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    T3x Trigger Question

    Hi Guys, I have a question about the single stage trigger that’s installed on the standard T3x. Is it the type of single stage trigger that remains stationary until it breaks cleanly, or is it the type that moves under increasing pressure until it breaks without warning (like a revolver trigger). Thanks, Cam.
  2. BallisticsBoy

    Alternatives to QuickLoad

    Hi Guys, Do any of you know of an alternative to QuickLoad? I have a Mac laptop, iPad, iPhone and Android phone. Unfortunately QuickLoad seems to be PC only, and I have a load that I’d like to check. Many thanks, Cam.
  3. BallisticsBoy

    Alternatives to QuickLoad

    I use my Mac professionally, so there’s no way I’m installing Windows on it. But thanks for the replies guys - I think you’ve answered my question - QuickLoad is still the way to go...
  4. BallisticsBoy

    Alternatives to QuickLoad

    Sure, I’ve started off with the reloading manuals, but they don’t take into account the effects of Lapua brass with small primer pockets etc.
  5. BallisticsBoy

    T3x Trigger Question

    Does anybody know if the Bix N Andy trigger is single stage?
  6. Scope now sold. Thanks for all the interest.
  7. Hi Guys, I have a Falcon Menace M25 5.5-25x50 scope for sale. It's the newer 50mm objective version, it's in FFP and has the excellent B20 reticle. I bought this scope as a cheap introduction to FFP, and was so impressed that I ended up buying two of them. It has 0.1MRAD clicks which match the subtensions throughout the magnification range, so you literally dial what you see. It's in used condition – 8/10. £195 posted to mainland UK, and yes, that's my best price.
  8. No problem, give me a shout via PM and we’ll sort it out?
  9. Hi Guys, I have a KRG Whiskey 3 Gen 5 chassis for sale. It's the fixed version for REM700SA footprint rifles, and it's black in colour. https://shop.marchscopes.co.uk/collections/krg-rifle-stocks/products/krg-whiskey-3-stocks?variant=4373628223518 There's one small mark on the aluminium fore end, which was there from new. You've got to look for it to see it, but I'm including it in the description for the sake of transparency. It's a fantastic chassis which completely transformed by REM700. I've really enjoyed owning it – but ultimately I can't justify having something so Gucci on a rifle that I rarely shoot. It's boxed as new. £645 posted to mainland UK, and yes, that's my best price.
  10. Hi Guys, I have a Nikko Stirling Diamond LR 10-40x56 scope for sale. It has a 30mm dia tube, and 1/8MOA clicks with the RTZ system. I purchased it with the intention of doing a review on it, and never got the time. It's never even been mounted. I found the parallax adjuster to be quite stiff, but I am assured that this is normal as it's weighted to be used with an optional wheel (not included). Don't be fooled by its modest RRP – these scopes offer surprisingly good optics and you'll be hard pushed to find similar value for money. It's boxed, as new, with all the original paperwork. I'm looking for £295 posted to mainland UK, and yes, that's my best price.
  11. Hi Guys, I have a Nikko Stirling Diamond LR 4-16x50 scope for sale. It has a 30mm dia tube, and 1/4MOA clicks with the RTZ system. I purchased it with the intention of doing a review on it, and never got the time. It's been mounted for some photographs, but it's never been shot. Don't be fooled by its modest RRP – these scopes offer surprisingly good optics and you'll be hard pushed to find similar value for money. It's boxed, with all the original paperwork. I'm looking for £195 posted to mainland UK, and yes, that's my best price.
  12. BallisticsBoy

    T3x Trigger Question

    Great, thanks. Now I just need to figure out where I can buy a complete trigger unit...
  13. BallisticsBoy

    Recommend a: Digital Powder Dispenser

    Hi Guys, Which digital powder dispenser would you recommend? I’m currently using a Lyman Gen 6 which is constantly short measuring, and drifting (which requires constant recalibration). Are there any which are known for their reliability? Cam.
  14. BallisticsBoy

    Recommend a: Digital Powder Dispenser

    Thanks for the replies, guys.
  15. BallisticsBoy


    Looks like a solid move forward. My main criticisms with the original Recon that I owned were: the mid-tube focus, which was a major pain to use; the coarse reticle which obscured way to much of the target; the very weak reticle illumination; the soft painted finish which made a 6 week old scope look like a 6 year old scope; the very heavy-handed multi coatings which resulted in a very obtrusive colour casting. An unbelievable design flaw with the original scope, was the raised nub on the magnification collar which was in precisely the wrong spot for use with a non-chassis two-lug action like the Remy 700. I had to keep dialing back from 27x before cycling the bolt each time. I'll be interested to test the new zero-stop/rotation counter feature. I still maintain that the original Recon didn't have a zero stop at all, but a (very effective) rotation counter that could be screwed all the way down until it galled with the saddle of the scope. It looks like the secondary zero option has been dropped, and I'll miss that. It was a handy feature when switching back and forth between say a muzzle break and a moderator. Hopefully with the Gen 2 they've backed off on the colour casting – Schott glass may (arguably) be the best on the market, but it's hard to really appreciate the talents of a concert pianist when there's a death metal band performing a few feet away!
  16. When I contacted a shop via Gunstar, it transpired that they: 1. Didn’t have the rifle they were advertising in stock. 2. Couldn’t tell me when they would have more stock. 3. Couldn’t guarantee if the price was the same. It seems like it’s very easy for a ‘seller’ to undercut the competition on Gunstar, when they aren’t in a position to complete a sale.. I contacted the ASA, but their purview only covers print, TV and radio adverts. They have no powers when it comes to the internet. Reminds me of the old days where you used see double page print adverts, with hundreds of items crammed in at tiny point sizes, with ‘POA’ next to every single one. A total waste of everyone’s time?
  17. If you can vouch that it’s in good working order I’ll take this please. Cam.
  18. BallisticsBoy

    Can this be right?

    @VarmLR Just out of interest... did you mount & shoot the Steiner Military X5Mi, or did you know just by looking through it that it wasn’t for you?
  19. BallisticsBoy

    Can this be right?

    I initially thought that the IOR Recons coarse reticle was a result of the 4x lower end. 4-28x is quite a span for an FFP scope. I never really thought that the ‘too fine at low mag/too thick at high mag’ argument concerning FFP reticles held much water - but the IOR Recon changed my mind. There is definitely a limit to how much you can scale an FFP reticle. I think that there’s also an argument that the IOR is a tactical/military thoroughbred, and the ret will be designed with the same considerations as many dawn/dusk hunting scopes. Certainly the illumination on my Recon is only really daylight visible at the 11 setting. With regards to glass quality, and whether you actually NEED it or not, I think it all comes down to how much you enjoy your shooting. You can watch David Attenborough on the type of TV that Tesco sells, or you can pop in to John Lewis and pony up for a 4K beast with state of art Dolby surround sound speakers. It’s the same content, but the two experiences will be worlds apart. And it’s very easy to become ‘spoilt’. For me, especially now that I’ve got my calibre/rifle sorted, the glass is the single largest factor in determining how much I ENJOY my shooting. Shooting three different scopes will give me three entirely different experiences, even although all other things are equal. Something as simple as eye-box can easily force you into an uncomfortable/unfamiliar position at either ends of the mag scale, and in my experience it’s difficult to know what’s going to work for you until you’ve gotten down behind the rifle and put it through it’s paces over a good few different sessions. Spending money on top glass isn’t going to make me a better shooter, but it is going to make me a happier shooter - and ultimately that’s surely what it’s all about?
  20. BallisticsBoy

    ATACR vs Razor AMG

    I’ve recently had the opportunity to test several high-end scopes. Due to the nature of the scopes, several different parties were involved over three days, and I was the only party common in all testing sessions. I would have loved to have been able to test all of the scopes side by side, but there were simply too many moving parts. Testing involved observing a calibration diagram at 100yds, observing foliage/branches/printed signs at 800yds, and observing a high pasture at approx 2000yds plus. All observations were made just after mid-day in flat light. Scopes tested included: Kahles; March; IOR; Nightforce (NXS); Schmidt & Bender; Steiner, Swarovski; and Vortex. Testers included myself, several very experienced stalkers, a club champion and a couple of F-Class shooters. Long story short, the Swarovski scope was the favourite out to 800yds, but beyond that the IOR Recon and the Vortex Razor HD Gen 2 jointly led the pack by quite some margin. Nightforce and Steiner suffered some very obvious yellow/purple fringing caused by chromatic aberrations (even although they were both apochromatically corrected). The March and Kahles examples that were tested both had surprisingly poor resolution and produced noticeably soft images. The Schmidt & Bender was very competent indeed, but it wasn’t quite in the same league as the IOR Recon and Vortex Razor HD Gen 2. The discussion very quickly came down to individual preferences between the IOR and the Vortex. The IOR, like all IORs exhibited the signature amber colour casting which is caused by their multicoatings. When viewing the same tree side by side in identical conditions, the IOR had a warm summer evening look, whilst the Vortex had a crisp autumn morning feel. It was actually a mild autumn afternoon. The IORs mid-tube focus was generally felt to be inconvenient at best, and a complete pain in the arse at worst. Everybody was surprised by just how heavy the Vortex was. Nobody could categorically pick a favourite between the two, but to a man, they agreed that these two scopes wiped the floor with everything else.. There were a couple of clear take aways from the sessions. Firstly, nobody expected the Vortex Razor HD Gen 2 to perform as well as it did. I can understand that given Vortex’s ‘value driven’ background, there is a certain stigma and cyniscim associated with this brand among scope snobs - but this attitude quickly evaporated as soon as the testers looked through the scope. I lost count of the number of times I heard someone say “that’s actually quite good”. The Razor HD Gen 2 is clearly a different beast to everything that came before it. The second take away, is that whilst ‘Schott ED’ glass is still a guarantee of quality, there are other glass manufacturers out there who are producing glass that’s every bit as good. The design and engineering of the optics, is still the primary differentiator of optical clarity. I’ve subsequently been very impressed by a higher magnification version of the PM II, and by a Swarovski X5 - and I'll probably endeavour to test one of these scopes next.. I may revisit this test if I get the chance to look through these respective scopes Whilst I haven’t had the chance to test the Vortex Razor AMG, I am keen to do so. Running the numbers reveals that it is a relatively lightweight scope, which might suggest that it is employing lower density glass and/or less robust internals than the Razor HD Gen 2. Certainly I wouldn’t expect the drop from a 34mm to 30mm main tube, or the drop from a 56mm to 50mm objective lens, to yield such a degree of weight saving. Likewise I haven’t had a chance to test a Nightforce ATAC-R. Given that I purchase each scope with my own money (I’m not established enough to be considered an industry ‘influencer’) the ATAC-Rs asking price will probably rule out me ever testing one. If it’s anything like any of the other Nightforce scopes I have tested, I expect it will feature decent quality glass and benefit from superlative QC.
  21. BallisticsBoy

    S&W M&P 15-22 factory M-LOK hand guard

    Hi guys, I’m currently running the Gen 1 ‘quadrail’ on my 15-22 (which I quite like). That being said, I’d like to try the slimmer Gen 2 factory hand guard with the M-LOK slots. Does anybody have such a rail lying around after upgrading to a third party hand guard? Cam.
  22. Sorry, just realised the info I was looking for was in the header.
  23. So which calibre do you most enjoy shooting, and why?

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