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  1. Spencer54

    K98 8x57 Mauser

    Just for completeness should anyone read this at a later date I managed to get some more time with the K98 and the chrono. I did three sets of 50.0gr SO62, one with no crimp, one with a mild crimp and one with a heavier crimp. Results were 2500fps, 2515fps, and 2570fps - the mild crimp gave a really low deviation so that's where i'm going to call it a day. Happy with the results and accuracy - so thanks for all the pointers!
  2. Spencer54

    Long range bullet choice for the .308

    Sounds like they could be a contender and not that expensive.
  3. Spencer54

    Long range bullet choice for the .308

    Anyone used the Nosler RDF 175 yet - using the specs in Strelok it appears to make 1000yds at 1200fps witha MV of 2500ish? I'm considering it currently.
  4. Spencer54

    K98 8x57 Mauser

    Thanks Laurie, A trip to Bisley with the Magnetospeed produced some interesting results. I dropped the COAL length to 79mm as specced on Lovex's website. I started out at 47 as I had previously, then 48, then 49. My top measured result on the day with 49.0gr of Lovex SO62 was 2430 fps. I feel its still under what PPU match provides as they really let you know you've pulled the trigger. I need to chrono them next. My guess that to get the 2500+ listed will require roughly 51gr which seems to tally with the Youtube video of a match 8x57 by PPU that was pulled apart and measured (51.7?). My K98 is a Yugo rebuild with a new barrel by the look of it and at 47.5 gr was really printing tidy groups @ 100y. I want to scope this eventually, and run it out to decent ranges, so I could do with a FPS that'll reach out. I have noticed though that the sights are now shooting at the claimed ranges, not the 100yds over I was using since the 198 has been making 2400+.
  5. Spencer54

    K98 8x57 Mauser

    PPU match leaves nice bruises on me - so I know thats the ballpark.
  6. Spencer54

    K98 8x57 Mauser

    Thanks I'll step up the powder and see how it goes, I'll get some factory 8mm and chrono that as well - that way I'll have some reference.
  7. Spencer54

    K98 8x57 Mauser

    Wondering if you can give me steer on where I go from here. I'm shooting a K98 and using Lovex SO62 - according to Lovex I should be seeing 2500 fps. According to my Magnetospeed I'm at 2300, using the exact bullets they list S&B No. 2910 @ 196 gr. https://explosia.cz/app/uploads/2016/11/reloading_Lovex_EN.pdf After firing my home loads next to PPU Match 8x57 they feel down on power in comparison, they certainly shoot lower. According to the books I'm at max, but it sure doesn't feel like it. From here am I better off looking at a crimp, or reduction in COAL - or just keep on going up in increments? Thanks in advance
  8. Just to be fair to the Fox scope, its 8-32 power - it does OK, but I do need to upgrade that as well. So I have my work cut out, load development, new glass, and then the crossroads of upgrade vs Tac A1. I've had a ballpark quote on the rebarrel and its the same investment as selling the Varmint and buying the Tac. Almost to the pound. Not easy.
  9. I can’t see the ad - what’s it for?
  10. Thanks chaps I've got a few ideas - but the main point here seems get a match barrel. Who do I talk to about that - any recommendations? Length and Caliber for a consistent 1000yd with what I have? I had looked at 6.5CM and 260 Rem as possibles or even sticking with .308 as ammo is easy to source?
  11. This is the thing - I could sell the .308 add another £800 or so and be in 6.5 and 24”. You see the dilemma I’m in. 1000yds would be for fun at ETR and once or twice at Bisley or Lydd. Definitely not more than four times a year. The stock appears to be the limiting factor according to others and I looked at GRS and Parmoor or MDT but they start to get expensive. by the time I’ve priced up a new stock and barrel I’m at £1200 roughly. I’m not sure but for 2k I’m guessing I’d be into something pretty serious if I bought Dolphin or similar - unless they are £££££ more than I thought or even some custom R700s. This is why I’m struggling - unless a rebarreled T3 in a good stock would be heaps better than a factory Tac A1 for example.
  12. Hoping for a little guidance here, so I have a T3 Varmint 20" in .308. Shoots good and same hole this week at 100m, does well out to 600 - but then I seem to struggle a bit. Now, occasionally I shoot @1000+ and would like to be fairly capable. Question is where do I go from here, sell the whole shebang and buy a newer T3 Tac/Precision in 6.5 or (whatever) @circa £1600. Do I drop some money on a stock as that OE one seems a bit nasty to me - but how much do you spend? Update the scope (Fox 8x32). Keep the action and rebarrel longer. What would be the best next move? Lets say best way forward for £500 to be spent on this thing, used Sightron etc etc. Thanks
  13. This is on a .308 Tikka Varmint with very sensible loads. I fired my friends RPR and had nothing of the sort, and any other rifle I've fired. This thing bucks for some reason. I'm going to try Mk1 elbows next time out. I had a google and looks like it's my body position and check causing it to jump left. Never had this before on countless rifles.
  14. Struggling with this a bit, my Tikka jumps quite significantly - initailly thought it was the pepperpot muzzle brake. Even with that removed its the same. Is this a bipod issue - I'm not sure of the manufacturer, could be a Harris clone or Caldwell?

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