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  1. Totally agree with David!!! Dont throw the towel in and get legal advice !!! Heres in hope for you , Ray.
  2. Nice to have someone local making and hopefully supplying to the trade!!! Shall watch with interest and thanks for your efforts and posting!!!
  3. varminter

    L&M 6.5 / 06 rifle

    very nice indeed!! just trying something different myself - 264 winmag!!! Early days and still experementing!!! Ray.
  4. If you are at a range , to show "clear" of said firearm - chamer must be clear and so must be the magazine or magazine follower ( no rounds ) , if bolt action preferbly bolt out , if not bolt action- breech flag in. understand the gentlemans dilema and would hope someone could help by "buddying" with loading at fireing point , if disscused with RCO on the day. Not sounding cruel but turn up to a range with a loaded magazine could land you in deep water and a possibility of being asked to leave the range - but thats up to the RCO on the day and its on their head if any messy stuff hits the fan!!! I personally would not have a problem with " buddying" anyone who needed help loading their magazines whilst on the fireing point under range is live fire ,if within the range rules and cleared by RCO of the day before hand. Discuss with the range and its owners / RCOs / Range rules to see if its possible!!! Untill you get a solid answer to your question about the lawfullness of carrying loading magazines to the range i would advise not to do it to err on the side of caution , and if you do carry the magazines loaded to a said range , you could be turned away( by the RCO on the day ) from the range for infringement of range rules / or seen us a unsafe practice by the RCO!!! I wish you all the very best and please let us know how you get on!!!
  5. Thank you very much to all that have replied - most appreciated!!
  6. Hi mate , Thank you very much for taking the time to reply - much appreciated!!! All the very best , Ray.
  7. Thanks for the replies!!!
  8. Hi All and hope you are all keepig well I have just recently purchased a 264 Winmag and it has been screw cut with a 15-1 spigot thread.. Now i am expecting to be using 68-70 grains of powder ( poss top end ) when working up to the load ( we shall see )... The question is .. i have a chance of a A-tec CMM-4 moderator which has been stamped for 6.5 - is this moderator going to be safe and man enough for this caliber??? If not some suggestions please?? Thank you for reading this , Ray.
  9. varminter

    hornady A-max

    lol :lol:
  10. I have some coming soon , so will update when they arrive!!!
  11. varminter

    Ackley dies.

    Great stuff then!!!! Yes order them direct from the comany - i found them great to deal with Jim!!
  12. varminter

    Ackley dies.

    If thats the case , have a look at Newlon precision dies = you can buy the blanks ( neck sizers use redding bushes ) and have your riflesmith ream them out for you!!! I have used them in 6.5-55 ackley / 280 ackley and they are quality kit!!!
  13. varminter

    6.5 x 55 bullet choice

    ;) Just as well Hornady are producing the ELD-X ( probably a hunting A-max design ) , a high BC bullet you can use for Uk deer hunting ( when driven to give the right energy / velocity ). Be interesting to section them to compare to A-max!!! Can wait to try some
  14. varminter

    Anschutz 54 "Vadar"

    looking good Dave!! Ah the quarry - that brings back memories of testing ammo at 50/ 75/100yds and a bot more sometimes!!!

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