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  1. pg339


    Hi, i'm looking for a front sight hood for a cz 452. I'm hoping someone may have cut and threaded one and have a sight hood they're not going to use. Thanks.
  2. pg339

    Magazine for BRNO 611 wmr wanted.

    Still looking for this if anyone can help.
  3. pg339

    Norica 22 magazine

    Did he get sorted? I have an as new steel 9 round Norinco jw15 mag here if not. As above the steel cz/brno mags should fit but not the polymer type, the Norinco tends to shave these.
  4. pg339

    Rear leaf sight for brno model 1 (see pics)

    That's really appreciated, many thanks.
  5. pg339

    Rear leaf sight for brno model 1 (see pics)

    Oh well hopefully someone will have one. If whoever you gave it to decides not to use it please point them my way.
  6. Looking a rear leaf sight for the old BRNO model 1 if anyone has one. Base of the sight is 1/2" wide for the dovetail. I have rear sight for brno 581 and later made model 5 both with 3/8" base if anyone looking.
  7. pg339

    Walther PPK .32 magazine

    The Reload shop at NITSA has them advertised on Gundeal (go to accessories and search for ppk) worth a check to see if they still have them.
  8. As title, someone may have removed them when chopping barrel or fitting scope. The front sight is blade type fitted on barrel band (happy to get one still on cut off piece of barrel). The rear is 1/2" dovetail with 50 yd centre post and 2 flip up blades for 75 yds and 100 yds.
  9. pg339

    BRNO Model 5 22lr bolt action rifle

    Will PM you.
  10. pg339

    Magazine for BRNO 611 wmr wanted.

    Done a bit of searching on this and seems he can't be contacted. Have sent an email anyway, will let you know.
  11. Looking for a magazine for my BRNO 611 wmr semi auto.
  12. pg339

    BRNO Model 5 22lr bolt action rifle

    Thanks Mark, I may well settle for an early Mod 1 or Mod 2 if a Mod 5 doesn't turn up. I well believe both of yours shoot well, they are quality.
  13. I am looking for a BRNO Model 5. These were made from 1957 to 1977/78. Rifle must be in excellent condition and preferably with walnut stock and retaining original sights. Someone out there may have one sitting in the safe.
  14. An original rear sight for the BRNO 581 semi auto 22lr. 5O and 75yd flip up blades. Hard to find now. £35.00 posted.
  15. Reduced to £25 posted if anyone looking a decent little air rifle/rimfire scope.

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