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  1. Bob D

    Wanted AIM 55 Drag bag

    Still required Bob D
  2. Bob D

    Wanted AIM 55 Drag bag

    Wanted AIM 55 Drag bag. Bob
  3. Cheers Mark & Neil for all your help its what makes our club so great and friendly helpful people. Thank you Bob
  4. Second dibs on the case prep centre please
  5. My aim is to get a constant neck tension and bring the ES down, I also use a bushing die and run a minus .01thou mandrel through the neck. Bob
  6. Cheers for replies I only use Lapua cases and now I will be annealing every time I fire them.
  7. To Neck turn .308 or not, is it worth the work your views please distances 300. 600. 900.1000yds cheers Bob
  8. Bob D

    Jewell BR trigger wanted

    No problems cheers
  9. Bob D

    Jewell BR trigger wanted

    Edinburgh Rifles have this for sale on Facebook £275 posted give them a call Jewell HVRTS-BR-A Rem700 trigger Top safety Bottom bolt release The lightest, arguably best trigger for you bench rest or super duper stalking rifle. As new (fitted, fired approx 20x, removed and replaced in packaging) Comes with additional sear spring (B and C fitted. RRP £375 £275 posted
  10. Wanted L E Wilson new - bushing type full length sizing die .308 Win Bob D
  11. Bob D

    Dolphin Gun Co Scope stand long pole

    Still required regards Bob
  12. Hi a Paul it's yours for £175. That is quite a drop on the new price and you won't have to wait a month for it, or have to buy Templaq at some extortionate price let me know I have others interested. cheers Bob
  13. Just bought this annealer and have now decided to buy an AMP, It's up for sale with .308 / 6mm and 6.5 / 284 Discs to include an almost new bottle of tempilac. So get it this week coming. £180 ovno delivered mainland U.K. Only Bob D

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