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  1. Lovely condition very little use Thumbhole walnut stock .177cal with 3 mags and filling adaptor Tasco 3.5-10x50 world class scope and mounts Air arms moderator £550 pics emailed on request
  2. Huge increase in bullet prices

    if it carries on it could be then end of many peoples hobby and a smaller shooting community. i wont stop me shooting is a way of life but for many bullet prices could be an important factor
  3. Huge increase in bullet prices

    cant keep going the way its going surely.
  4. Just picked up some 6mm 87g vmax the price within 3 months has gone from 31 to 39.50 a box hmr vmax from 12 per box to 19 hope this isnt a sign of things to come
  5. Im assuming this is collection only? thanks
  6. Hi colin It won’t let me message you privately on here or via email it keeps saying it’s something with your email settings, five bells cottage east Morden wareham dorset bh20 7dw
  7. I sent you an email last night. monies have been paid and sent you my address for delivery did you get that email? Thanks
  8. Still here waiting to pay cheers
  9. yes please,how do you want payment? i will pay these evening or lunchtime if i can get back to the office thanks
  10. Delta Titanium

    bought a delta titanium 4.5-30 2 years ago i put it on my hmr and constantly dial from 100 to 225 always tracks and has a lovely floating dot ret illuminated dot is great under the lamp. new front mounted NV is due soon i have high hopes it will work well on this scope. very good glass often compared it to my NXS obviously not quite to that level but very very good. would like to try the new 34mm tube models. glad i took a gamble with deltas
  11. Varget replacement

    cheers for the help lads,viht 140 is on my local gun shop shelf and available,will give that ago.sorry to lose my varget!!
  12. Varget replacement

    Hi im looking for a replacement powder for varget as just cant get the stuff and looks as if its getting banned anyway,so looking at vh European powders can anyone reccommend a good substitute for varget please? loading 243 vin 58 and 87 grain vmax thanks in advance!!!!!
  13. i have a delts titanium in 4.5 -30x50 i dont use it past 22 ish but ive had it compared to alot of good glass it holds its own.very pleased with it

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