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    LONG RANGE / ISSF 300 / ISSF 22lr prone. Use 6.5x47L and I have in future a 7 mm / 284 possibly Shehane.

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  1. SWISS RS52

    Scenar 139
  2. SWISS RS52

    Excelente para conseguir altas velocidades...
  3. 284 Versus RS62 or Vhita 165

    Barrel 28/30/32 pulgadas?
  4. SWISS RS52

    An excellent gunpowder for the 6.5x47L
  5. Starting load advice

    I think it would be simple, to be able to make a staircase with the powder guns, to see the speed jumps and evaluate their SD. I use the RS52 in my 6.5x47 with better precision results than the Vhita 150. I do not know how the 284 will go. I'm still waiting in the old continent for my re-barrel
  6. I read, that for cold loads on the 2830 fps with 180 in the 284 the RS62 is a bit better than the Vhita 165. Does anyone have experience in it? Thank you.
  7. 6.5 Creedmoor

    From 24 "it has enough range, with the necessary energy, if there is no transport problem, the 26" guarantee success ... But with 28 "I have a very accurate node at 2900 ft. And it has gained some 300 WSM Always a bullet of 139
  8. RS50 or Vhita150

    Tengo una pregunta para el sabio ... En mis cargas con BR de 6 mm y Vhita150 y RS50 es el que tiene que son equivalentes en velocidad. Pero con 6.5x47, la vhita tiene un comportamiento diferente. Con 33.8 para el RS50 obtengo 2636 pies en promedio ... pero con el Vhita 150 y 33.8 2611 pies ... pero con 34.8 solo sube 2641 ... parece poco para 1 grano ... Mis amigos del 308w me dice que en sus cargas el RS50 es 65 más lento, siempre que el vhita 150 ... ¿Alguien tiene datos de similitud de estas dos pólvoras? y si agrega datos, comportamiento de temperatura ... Gracias desde España.
  9. 260 rem 123gn ELD-Match & N560 1:8 twist

  10. 'Works in everything' N140 load for 6.5x47?

    Vhita 150 or RS50. The doubt about these two dustbins. After looking for a low node with the RS50, I compared it with the Vhita150 and added a grains ... And I had this surprise, iregular behavior of the Filandesa gunpowder. And excellent behavior in DS of the Swiss.
  11. 'Works in everything' N140 load for 6.5x47?

    Este es mi desarrollo para una carga de 100 metros. Keppeler / Barrell LW 28" La velocidad está en el nodo de 2559 fps. Debajo está mi prueba del nodo de 2888 fps que uso para 900 yardas. Y está claro que en 33.8 granos es el punto ideal. La pólvora es RS50, pistones BR4, Scenar 139 y Brass Lapua con 10 disparos.
  12. 6.5mm bullet options.

    Hello good day... What is the 4PL6020 6.5 mm (.264) SCENAR HPBT 108g for matches of 200/300/600 yards. They are fast competitions and I look for little backward movement, to face fast. But without losing precision and BC derives from wind. My field is very windy. Thank you. Uso 6,5x47L
  13. shehane or 284W

    70/5000 Projectile weight 180? or lower ... Advantages or disadvantages. Thank you.
  14. Club load using senars and n165

    Then in 30 "I am obliged to the Shehane, or 32" for the 284 W. As for the temperature of the RS60 in Spain, it is a fact to be taken into account. But for the moment long distance competitions are held in the north (Galicia) and it is rare to exceed 30ºC. I take note of the RS70 and the lower pressures. I want to pamper the maximum pressure to take care of my brass, above all. Thanks, teacher.
  15. Club load using senars and n165

    Excellent contribution, to start in the laboratory. My idea is to fatten my projectiles of 139 (6.5x47l) to fight with the 7 mm and the 300 RWM of my country. So far I have not managed to go from third place ... That's why I want to gain weight at 7 mm 284W or Shehane ... and I had thought about the Scenar 180 or SMK 183, at the 2850 fps node without a lot of barrel wear. How do I want to build a straight barrel of 1.25, and I think I can not go over 30 "because of excess weight, the question is: can I reach the 2850 node with 30" with the 180 scenar or 183 SMK? Thanks, Teacher and guide ... ;-)

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