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  1. Hi allI have for sale my 1942 no 4 Lee Enfield in 303 bolt action Rifle it has the same serial number on all parts the bolt, the acton, and the magazine.The wood is in great condition std ladder sight. A great British gun. £550 inc my RFD you pay yours! Bob D
  2. Bob D

    bix'n andy trigger For savage Rifle

    Thank you for the advice.
  3. Wanted a bix'n andy trigger for my Savage Rifle what have you got your not using Bob D
  4. Bob D

    Military surplus ammo. Post-war.

    I will post today Bob
  5. Bob D

    Military surplus ammo. Post-war.

    I have these .303 dated 1941great condition but you are too far away. Bob
  6. Bob D

    Military surplus ammo. Post-war.

    Replied did not get answer did you get message?
  7. Bob D

    Military surplus ammo. Post-war.

    Hi I have 15 x 303 ex military clips £15 posted? Bob
  8. Hi is this hard plastic or rubber please? Bob
  9. How much for the Sierra 155 please now price dropped?
  10. Bob D

    Wanted ftr bipod

    Hi Lapua I have a Dolphin wide Trakker1 Bipod with a stud fitment on another web site for sale its £150 delivered see the Dolphin web site for more info or personally message me! the picture shows it with the anchutz rail fitment but I have the same with stud fitment. I live in Dorset! Bob
  11. Hi all wanted Arbor press with force gauge if anyone is not using theirs or have a spare hidden away please let me know many thanks in advance bob.
  12. Poor etiquette to add your own item to some one else’s sales thread.

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