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  1. KatoomDownUnder

    Rifle bounce

    One good method to practice taking up a good position (prone) is to fire a group of about 10 rounds whilst having to get up and get each round from a pile several metres behind you. It's a good way to train yourself and if you can, have an experienced shooter observe you getting into position and correct where required.
  2. KatoomDownUnder

    Show your Accuracy International

    My AW perched nicely in a borrowed Hog saddle on a very nice PRS tripod.
  3. KatoomDownUnder

    AI AW mag follower

    Well there's certainly a big size difference between what we get supplied with the gat and what is milspec.
  4. KatoomDownUnder

    AI AW mag follower

    Ahh well same old story it's not the size of it but what you do with it
  5. KatoomDownUnder

    AI AW mag follower

    Ok so the external end measurements are: Front depth = 60.6mm Back depth = 70.3mm
  6. KatoomDownUnder

    AI AW mag follower

    That is exactly how the follower looked before I modified it. Easy to fix with some epoxy. I'll get the actual box measurements this arvo for a comparison. Cheers
  7. KatoomDownUnder

    AI AW mag follower

    So last night I filed part of the follower off to see if it'd be enough to increase the volume......that failed and will probable lead to rounds diving and mis-feeding. I can fix that with a bit of Knead-It epoxy. The short video at the bottom shows how tight it is to fit 10 rounds in even after the slight mod. http://i495.photobucket.com/albums/rr315/KatoomDownUnder/Precision%20Shooting%20Stuff/th_IMG_0972_zpszcjbvyx7.mp4
  8. KatoomDownUnder

    AI AW mag follower

    :lol: Puny Crunts Because those of us who wash more than once a week need to be hobbled in other ways we end up with rifles sometimes supplied with a different follower. Our SR98s are able to fit 11 but since I'm only a part timer these days it's a bit hard to get hold of "surplus"
  9. KatoomDownUnder

    AI AW mag follower

    I've seen but lost a link to an article, from Italy I think, that goes through the process of modifying the mag follower to allow a 10 round capacity instead of 9 rounds. Has anyone seen this or possibly know the procedure?
  10. KatoomDownUnder

    Dry firing

    So the bad habit is using snap caps or handling firearms when drinking? If someone is going to keep snap caps and live rounds together they aren't responsible enough to own a firearm. If someone is going to "play" with firearms when pissed then they certainly are not responsible enough to own a firearm. Sorry Bradders but it's not the snap cap that's the problem. I'd have a go at those who leave magazines on their firearms and other such basic safety related matters.
  11. KatoomDownUnder

    Dry firing

    Dave, I'm a noob on this forum but not to shooting. I'm intrigued as to what bad habits snap caps would potentially induce.
  12. KatoomDownUnder

    Nightforce atacr

    Jezz the ATACR 5-25x56 is going for just over $3800 Aussie dollars which would only be around 2300 GPD. Usually it's us over here getting nailed with prices.
  13. KatoomDownUnder

    Accuracy International Arctic Warfare

    I'm waiting on the scope to hit our shores (Australia) before I pick mine up. Going for the Nightforce ATACR 5-25x56 Mil-C which should be here sometime mid-late April.

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