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  1. Hello Mike here. I understand we have some new rules regarding the 900 metre FCSA/ Offas Dyke shooting at Warminster IR2. We used to drive in and park mid way first then pair off to the firing point or butts. The way I understand it now is we do the same, but Instead of driving to the firing point we park outside the gates and walk there with our kit. So I guess the butts party still park in the same place and on the switch round we then park out side the gates. Hope this makes sense and i guess the reason for change was the grass getting torn up and Tyre tracks being made due to all the rain. Thanks Mike
  2. Mikeupton

    Good Morning Laurie. Yes mystery over should have checked my other data sources which do agree with the FPS I got. Reference case volume yes found quite a difference between Federal which i am at present using for testing and Sako which i I also have. Eventually they will all be Lapua if the barrel and twist rate gives me what i want which i very much doubt Probably rebarrelling this with a 1:8 twist 28 to 30 inch barrel as i am keen to keep the .243 rather than going the 6mm BR Norma route. LATEST. Bisley 1000yds failed miserably reason was a total scope windage malfunction combined with not the best feedback from the butts. 100 to 600yds shooting yes windage died on the scope but managed very accurate results just using the windage mil dots. 90 gn Lapua Scenars in my 22 inch 1:10 twist seem fully stabilized at 400 500 and 600 yds Next test 900 metres. Thanks Again All. Mike
  3. Mikeupton

    Thanks for your excellent feedback and comments Laurie Yes you are right I did not compare with other data and usually I do have a good Easter will reply fully when back on Tuesday Mike
  4. Mikeupton

    Yes i did that and altered my new OAL. Double checked it all. This is a mystery nice that i have more FPS than i need just maybe need to go in at the start load rate with the .243 rather than near the Max end which i am used to doing with the .308 and .223 thanks Mike
  5. Hello I have a quick query for anyone out there using and reloading .243 Winchester and Quick load. I normally reload in .308 and .223 and any loads I develop are generally coming out slightly less than quick load so on the safe side. Just developed and tested a .243 Winchester load with IMR4895 and 37.50 gns. Bullet was a 90 gn Lapua Scenar. all indications were this would generate around 2960fps through a 1:10 22inch barrel. Powder was 85% of case volume and 99% burn rate. I was surprised to see an AVG of 3114fps over 6 shots with the lowest cold round being 3085fps Any ideas as I am a technical type going through everything or is this just .243 being .243. Mike
  6. Hello gbal. Thank you for your technical advice and thoughts which are very well received. Yes on 243 my thoughts completely with a 115's and the right load, twist rate and barrel length is definitely a good one for me to build. Thanks Mike
  7. jonathan. No like a challenge me and looking at .243 seems very interesting as i could build to my own specs, but still trying the .223 cal as well just reckon our marker was a bit unhelpful last time out mike
  8. OK Jonathan just cause you got one. Lets see how we fair on our 1200yds shoot. My thinking is .243 cal at present and going to build myself something this year so will decide on what first. Mike
  9. Yes exactly my thoughts have a good weekend Mike
  10. Hello VarmLR Yes I was able to build a specific load and shoot over a magnetoscope chrono to add to my load data so know the round is capable as you say. I belong to Fifty Cal Club but have yet to shoot with them so this might be a better place to test it as i think Warminster is 900meters and Salisbury quite a lot longer. Just need to see calibres capability with my current rifle to see if its worth me building a better .223 for the job or going the 6mm 6.50 route Mike
  11. Thanks gbal. Yes all my calculations worked up to 900yds and was consistently on target a few bulls and vee bulls but wind that day was around 3 to 5mph. I used a mix of loads based on VitN140 and CFE223 with a slightly lower fps which i ramped up slightly for the 1000yds after checking i had a safety margin to do so. As you say something a miss and I need to shoot onto sand or get a good marker to know whats happening. As we all know this is only a test and i would just like to know it will hit target or not for my own satisaction. Thanks Mike
  12. Hello Laurie. Mike here the .223 thread originator. You were quite right. I shot this successfully to 900 yds then went for the 1000yds armed with all my full technical data knowing that it was capable of reaching target at least. Previous indications from the buts on a couple of occasions were that the round was going through target true and stabilized. On the 1000yds day wind was around 8 to 12mph and about 30 degrees left to right so had all the figures and expected some windage issues. The butts on this occasion was I feel was someone who thought lets get this .223 off range ASAP. I calculated the 77TMK to be around 1070fps at target so yes sub sonic and I needed around 7MOA extra from 900 to the 1000yds. In the end I had around 19MOA !!!!! and a confirmed hit on the target and that was the only one after this i was told not reaching target. Bottom Line is I am going to try it again on a range that has sand in front so i can see for myself the strike positions. I had to stop as my main worry here was incorrect information and the MOA amount I could be going over target. Thanks for you input Laurie. Mike
  13. Shooting clubs near Warminster

    Hello Mike. I am a member of the fifty cal club but have yet to shoot with them. My main interest is to shoot 900yds at Warminster and i gather this is under the Offas Dyke Gun Club. I think its just a case of me registering for the next shoot and going along as a newbe and hopefully i will be placed with one of the old hands and eased into your procedures etc. A bit like starting a new school on the first day. Mike
  14. Thanks RePete have added a bit more content to original message Mike
  15. Hello. I am in the process of developing loads for my .223 to shoot at 1000yds. Anyone else out there either doing this or already done it. I know its a challenge but currently shooting a Marlin XL7 22 inch barrel 1:9 twist successfully to 900yds so far and providing the wind level is favorable. Mike. I would like to thank you all for your comments and help new to UK Var-minting so the way i reply etc might be a bit vague . Bit more detail for you. I am an RFD based in Dorset so have the facility here to help me progress with the .223. So far using 77TMK bullets and CFE223 VitN140 and IMR4895 managed to get a reasonable result. Been assured by the butts in both 600 and 900 yards that the bullets appear to be holding on the stabilization front. FPS always a problem with the barrel length I guess and managing to shoot with my own designed muzzle brake without too much moaning. The benefits with shooting in a group who all understand as a moderator tends to lose me around 4 MOA but does tame any recoil. SD and ES figures are not the best and next time out will be using my magnetospeed on board chrono to match my results on target to FPS. Also monitoring wind speed and direction and if too high will go back to shooting my 308 FTR. As most said its a bit of fun and it helps my job and knowledge base. Thanks Mike

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