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  1. ukhornet


    i was pm you as i got 3 here one is new and boxed
  2. ukhornet


    Bruce was there much between the Solaris and the BlackSun engine?
  3. ukhornet


    i have had both the Solaris + dimmer Ian Sirrell XTL laser both are very good but Ian Sirrell XTL laser is a lot bitter and here clive wards Dark Engine is very good too its on par with the Solaris
  4. ukhornet

    Fox saw my ir

    i had the same issue too so i went got myself one of Ian Sirrell XTL Lasers Now the foxes are not being spooked and to my amazement The Ian Sirrell XTL Lasers better then my mates Solaris SRX IR Laser
  5. SAK 1/2x20 UNF for other rifles £20 if thats posted? then ill take it bud
  6. ukhornet

    Pard NV 007

    Guy on the pigeon watch forum Goes by the name ant.mass is selling nv007 at a very good price he's also selling the new nv008 very good price too
  7. ukhornet

    Warden Digiceptor or Armisight Drone ???

    Deleted You are obviously a trader who needs a trade account Please contact Brown Dog to become a forum advertiser ADMIN
  8. 1000 x magtech no7 small rifle primers £20  they anygood for 223?
  9. ukhornet

    17 HMR scope and mounts advice

    im sorting out some of my scopes and im going put up for sale if your interested? i got a new still boxed 30mm tube 6-24x50 IR Side PA Deer Hunter Scope £65 posted Japanese Made Scopes 1. Kassnar+ Mount 3-7x20 £40 posted gloss finish 2. Tasco 4x32 + Mount £30 posted gloss finish Sold 3. Ednar 4x32 £30 posted gloss finish 4. Miroku 4x40 + Mount £40 posted 5. Tasco AG 4x40 AO £60 posted 6. Bushnell 3-9x32 £45 posted gloss finish 7. Tasco 4-12x40 £65 posted gloss finish None Jap Scopes 8. Hawke Vantage 3-9X40 Mildot in very good condition £55 posted 9. Nikko Stirling 4-12x50 IR Mildot Non AO boxed in very good condition £50 Posted 10. old Nikko Stirling Gold Crown 4.5-14x50 AO IR Mildot in good condition £55 Posted 11. old Apollo 4x40 2 Star good condition £38 posted
  10. should of put posted price in your add mate
  11. Hi what price posted for the Tasco Scope?
  12. for sale is a very nice Air Arms S410F in 177cal as it has some little marks on the stock which you can see in the pics but apart from its very good condition i would say it’s a 8.5 out 10 it also comes with a New Hawke HD 3-9X50 IR Mildot Scope + 10 Shot Mag + a Buffalo River Camo Padded Gunbag im selling it for £385 which is a very good price or i can sell for £350 without the Scope & Gun bag. just to add yes it has a safety and air guage and yes i am willing to post at the at buyer's own risk it will be a extra £20 for posting and its will sent by PF 48hr delivery.

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