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  1. Thermal Imaging Scope recommendation. Can anyone recommend a Thermal Imaging Scope. I have a pal who has a pulsar and I have recently used an ATN. All advice appreciated.
  2. Section 5 - Pat Kaye

    Hi, Can anyone help my find Pat Kaye ( Mirfield, West Yorkshire ) mobile number. He is a section 5 dealer

    Please can anyone help me source, what I know as, a WAM brass fox caller, and lanyard. I used to get these off Ebay but now I cant seem to find them anywhere. This link shows one but unfortunately this dealer has no stock. https://www.bestfoxcall.co.uk/product/genuine-brass-wam-fox-caller/ All help appreciated. Tony
  4. .22rf Revolver - 2 shot

    I am wanting to buy a 22lr revolver that is restricted to 2 shots. If anyone has one for sale please message me. Thanks, Tony

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