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  1. Deal with this joker at your peril?
  2. You never mentioned calling you, at all, not once.
  3. Don’t make out I’m some time waster mate. Emailed you and paid immediately. Not my fault you have multiple PayPal accounts and you use a email address for a PayPal account ‘you don’t use’ what’s that all about?
  4. Hi, thanks for the offer but the bins were needed for photos in a book I’m writing about the evolution of British sniper kit over the last century. The Steiner 8x30’s are the current issue binocular Steve.
  5. Hi, do these Steiner bins have the UK ranging reticle in the right hand lens?
  6. The price for the collimator set is £475. If your a collector of British sniper kit and are as bonkers as I am about completing the kit for each rifle then this is a very rare opportunity to get hold of a L115A1 piece of kit.
  7. I have for sale a super rare Tasco collimator kit for the L115A1 sniper rifle. This is the only one I have ever encountered and is a must have CES item.
  8. Wanted. looking for a AW fore-end block which carries the Picatinny rail. Please PM me. steve
  9. Chosenman

    Mil Spec Cosine Indicator

    Lee, thanks for the heads up however I'm looking for the Brit army mount.
  10. Chosenman

    Mil Spec Cosine Indicator

    Wanted, British mil spec cosine indicator complete with correct mount.
  11. Chosenman

    Show your Accuracy International

    Old school AI's

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