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    F-Class 600/900, ISSF 300, ISSF 22lr prone, BR50 rimfire. Use, 6 mm br, 6.5x47L and I have in future a 7 mm, possibly SAUM

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  1. Interesting the RS62 experience ... You will tell us ... The Vhita 165 is a proven fact.
  2. Or will it be Sabatti's barrel, polygonal? Which takes longer to open?
  3. Cienfuegos

    Sabatti tactical

    My experience with sabatti 6.5x47L is exceptional, in terms of precision and work to find the sweet spot. However with the same type of barrel and a 7RSAUM, my experience is being very erratic in terms of resulting speeds.
  4. I have a problem, houston ... I started working with my 7 RSAUM and got an exciting load with 57.2 gragins of RS70. I managed to win a 600-yard game, with a good amount of Vbull. The contrasted speed was 880 ms. My surprise has been capitalized, a month later. I reload tests for a new match. And the only difference is of 23 degrees, now I am 30. And I measure again with my Labradar and I find an uncertain result ... 915 ms. A lot of difference for only seven degrees, right? So unpredictable is the RS70 with temperatures?
  5. Cienfuegos


  6. Some experience with light bullet in the 7 mm SAUM.I'm looking for a super precise bullet for short distances; I would use it for 300 meter competitions.What do you recommend:150 GR OTM Scenar L BC1 526160 GR. SIERRA TIPPED MATCHKING (TMK) BC1 600168 GR. BERGER VLD Target BC 1 628Currently for 600/900 yards use scenar 180L BC 661. With good results.Thank you.
  7. Cienfuegos

    Reloading 7SAUM, with RS70

    Solution to the thrust of this super cartridge.
  8. Cienfuegos

    7mm saum and 284 load n165

    Good morning, Laurie. I am working on my 7RSAUM. And I already have a node over 2850 fps confirmed. Use RS70, because there is an inchant supply of vhita 165. And I use Scenar 180L bullets. The barrel is a 28 "polygonal Sabatti. Now my question is: I do not know if there are more nodes up there, I compete in Spain, in a windy field and 300WSM master opponents, at 2950 fps, it seems that there is something. Can you grow more?
  9. Cienfuegos

    Reloading 7SAUM, with RS70

    But the question is: 2850 fps, are enough for a 900-yard competition, in a field marked by its winds. Or I should go up to 2950/3000 looking for a higher node. Considering, that my immediate competitors use the 300 WSM also on the 3000 fps. I'm starting with this new cartridge. And I do not know yet, how much precision I can get to the barrel of polygonal Sabatti. I do not know if the low node, fine tuning the accuracy will be enough ... or look for more speed ... in the test, I've seen that I have to travel to win. As for the wear of the cannon ... in Spain, there are only two annual competitions ... 400/500 shots and that's it ... The rifle is cheap, production so to speak, and for two years, the investment is little. I think about the idea of working with 2850 pfs, for distances of 300 and 600 yards. Looking for precision. And to 900 stress a little more the barrel and look for more speed to counteract the difficult wind of the field ... looking for a node path of 3000 fps ...
  10. Cienfuegos

    Reloading 7SAUM, with RS70

    Do you think I should look for a node over the 3000 to compete at 900 yards with the 300 WSM or with the 2850 node (870 ms), will it be enough taking advantage of the precision of seven millimeters? The barrel is 28 "polygonal sabatti ... and generates few pressures and very little copper drag, during the cleanings of shooting ...
  11. Cienfuegos

    Reloading 7SAUM, with RS70

    And everything points that there is a higher note for the 3000 feet per second. No pressure symptoms at 890 ms
  12. Cienfuegos

    Reloading 7SAUM, with RS70

    The bedroom is not the best. But it is in .3205 that is not too bad either ... seal the brass norma well.
  13. Cienfuegos

    Reloading 7SAUM, with RS70

    Groups of three ... confirming the character of each speed. The lands are at 0.50 millimiters

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