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  1. gruntus


    Hi Steve, you may have posted in the wrong sub forum. You will have better luck in the for sales. ATB G
  2. gruntus

    Weaver T10 and T6 Scopes

    Hi All, We have had a member recently pass over and one of the guys has volunteered to settle off his kit for his widow. There are 3 x T10 scopes and 1 x T6 scopes. (1 inch body and include mounts) What are these scopes like and does anyone have an idea of what they are worth? All the best and thanks for your help In advance. G
  3. gruntus

    300 Win Mag Quality Dies — Sorted

    Now sorted for dies.
  4. gruntus

    300 Win Mag Quality Dies — Sorted

    Hi All, As per the Title, looking for a decent set of dies preferably including a micrometer bullet seating die for a reasonable price. PM me if you have anything Cheers G
  5. Hi All, I have a set of Tier One Picatinny Ringsets on my 308 (which I really like) and looking for an appropriate Ringset for a 300 WM (Sighton scope 30mm tube). I noticed that the TacRings and Monomount do a 34mm set with the option of 34 to 30 mm reducers which would effectively let me future proof for a better scope and also introduce a plastic bearing surface on the scope. Could anyone confirm if the Picatinny Ringsets would do for 300WM or would it require the TacRings or Monomount? One other question for the Monomounts, aside from being able to introduce additional MOA instead of/on top of an existing rail, do people use Monomounts predominantly to allow easy removal/fitment of a scope with Picatinny rails or are there other added benefits? (increased height possibly?) Sorry for the dumb questions! Just wanted to work out what would be the best option/options. Regards G
  6. Hi, Might be worth calling out if it's a 94 AE (angle eject). All the best G
  7. Hi All, Has anyone had real life experience of the TRG 42 in 30 Win Mag ? Are they worth the (not inconsiderable) price tag? Looking for a Long Range rifle that will reach 1500 meters, usage will be for Targets and Gongs. Dont want to go .338 as it will limit the usage on the various ranges I attend. All the best G
  8. Have one on me. Nice rifle. If only it was 300 wm.
  9. + 1 for SIghtron. Really good scope for the money, in my view an undervalued scope (thankfully?) G
  10. gruntus

    SORTED - SBRM Harris Bipod 6 - 9

    All Sorted - Thanks again for your offer Tuck. G
  11. gruntus

    Lever Action Rifle accuracy

    Thanks Baldev, I bought RCBS carbide dies for that very reason! ATB G
  12. gruntus

    SORTED - SBRM Harris Bipod 6 - 9

    Gents As above looking for a 6 - 9 SBRM Harris at a reasonable price (genuine not clone). Edited - Notched legs preferably. G
  13. gruntus

    Lever Action Rifle accuracy

    Thanks Gents, Looks like there is a bit of trial and error to go through for crimping (with an appropriate level of caution as always). I should be swinging by Norman Clark this Friday to pick up bullet heads are there typical "go to" bullets you guys use? I was going to go with 158gr weight just based on the standard ppu factory that works fine in my rifle. NC look like they have a few Sierras to chose from. Cheers G
  14. gruntus

    Lever Action Rifle accuracy

    Thanks M, I measured a few cases of once fired factory PPU and noticed that the cases were of varying length which I was a little surprised at. I will trim to length to a set size according. With regard to deburring the neck do you apply the same principles as bottle neck cases (a chamfer) or do you just remove the burrs (and no more) inside and out? All the best G
  15. gruntus

    Lever Action Rifle accuracy

    Hi Gents, I am ready to start reloading for .357 and looking for guidance on what 158gr FMJ bullets you use and what crimping you apply. I bought some LOS 158gr jacketed bullets (without cannelure) recently but based on the potential to knock the bullets into the casing (reducing COAl) during operation I have been warned that it may be best to use bullets with a cannelure. So couple of questions, do you use straight jackets (apologies for the pun! ) and if so what level of crimping do you apply? If your using jacketed with cannelure what do you use? Thanks in advance! G

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