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  1. Maxmaddox

    .357 bullet mould

    How much do you want for it
  2. Maxmaddox

    .357 bullet mould

    I'm looking for a bullet mould for .357 round nose or flat point in 158 grain I know it's a long shot but worth a go pm me if anyone has one going spare
  3. Maxmaddox

    .303 For Enfield

    Thanks for the advice, off to Bisley next week, so fingers crossed the weather gods are favourable....
  4. Dunno, I was hoping to get an offer, £30 plus postage sound any good
  5. I have a fairly large amount of once fired brass, some wet tumbled and some not, I'm guessing g about 700- 1000, if anyone is interested let me know and I will have a count and see what it's worth, I'm looking to get rid as a job lot, any interest let me know.
  6. Selling my AIM Drag Bag 55, I sold the rifle so I now need to move it on. It is the multi cam type, super condition other than a small split which I have shown £100 plus postage . I cannot upload the pictures, mail me and I send if anyone is interested.
  7. Maxmaddox

    .303 For Enfield

    I am looking for a good load for a 54 Fazakerly enfield in.303 I have just purchased, I am looking to use N140 as that is what I currently use in my.308. I have a good stock of 1 fired s&b brass donated by a mate. The barrel is great with 5 grooves, any suggestions.
  8. How much do you think postage wiil be, Max
  9. Is the AIM drag bag still available, what colour is it, can you send me a piccy with condition, Thanks
  10. I will take the cheek piece, pm me payment details
  11. Interested in the chassis if you do split it.
  12. Interested, would this be any good on my taurus revolver
  13. Is the scope & mount still available
  14. What colour, do you a piccys

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