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  1. Drone/Rifle dilemma

    Hi All Alan Rhone website has pic rails that slide onto dovetails and lock with 2 big screws , very solid as have one on my anschutz 64 action for mounting the drone 10x to. these can be specced with diferent moa slant although mine just zero/ flat .also saw some rails in gunmart Britannia ??? look rather good as they have a cut out for the ejection port . dont buy any that clamp on with side bolts / screws as they foul on the drone quick release parts as I found out to my own cost . hope this helps cheers Richie
  2. Hi Allswell WOW !!! what a difference it makes .ordered the parts monday and they came wednesday , plucked up the courage today on day off to start cutting the plastic side plates after removal . cut them with a junior hacksaw and finished off the edges with some needle files ,cut the internal webs off with a small pair of electrical sidecutters . Even with the extra spacers fitted for my long arms the supplied allen bolt fitted a treat. Been laying on the upstairs floor getting the comb reset and experimenting with eye relief on the scope .Massive difference in head position returning to same spot and reduction of paralax hopefully . Bipod adapter fitted to underside of front stock lifts the front of rifle up just the right amount to suit a very flat prone position with a little bit of barrel elevation .As found last weekend the normal bipod mount position seemed too flat for the army range when we needed our targets to be a minimum 70 cm above the ground to clear the regulations re moving targets . All them poor groups might just be my fault now Ive got a steady platform . Thanks Richie
  3. Hi allswell Brilliant !! just what I needed , will be onto Graham at sporting services today cheers Richie
  4. Hi Allswell lovely bit of kit ,I also have an AT and would like to fit the rear monopod - how easy is it to fit ?? . also have you info as where you got the adaptor to fit the bipod under the front stock . cheers Richie
  5. Drone pro 10x vs Pulsar N355

    Hi vmax sorry for late reply , as for daylight use for the drone pro 10x. the HMR has had this scope fitted from may and has been used weekly in daytime till its dark then take off the front pink coloured filter and carry on shooting till its really dark then turn on the IR .Image quality in daytime is very good if scanning slowly ie refresh rate keeps up with the movement ,if scanning too quickly picture quality and colour rendition drops but then comes back to full quality when you stop on the target . normal cr123 batteries last a months shooting - 4 times out shooting and 3 hours each session turning unit on when target spotted and ranged with binos, built a battery box for 2x 18650 batteries with voltage regulator to supply 6v and this is still at 100% after 6 sesions out even after using the drone as a spotter so very happy with the extended battery life . Hope the info helps cheers Richie
  6. 308 175 gr bullet makes which works best

    Hi ALL Info re the 175gr berger LRBT . loaded a set up of 5each of these with N550 powder starting at 43 grains upto 46.5 in half grain jumps. 43 g all close together 1" 1/2 group 43.5 g as above 44 g big group 2" 44.5 best group 1/2 " 45 g 3/4 " group 45.5g 1" group with vertical spread 46 g 1" group 46.5 g 1 1/4 " group Shot at 100m on a windy snowy day at Blackbeck catterick, Accuracy international AT 308 26" barrel , Lapua brass COAL 2.81 as per berger loading manual . Also tried some 168 gr Amax with N550 ,45 grns 2.81 coal , only had 5 but got just under 3/4" group . Only reason for the N550 was that local shop had it in stock ,would have liked to try N150 , maybe next time ? cheers Richard
  7. Drone pro 10x vs Pulsar N355

    Hi VMAX started off with a nite sight then moved up to an archer image intensifier and now on a drone pro 10x , drone mounted on the 17hmr and is used for daytime and night shooting with a NM 800 ir for night time . absolutely love it ,bought at the northern shooting show in may and used weekly till the xmas break .max distance was at 174 yds on fox that dropped to head shot so very happy with the product. happy new year to all
  8. Drone pro extended battery

    Thanks very much for the replies , got some great ideas for designing a small battery box /regulator for the drone .goin to be lots cheaper than the armasight and can turn the volts down to 6v so well safe even with full charged batteries .cheers phoenix for the ebay part links .
  9. Drone pro extended battery

    just found on hobbyking R/C a battery box to hold 2x18650 batteries made by FAT SHARK ,£17 ish unfortunately will need an inline regulator so will give it a go . battery life should last a few months .....
  10. Drone pro extended battery

    Cheers for info , looks like a trip to Maplins for some bits .
  11. Hi All Anyone with info regarding how to get hold of the extended battery pack for drone pro , have looked at US sites and not sure if they export to UK . Have tried night vision UK but they are usually not in stock and don't answer emails . Thanks Richie
  12. Just some info regarding reloading rcbs rock chuck 4 kit from spud1967 ,powder trickle r to get spot on loads , lapua cases , try a few makes of quality bullets same with powders .berger hornady and nosler manuals to get a feel for best powder amounts . Ordered from spud and a few minutes later he rang me to further discuss my requirements good service . Have upgraded to Forster dies and am very happy with the setup .takes a few nights work to clean and load up 200 rounds . Start low and build up powder charge in half grain jumps , worked off max load minus 10% to find start point. Stick to makers case overall length to start with until you find a good powder combo then fiddle with bullet seating depth. Enjoy
  13. Hi Ralph factory ammo wise i have tried ppu-not too good at 2" groups at 100m and also hornady match 168 g -which were very good also normal hornady bthp which were good too ,not sure if 155/168 grains .tried some radway green ammo from 1985 these shot just as good and were very cheap ,check out the posts on 308 reloading or 175 gr 308s to get e few ideas where to go for home loading .save the brass for later ,.if you find some good cheap ammo that works use this for practice then later fine tune and go the reloading route. still looking for the best load a year on from reloading !! thought i had a good load then after a windy day at catterick ranges it wasnt as expected -poss just me shivering tho? If all else fails just enjoy making a big bang then go home and retry the loads that worked so keep a log or notebook as you shoot to look back on later/take photos with phone helps . cheers AI AT 308 26" barrel
  14. 308 175 gr bullet makes which works best

    Thanks gbal good info and advice as usual cheers , the Amaxes were very consistant along with the tmk and lapua L `s ,the lapua normal line were the worst but still 3/4 moa all loaded to 2.85 coal , made another load to 2.825 to play with for next time . looking back on notes from earlier this year all the bullets worked well at 2.80 coal as per the loading manuals -hornady ,nosler ,and berger at recommended 2.810 " .so apart from trying at 2.875 " Ive done 2.8,2.85, 2.9 mag length , and the results have been pretty much the same .must have very tolerant jump rifle/bullets . BTW I accidentally bent one of the amax tips quite badly and shot it anyway , didnt affect the accuracy although only at 100m .Its time to load up and enjoy shooting ,if the weathers good get the good stuff out if not shoot the second best but still have a great time .
  15. More info regarding cleaning the AI moderator ,as posted before I always had trouble cleaning the area where it screws onto the bake usually spending hours with a screwdriver slowly scraping away crud/carbon , . PROBLEM SOLVED . Just bought KG industries kg1 carbon remover so thought I`d give it a go on the mod and hey presto one clean mod ,just followed instructions on the bottle and no more crud etc cleaned up so easy .Worked well on the barrell too and what came out the end cleaned the muzzle brake aswell . Happy days

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