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  1. + 1 for SIghtron. Really good scope for the money, in my view an undervalued scope (thankfully?) G
  2. SORTED - SBRM Harris Bipod 6 - 9

    All Sorted - Thanks again for your offer Tuck. G
  3. Lever Action Rifle accuracy

    Thanks Baldev, I bought RCBS carbide dies for that very reason! ATB G
  4. SORTED - SBRM Harris Bipod 6 - 9

    Gents As above looking for a 6 - 9 SBRM Harris at a reasonable price (genuine not clone). Edited - Notched legs preferably. G
  5. Lever Action Rifle accuracy

    Thanks Gents, Looks like there is a bit of trial and error to go through for crimping (with an appropriate level of caution as always). I should be swinging by Norman Clark this Friday to pick up bullet heads are there typical "go to" bullets you guys use? I was going to go with 158gr weight just based on the standard ppu factory that works fine in my rifle. NC look like they have a few Sierras to chose from. Cheers G
  6. Lever Action Rifle accuracy

    Thanks M, I measured a few cases of once fired factory PPU and noticed that the cases were of varying length which I was a little surprised at. I will trim to length to a set size according. With regard to deburring the neck do you apply the same principles as bottle neck cases (a chamfer) or do you just remove the burrs (and no more) inside and out? All the best G
  7. Lever Action Rifle accuracy

    Hi Gents, I am ready to start reloading for .357 and looking for guidance on what 158gr FMJ bullets you use and what crimping you apply. I bought some LOS 158gr jacketed bullets (without cannelure) recently but based on the potential to knock the bullets into the casing (reducing COAl) during operation I have been warned that it may be best to use bullets with a cannelure. So couple of questions, do you use straight jackets (apologies for the pun! ) and if so what level of crimping do you apply? If your using jacketed with cannelure what do you use? Thanks in advance! G
  8. Hi Longbow, are they free? if so I will take them all. Seriously though if you can price them that would be great. G
  9. Hi, can you confirm the condition and age of the NXS? Thanks
  10. Hi Borden. What's the calibre? G
  11. Hi, Moddy covers are popular for protecting the mod and for reducing the mirage. Mirage is always going to occur on quick shot strings. Moddy covers help and barrel blinds (Google is your friend) help with barrel mirage. I made a DIY blind for an older. 308 and it works perfectly. Moddy covers - You can get cheap neoprene one for less than 20 quid however I have a Tab Gear cover on order from sporting services. YouTube moderator covers on trial to get the idea. Check Sporting Services Web site, they have Moddy covers and AI barrel blinds so you will get what I'm talking about. Outdoors (without a cover) the haze isn't too bad if you have a slight breeze but If your shooting indoors (no breeze at all) it's pretty bad. you can try a small battery operated desk fan (off eBay for less than 10 quid). I use one perched on an Ammo box and it eliminates the haze immediately. As to your frustration, relax it's all part of the journey,! :0) All the best G
  12. Hi, I have an Ace Utra Sl7 on my STR and is a joy to shoot and really quitens things down (especially for other shooters) :0) Your next purchase will be a mod cover to minimise the mirage! G
  13. Hi All, I am investigating options for a 300 win mag and looking for some guidance on Factory Ammo quality for Target work and also any general "these work well" hand loads for this calibre. I target shoot and field fire . 308 and looking at longer range (6.5 is for another conversation!) I suspect there are a multitude of options / permutations depending on the required application so just looking for a ball park starter for ten. For factory Ammo are there good stockists that have a ready supply and in terms of generally accepted good performance are there specific manufacturer / bullet weights that are a general favourite? With regard to hand loads are 155 smk/scenars and 168 smk/tmk/scenars for 308 still reasonable and usable out to 500 yards? For 1000 yards are the above still acceptable or are heavier bullets a must? (Berger hybrid route). Apologies up front for being an armchair enquirer. Just looking to get insight from those that have been down this route before me. All the best. G
  14. Sporting Services 'Nimrod' rifle

    Thanks again both. I had a peek on Simplies Web site and there are a few pictures of boxed rifles but will follow up and ask them. For sporting I may be down at Bisley in Feb so not a million miles away to try both venues on my travels. Thanks again. G
  15. Sporting Services 'Nimrod' rifle

    Thanks Grum, I will put my case forward for review in due course. Xtrema, thanks for your information, it's certainly reassuring hearing good feedback. Now I've just got to try and see one in the flesh! Sporting services aren't at the Shooting Show in Feb so will need to dig around a little or see if I can pop in to Sporting on my travels. Thanks again gents G

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