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  1. That's my intention, but I see a risk of getting issues with cartridge feeding if the angle is wrong. Easy enough to test though before bedding the pillars into the stock.
  2. Did you make the pillars with an angle on the bottom end? I get from measuring my Tikka m558 and doing some trigonometry that the floor plate sits at an angle of about 3 degrees. This means that in order to get a stress free installation the pillars need to be machined at that angle. Or will the plastic floor plate conform to the pillars and take the stress?
  3. Hi, The pictures seem to have vanished into the photobucket hole. Is it possible to reload them to the thread? /Karl
  4. gandhi

    Pillar Bedding

    Hi, I'm about to bed my Tikka m558 (same action design as the Tikka m595). The pictures will not show due to 3rd party hosting @ photobucket. Is it possible to get a link to the gallery just for pictorial reference and inspiration? /K

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