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    F-Class 600/900, ISSF 300, ISSF 22lr prone, BR50 rimfire. Use, 6 mm br, 6.5x47L and I have in future a 7 mm, possibly SAUM

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  1. Cienfuegos

    Bushing for 7 mm SAUM

  2. Cienfuegos

    Bushing for 7 mm SAUM

    I have to buy the bushing for my 7mm R SAUM and I do not know which, before the rifle arrives ... what is the usual size of the neck of the standard bedroom? the usual thickness of brass 0.140 Norma? I have to calculate a voltage of 0.002 and a chamber space of 0.005.Thank you.
  3. Cienfuegos

    Loading 7 mm SAUM

    Hello friends: in the end I got a 7mm will be a SAUM. I know the problem is getting brass for this caliber, but I'll see where I look. The question is with regard to the charges. For all I've been reading the options will be Vhita 165, Lapua Scenar 180L, the Hybrid I go budget ... I would like to reach a medium high node, above 2850/2900. I want to keep the barrell and especially the brass, which are very expensive here. Thank you for your advice ... P.S. I forgot the barrell will be 28 "
  4. Cienfuegos

    Loading 7 mm SAUM

    Hola amigos: al final obtuve un 7mm será un SAUM. Sé que el problema es conseguir el bronce para este calibre, pero veré dónde me veo. La pregunta es con respecto a los cargos. Por todo lo que he estado leyendo, las opciones serán Vhita 165, Lapua Scenar 180L, el presupuesto de Hybrid I Go ... Me gustaría llegar a un nodo alto medio, por encima de 2850/2900. Quiero mantener el barrell y especialmente el bronce, que son muy caros aquí. Gracias por tu consejo ... PD. Olvidé que el barrell tendrá 28 "
  5. I need help. I have an NXS ™ 12-42 × 56 RIFLESCOPE, which I use with satisfaction in FClass long distance 600/900 yards. But now I have started doing BR50 at 50 yards. And the viewer does not focus on me. I have to shoot at 25 magnifications to get nitty-gritty. I do not know, if it's something from my viewer or from the design. I have thought about replacing it with a GOLDEN EAGLE® HD 15-60X52. That focuses at 12 meters, and has something more increases. Has anyone tried both?
  6. Cienfuegos

    Berger, MATCH TARGET BT?

    Sharp, datos ... y sabios consejos. . 52 euros tienen la culpa ... es por eso que la bombilla continuó. Jajaja Gracias pd.- Mi prioridad para 900 yardas en España es la BC, lucho contra tiradores experimentados de 300 WSM. Pero para 300/600, creo que puedo usar un precio más contenido ... y pensé que era un segundo consejo, en lugar de Scenar 180L y Sierra 180 SMK. Sería bueno, por precio.
  7. Cienfuegos

    Berger, MATCH TARGET BT?

    ¿Qué modelo es? VLD o híbrido ... ¿Qué CB tienen? low 599? (Sierra HPBT 660 / Scenar L 661) Berger, MATCH TARGET BT?
  8. Cienfuegos

    284 Versus RS62 or Vhita 165

    In the end the armorer gets me a Victrix of 322 at 284W. I do not want to burn the barrel, Spain does not allow easy substitution, but I do not want to stay for the last ... I thought that cold powder like vhita 160 or RS62 could be the solution to reach the 2850 node with the Scenar 180L / SMk183 bullets, ( cheaper than Berger). But I do not know loads and if they will be appropriate ... I resist to think that it has to use double base: RS60 / RS70 or vhita 550/560 to reach the node of 2850. I hope that the 32 "give me the necessary game.
  9. Cienfuegos

    6.5 or 7 mm

    2890 pies para mi 139 es lo que hace que mi bronce dure más de 10 tiros. Algo importante. Y con lo que siempre he logrado estar a la sombra de los 300 WSM, en mi país. Tal vez usando mejores coeficientes como hornay (no estoy seguro de que sea tan cierto como el que anuncian), berger, etc ... pero los costos se disparan. Ahora estoy pensando en un 7 mm, también a velocidades de crucero de 2850 pies, para poder hacer frente a más igualdad en el campo "mejor parque eólico" que tenemos en Galicia. the values 0,0,0 are the estimated ones for a 300 wsm ... compared in drift.
  10. Cienfuegos

    6.5 or 7 mm

    Datos comparativos pulgadas y cm CM.xlsx
  11. Cienfuegos

    6.5 or 7 mm

    It is better a 7 mm 284 or take advantage of the CB of a 6.5 mm. Here is a comparison of wind drift 90º 5 mph CB of 6.5 and 7 mm with speeds used by me and compared with 300 WSM of my competitors. Distances 300 meters, 600 yards and 900 yards. Measures in inch y cm and subtracted to calculate spaces.
  12. Cienfuegos

    Brass conformed 7 m / m SAUM. Which?

    necked down... Gracias.
  13. Long range bullet choice for the 284 Shehane? SMK 183 / Scenar 180L / Horday ELD Match. Are the CB differences in lateral wind drift so important? I think of distances of 600 and 900 yards.

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