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  1. I have a RCBS trim pro 2 kit for sale, only selling as I now have an powered trimmer. Very good condition, not had a lot of use. Comes with power tool adapter to speed up the process. £100 delivered
  2. doz

    Wanted Starlight dragonfly

    I can suggest some alternatives such as PBiR-L
  3. I'm swapping out my NV setup and have decided to sell my ENV10, bought from Cliff Ray of optical-solutions. Incredibly good bit of kit, which I bought earlier this Spring. Has never been used in the wet. I've used it with a PBiR laser illuminator with a dispersion filter and it has been faultless. Comes complete with everything, 2 battery holders, the carry bag, IR lens filter etc. The benefit of this over the Drone Pro is the fact it is covered by warranty. £1850 + fully insured delivery. Pics will be up this weekend.
  4. For sale is this Reloader Annealer, it has had little use and works great. Has had approx 700 cases ran through it (which it does in very quick succession!) I have upgraded to the setup to have 2 better quality torches and also have upgraded the clamping arm to two articulating arms for more precise setting. Included with it are the annealer, power supply, .223 disc, 308 disc, 300 win mag disc, articulating arms x 2, gas torches x 2 and large gas bottle splitter to blow torch attachment. The 3 discs included will cover the majority of calibres. The gas line and torches cost in the region of £50 new, the articulating arms were £16.50 for the pair new and these made a huge improvement to the setup. £260 Plus postage
  5. Selling an excellent condition Yukon Photon XT with original doubler. Works perfectly, comes with scope mounts, but torch mount is not included. £340 Including RM Special delivery.

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