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  1. RancidRabbit

    6mm br dies and cases

    If you are not in a hurry, I might have a few spare cases available. What sort of quantities were you looking for and do you want new, once or twice fired?
  2. Wish people were still selling bullets at those prices!!!!!! Prices have changed so much in 4 years!!!!!
  3. RancidRabbit

    HPS Target Rifles Ltd.

    While it was under the control of John Carmichael, I saw some horrendous brand new rifles come out of there. Two particular ones bought by club members. Personally I would not have accepted them, but the owners had waited so long to get them and could not afford to wait again. I don’t know if things are different under the current management. im not keen on the idea of the preproofed, ready to fit barrels that they have for tr rifles either. just my opinion.
  4. RancidRabbit

    Wanted wet case tumbler

    Is an RCBS sidewinder with two drums and a bag of new stainless pins of interest? Cant do pictures atm as I'm away from home.
  5. Brand new, never usedRedding Competition Bushing Neck Die SetPart #58594(no bushings included)Pristine, as new including factory protective coating.Spuds price is£350£270 posted. or open to sensible offers. Advertised elsewhere
  6. I will join you, will bring some ?.
  7. £50? I dont need one, but I would like one.
  8. Yes please for the remaining 6mm 107gr. Will pm you in the morning, see if we can do a deal on the loaded rounds too.
  9. Only gauging interest at the moment. Would anybody be interested in three times fired cases. Various different head stamps, but would not be mixed. Mainly Lapua, RWS, HPS. They could be deprimed, cleaned, annealed and resized or supplied as fired. Trying to decide whether I should do something with them or if there is more value as scrap. (there are far more than I could ever reload for my own use)
  10. RancidRabbit

    Wanted - Sinclair neck turning body (NT-4000)

    I think I have one. cant check because I'm not home until September. It would have a 0.30 cal pilot, maybe a 0.243 too. Have they been discontinued? I cant find the new price to work out how much a secondhand one is worth.
  11. Im so tempted. How old are the air cylinders?
  12. RancidRabbit

    338 Wanted

    No, But I have a set of brand new Redding dies for one, if you are interested??
  13. RancidRabbit

    Hand priming tools

    Not to high jack the thread, but, Does any one have experience with the Lyman ez prime hand primer? it seems to be a decent design and a good price.
  14. RancidRabbit

    reload costs

    Whether it is viable cost wise to reload depends on what you are reloading and why. .308 ammo is cheap compared to the cost of the components. 55p ish to reload or 79p to buy 6BR ammo 53p to reload or £1.90 to buy Ok if i bought ammo then I would be left with a good once fired case. My reload costs include the cost of the case spread over 10 firings. I dont buy new .308 brass, but keep all the cases when I do buy ammo. I reload for a few reasons, I want Acuracy, I want cheap, I want lots. I didnt go the cheapest route equipment wise and have sunk about 1K into my setup. But over the life of my 6br barrel I would reload 4k rounds saving £1per round (conservative, assuming that I could sell once fired cases for 45p each ). That pays for the equipment AND my next barrel and I still have a few bob left to re invest in reloading and shooting some more. Do I save money over all....... NO, but I shoot alot more and have better Ammo. I also spend alot less time sat infront of the television, facebook and arguing with the other half. Why do people put a value on their spare time????????? Reloading in my spare time has no monetary value to me. I dont put a value on the time I would have spent watching TV. Who says that thy have just watched the news for 30 mins at a cost of £12? Im not losing money because im not at my job. Im doing it in my free time. Only put a value on your time if reloading is preventing you from going out to work and earning hard cash.

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