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  1. Zzrpilot

    TRG22 or AI AT ?

    Having shot both and owned both I would go for the TRG if you intend to hunt with it. Accuracy wise there is nothing really between them, build wise I preferred the TRG the AI was more ... Agricultural... Both require close attention to reloads to obtain maximum accuracy... Nice to have choices isn't it
  2. Zzrpilot

    Sabatti STR Rifle review

    Its 1 in 8"
  3. Zzrpilot

    Sabatti STR Rifle review

    Sorry I did not have time to take pictures as I had a client waiting. They are a 26" barrel ...
  4. Zzrpilot

    Sabatti STR Rifle review

    Sorry I did not have time to take pictures as I had a client waiting.
  5. Zzrpilot

    Sabatti STR Rifle review

    It was a Mk1 and you would need to re machine the receiver to fit a larger magazine...
  6. Zzrpilot

    Sabatti STR Rifle review

    So Today I got to strip a Sabatti STR rifle. The trigger adjustment was the excuse but I wanted to see how well they are made also The answer is very well indeed... The Fore end / handguard is held on with 9 Machine screws, 3 each side and 3 below. This means it is very well anchored onto the main chassis (unlike most). With the fore end removed you can see how thick the barrel truly is and the overall finish is excellent no skimping on the concealed bits. After removing the pistol grip the barrel and action is held with 2 action screws, the rear one passes through the trigger guard unit which also has the magazine release built in. With the trigger guard removed you could adjust the trigger with no further disassembly as the adjuster and lock nut are clearly visible. However I removed the barrel and action from the chassis. The chassis is a solid piece well machined and with a quality finish, from a mechanical engineering point of view it is well thought through and manufactured, with the barrel and action snugly held in place by high tolerance manufacturing even before the screw are fitted. Trigger was adjusted to 1Lb 4oz Very happy I got a chance to fully strip one of these for a client ( I have not taken ours apart yet ) and even more happy with the build quality. The Sabatti STR does not just look a very well made, well put together rifle, it is a very well made and put together rifle.
  7. Zzrpilot

    Long range bullet choice for the .308

    And Bergers can be quite hard to come by at times too... Thanks Laurie seems interesting times ahead...
  8. Yes it is fast and we ran it over a good chrono to be sure. When we are happy with the load and the load has been run through proof house I will be publishing loads but not before
  9. Zzrpilot

    Long range bullet choice for the .308

    is anyone shooting the newer Hornady ELD bullets for long range comps. I know they are new. I have tried the 178 eld x in my 7.5x55 and results are very promising, just wondering who else is using them
  10. Yes its been chrono'd, No there are no pressure signs over 20 rounds using Lapua small primer brass, yes its a stout load. It was shot from a Ruger precision seated 5 thou off the lans. Would I put it in my Sabatti no, but I will work a load up that way and see how it goes Load development is something I do a lot of.
  11. A friend has just run some test loads in 6.5 and he is getting just over 3000 fps with the small primer lapua brass and 139gn heads That's 914 m/s ...
  12. Zzrpilot

    Annealing Machine

    Can you PM me with a price for a machine and 2 reloading trays for .308 (they will do my commonly used calibres of .308 , .243, 6.5 CM and 7.5 x 55) I am thinking the one size will do all my requirements at the moment. Cheers
  13. 6.5 Creedmore in the small primer pocket lapua cases are pushing 139gn at about 3100 fps which will does for me. I also like that rifles are available off the shelf as is ammo should I need any
  14. Zzrpilot

    New Tactical Tikka

    These are still in exceptionally short supply, I was quoted next year for a 6.5 Creedmoor so I went for the Sabatti STR instead
  15. Zzrpilot

    FTR questions

    They have the stock STR in 6.5 on the shelf at Dauntsey atm 4 of them in stock with 26" barrels I got mine there last week for £1695.00 as I wanted one for my daughter to shoot.

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