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  1. Poikilothermic

    New barrel breaking in

    I've read a lot of arguements on this but I usually do the AI method mentioned above. I do it as part of sighting in so it's no big deal anyway. Slightly off-topic, I've only ever had one custom barrel and when I got it I was warned that it would take approx. 100 rounds for it to settle down. First groups were .75" at 100m at best but sure enough it did tighten up the more I shot it. Anyone else experience this?
  2. Poikilothermic

    Harris bipod adaptor for AI AT

    Just checking if anyone has a Harris bipod adaptor for an AI AT that they'd like to part with?
  3. Poikilothermic

    Accuracy Int AT - advice required

    Thanks for the replies and advice. I don't like shooting without a mod if I can help it, and don't think I'd get much use from a brake. I've gone and ordered an AT with an M18x1 to suit my existing mod. Playing waiting game now...
  4. Poikilothermic

    Accuracy Int AT - advice required

    What about stock options? I've read the folder makes cleaning easier and can obviously fit in to a smaller bag / case What do most people use?
  5. Poikilothermic

    Accuracy Int AT - advice required

    Like this newsatten?
  6. Poikilothermic

    Accuracy Int AT - advice required

    Not trying to sound flaky, probably phrased it wrong but I really like the look of AI rifles and I think the AI brake / suppressor is a good design. Appreciate the replies.
  7. Poikilothermic

    Accuracy Int AT - advice required

    One of the AI's on Sunday was a .338 ( rare as hens' teeth around here) and it was seriously loud with the brake, but very impressive! The other was a 300 Win Mag so no slouch decibel-wise either. I've nothing against brakes but I'd rather not be on the firing point beside one given the option.
  8. Poikilothermic

    Accuracy Int AT - advice required

    Thanks TJC. Nearly all my shooting is on range. I currently use a Jet Z on an AE Mk1. I don't use it without the mod and I couldn't see myself leaving off the mod to use just a brake. That said, I saw two AI's on the range yesterday - both had the AI brake / suppressor. It just finishes off the rifles having the factory supplied brake / mod.
  9. Poikilothermic

    Accuracy Int AT - advice required

    baldie - thank you for the reply. Good point on getting the M18 x 1.5 thread If I can throw another question out there - I think I'll go for the 20" barrel option. Most of my shooting is <300m with the occasional competition at 600m. I'm assuming the shorter barrel will have no issue with these ranges?
  10. Poikilothermic

    Accuracy Int AT - advice required

    Is it worth getting the AI muzzle brake and suppressor, or do I just get a plain barrel threaded? Bit of an open question I know but I'm in the market for an AT. The price of the brake / suppressor adds quite a bit to the overall cost. I'd like to keep the set up all AI but is it worth it? Or maybe it's a case of buy once - cry once... Any experience or advice would be appreciated
  11. Poikilothermic

    Show your Accuracy International

    AE Mk1
  12. Hi, First post from a lurker. If this is still for sale I'll take it please.

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