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  1. gruntus

    Once Fired 308 Lapua Brass

    Hi Furrybean, Its essentially for sorting into good match brass without having to fire form it myself and I'm hoping there are some shooters out there who only use new brass. I intend to process then weigh by case and volume and sort accordingly ....i didn't say I was OCD or mention it was a tedious process at all did i...? 😊 ATB Brass Masochist G
  2. gruntus

    Once Fired 308 Lapua Brass

    Hi All, I am after some once fired Lapua 308 brass please. Apologies for being "fussy" but it must come as follows: * Must be standard once fired Lapua brass (showing original annealing) without any neck turning and must come without being de-primed, cleaned, resized, etc. Just need it sooty straight from the gun. 😋 Please PM me. All the best G
  3. gruntus


    Hi Nick, Have you measured the expander is the correct size? Cheers G
  4. gruntus

    Whidden F/L sizer die neck tension

    Glad your sorted. 👍
  5. gruntus

    Whidden F/L sizer die neck tension

    Hi Catch, Have you measured the button and mandrel to confirm the size difference? Is there a chance that the wrong button was supplied with the die from whidden? I've found whidden to be really helpful, might be worth asking then to confirm the size that the button should be and check to see if there is a fault there. I'm sure they would send you a replacement if there's a fault. All the best Grant
  6. gruntus

    Scope Rail Bedding Material Options

    In my case its an old Parker Hale 1200 (Mauser action) with an aluminum rail. When fitting the rail you can easily run paper underneath the lugs. Not having a machined face to face finish to start isn't ideal. This could potentially affect (distort) the rail when pulling down to the correct torque if there are only a few contact points, additionally having a large heavy scope interacting under recoil stresses on top of this doesn't feel right either given the size of the screws used and minimal contact area. Fitting with a bedding material provides a large contact area perfectly matched to the profile of the rail and the action hence spreading the load evenly across a larger surface area when the screws are torqued down. Ultimately this should prevent/reduce any unwanted movement or undue stresses on single points of contact. Will I notice a difference? Who knows? Will I feel better knowing its "right"? Absolutely! 😊 Also meant to mention that the Kiwi clear polish worked a treat and Edi's advice on using WD40 on a cotton bud for wiping off the excess worked a treat! All the best G 😊
  7. gruntus

    Finding the lands

    Another question to Bradders in relation to Pops question, I'm presuming you may have been shooting quick strings? Did you see much evidence of crazing due to heat? Can that be resolved with setting back/re-reaming? ATB G
  8. gruntus

    Scope Rail Bedding Material Options

    Cheers Bradders. 🙂 👍 G
  9. gruntus

    Scope Rail Bedding Material Options

    Thanks Edi, Looks like two coats of clear kiwi it is then!!! 👍 Just to confirm, 1 X application of clear kiwi, a buff off and then a second application without polishing the second layer? I know I'm making this harder than it probably need to be, I just don't want to c**k it up or permanently fix it to the action! 😉 😁 ATB G
  10. gruntus

    Scope Rail Bedding Material Options

    Thanks again gents, For a release agent would there be any issues using Ambersil silicon mould release agent? Obviously taping off and covering any parts not intended for the bonding area and giving it a really good solvent clean afterwards. Cheers G
  11. gruntus

    Scope Rail Bedding Material Options

    Typical! There is a standard, rapid and steel Araldite available........ Anyone used the steel one or just go standard? Cheers G
  12. gruntus

    Scope Rail Bedding Material Options

    Thanks for the replies Gents, I was really only looking to bed it rather than bond it to give it a good mating surface area. I can easily slip paper in under the mounts in certain areas which isn't optimal. I have some JB Weld at hand 😨but could easily get some Araldite or Quicksteel instead if that's a preferred/better option? For a release agent I have read/seen kiwi shoe wax can be used on the action and screws. Is that acceptable/ok or is there a better/preferred substance? All the best G
  13. Hi All, I am looking to bed a scope rail on my rifle. I had a look on the forum and number one choice for bedding actions appears to be Devcon amongst a few others as per this thread http://ukvarminting.com/topic/10387-rifle-stock-bedding-compound/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-345033 Given that I am only looking to bed the rail are there any "smaller" volume options like Araldite that would be just as suitable? Example: https://www.halfords.com/motoring/paints-body-repair/adhesives/araldite-rapid-steel-tubes-2x-15ml I am happy to shell out for Devcon or Delta Quick Steel if required/recommended, just wondered if there are any other commercial options off the shelf in smaller volumes that would be suitable for the work. As always thanks in advance and appreciate your advice. All the best G
  14. gruntus

    Brass - Uniquely Identifying

    Thanks gents, I already keep my brass in batches of 50 in much the same way which I don't intend changing. I guess my concern is that I keep brass dedicated to individual rifles (specifically for my 2 X 308's) and the anally retentive side of me doesn't like the idea of mixing the brass. Given that I could potentially mix different brass with different number of firings it makes the OCD shudder! 😊 And no I don't shoot bench rest before anyone asks! Unfortunately being consistent and eliminating as many variables as possible means that when the results down range are not optimal then it's always likely to be operator error. 😋 Thanks again G

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