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  1. Hi Ralph, My 308 STR prefers the 168gr HPS and is very consistent. For hand loading 168gr TMKs with a few tweaks keep me 1/2 moa indoors 100metres. G
  2. Hi JKenny, In terms of clubs I'm a member of the civil service club in Fife (and no you dont need to be a civil servant to be a member). We shoot at Blairadam (just north of Kelty) each month (distances vary throughout the year from 100 to 500 yards but typically 200 yards). We have a 308club rifle which can be used and membership also allows . 22 shooting each Friday in Dunfermline and gallery 25m shooting of lever actions at Craigluscar as well. Ping mean IM if you need more info as I'm a member of other clubs as well. All the best G
  3. Hi Sherlock, Any update on the status of the sale of this? All the best Grant
  4. have a bump on me. great scopes for the money.
  5. Hi All, The internet can be a bit subjective when trying to compare things. Has anyone any real world experience to compare these two? Is there any specifics about either model that make one more compelling than the other? will be using predominantly for ranging large hard targets but will be loaning to a friend who hunts so all inputs welcome. All I hear are good things about Leicas but Sig also recommended. All the best and thanks in advance. G
  6. Great Scopes - Have a bump on me.
  7. Neck turning (how too)

    Delayed answer to the post above WRT to resizing after turning www. The mandrel I use expands the neck before turning. This requires the brass to be sized again (I full length size) prior to loading. HTH G
  8. have a bump on me. cracking moddy.
  9. received with thanks! have a free "bump" on me! G
  10. hi Norman could I get the .303 dies please? pm me details required for payment. G
  11. Sabatti STR

    +1 on the new Magazine as well. 7 x rounds is no good.
  12. 7.62 x 54r Quality Dies

    Quick thumbs up and A+ for Deadcenter. Top bloke for sorting me out for brass. G

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