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  1. RCBS Competition .308 Win Die Set no 37801 Used good condition This two die set Full-Length Sizer takes cases to SAAMI minimums. It features a raised expander ball to allow extra leverage for smooth, effortless neck expansion The Seater Die doesn’t crimp; it features a micrometer for super accurate bullet seating depth in increments of 0.001 inch, as well as a bullet loading window and a seating guide that ensures correct bullet alignment before and after seating. Now reduced to £70 Bob D
  2. 1. Loaded length gauge, indexing off the Ogive good call I have looked inside it has the seating ogive that moves the dial rod so it is a bullet seating measure!. I will post photos here shortly of the internals thanks for the help but as said it will look good on my shelf gathering dust again make an offer if it's of any use to you? Bob D
  3. It was free how do I use it ?
  4. Bob D

    K&M arbour press with dial force gauge.

    Now sorted thank you to all Bob
  5. Hi you knowledgable people I have this dial gage it fits a .308 case please can you enlighten me what its for t came with a rifle i purchased Bob D
  6. Bob D

    K&M arbour press with dial force gauge.

    PM sent Bob D
  7. K&M arbour press with dial force gauge. As above what do you have sitting around cheers Bob D
  8. Muzzle brake 6mm as new M18 x 1 £80 posted to mainland uk Bob D
  9. Bob D

    5/8×18 Muzzle Brake Wanted

    I have an 18.1 as new make me an offer?
  10. Bob D


    Hi Nick what make kit are you using Bob
  11. Bob D

    Beretta optima extended skeet chokes wanted

    Hi I have one it's £35 posted let me know. Bob D
  12. They arrived today as discribed thank you Bob D😎
  13. Tried to send message but you can't receive them? Bob D
  14. Bob D

    Wanted AIM 55 Drag bag

    Still required Bob D

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