150 for 175’s all at 2.9 coal and found base to ogive length of 2.234 or 2.237 seems to be the magic length for all bullets in my barrel . I have previously put some of my loads in the hand loading section along with bullet speeds so have a look there for further info . Cheers Rich
  4. Richiew

    Left Hand Rifles

    Hi all lefties l am a lefty shooting 2 anschutz rifles in 22, and 17 hmr both rimfire s are left hand stock with RH BOLT , shooting standing with light rifles is ok and most of my shooting is off primos sticks . For the big 308 I have accuracy international AT model with RHbolt all shooting is bipod or pig saddle and tripod based but bolt does allow quick reloads when doing the club shoot which is timed 2 shots on limited see target which comes in handy . AI do full left hand models via sporting services but I didn’t want to wait so got the RH type and loved it . Cheers
  5. Richiew

    Archer longbow

    Hi there l cit down a piece of Picatinny rail with a suitable hole in it , put double sided strong sticky tape on it then stuck it to top of the archer . Then found and trimmed an Allen bolt to make all secure . Adjustable mount on the IR Torch from night master works great . Hope this gives some ideas cheers
  6. Richiew

    Advice on vintage watch

    Try second hand ones then
  7. 4 inch record vice will do most home stuff , 6 inch becomes very heavy but opens very wide . Got my 4” from machine mart many years back
  8. Richiew

    Advice on vintage watch

    Anyone looked at Doxa if you like divers watches big and chunky. Original Sub 250 not too big and nice orange dial makes a difference/ talking point . Nice bracelets too . Only on the web I think
  9. Richiew

    Foxes everywhere today!!!

    Hi all here goes hobbyking web site to menu - battery accessories- battery adapters - fat shark goggles 18650 lit ion headset battery case part number SKU 253000094-0. £ 14-71 . Cut wire halfway on the wire to the moulded black plug , don’t use the one with the white plug bare off the ends and solder ina 6 volt step down regulator as two 18650 s make 7.2 volts which might be too much for the drone . Regulator needs to be small seen a drop lm2587 unit on amazon which might do ( 5-35 v in and 3-30 out adjustable ) solder this in line red to plus and black to neg to the black plug wires . Black plug fits into the drone accessory wire and plugs into aux plug on top right of drone . Try to set up volts out to 6v with a volt meter and try to waterproof circuit as best you can , on mine it fits under the cameo tape then I velcroed the battery to side of 17 hmr anschutz with sticky pads . Battery box has a button to push to show charge of battery via 4 blue leds .Hope this makes sense and helps .
  10. Richiew

    Foxes everywhere today!!!

    Hi foxinmad try hobby king fat shark battery box for two 18650 batteries and add a cheapo 6 volt regulator and use wires that come with the drone usually get six weeks worth of shooting ie 18 hours use . Just need a bit of soldering and it has a battery charge indicator built in , much cheaper than armasight version at 300£
  11. Hi MrDuston just for info I have the AI Bipod on the AT 308 and have changed to the fortmeir and my groups have got smaller and the sight picture stays on target better , think it’s to do with it recoiling straight backwards with the fortmeir sliding on the skid bases rather than jumping as with the AI version . Cheers Rich
  12. Richiew

    Summer Boots

    Altberg boots Richmond North Yorkshire . Got 2 pairs one game keeper high ankle for winter and the tabbing boot for summer . Suppliers to the uk army , well made and very comfy . Factory shop just up t road for me so can go and try to make sure all’s ok . They will advise sizes depending on your sock thickness .
  13. Richiew

    Accuracy international AXMC DARK BROWN

    Fair enough !
  14. Richiew

    Accuracy international AXMC DARK BROWN

    Would not know as haven’t any kids of my own looks like your an expert in poo
  15. Richiew

    Accuracy international AXMC DARK BROWN

    Hi Brushy originally it came with pistol grip but this seemed rather big and not comfortable to shoot , I know that other grip sizes are available but as my two rimfire anschutz are thumb holes and very comfy thought I would order the two rear sides to convert it to match .very glad I did as you get a bit of wrist support with it . FDE as ordered from sporting services . Newer thumb hole sides are slight different colour to original front end . Can’t convert an AX thumb hole .

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