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  1. Out of interest, has anybody been using ffs ? Seems well regarded with the cousins, although rather expensive. I must admit I do like the idea of using the Trimble to run the software ...mobile phones have terrible battery life and are rather fragile. I just wonder given its cost , how it actually stacks upto Strellok pro for example? Anybody have any insights? Gluv
  2. It's ace for reloading, good brass
  3. Personally I don't believe any of it! I'm with bradders on this one 👍 i kind of think this breakin business is done but nobody knows why and nobody has proof it makes any difference. How does the saying go? "Something that is asserted without evidence ,can be dismissed without evidence "
  4. So what you're saying is ,is that cleaning is relevant when it suits ,but irrelevant when it doesn't? Does anybody know of a barrel ruined by not cleaning?
  5. Don't get me wrong when I've been shooting for the day I clean the carbon out with patches and put an oily one down last of all .No need for copper cleaning or brushes until accuracy goes south imo 👍
  6. 😀 never the less,if you could just explain how that patch/ brush whatever removes imperfections in the bore that the said bullet at 2000 odd fps with 50000? Psi of hellfire behind it doesn't I would be most grateful 🤔
  7. I'm interested to know what a patch removes that a bullet travelling at 2800fps doesn't ? if it makes you happy clean it....Don't forget your rifle has already been fired at proofing and probably by the manufacturer.....I'm sure they spend all their time cleaning barrels 🤔
  8. Er , its complicated! My magneto speed does the calcs automatically Probably best to do a quick search online for an easier explanation than what I could give you
  9. FCSA Update

    Let's hope a few more people pick up the gauntlet 👍 As the Manic street preachers once said " If you tolerate this,then your children will be next " 😕
  10. I was quite surprised at my sd of 5.1 over 10 shots , twice fired lapua brass and cci mag primers . I don't actually find the recoil bad at all on the Aw ...The noise is the loudest thing I've ever heard without the mod fitted 😬
  11. FCSA Update

    I shall also be contributing, I don't own a fifty either but sh*t in my experience always ends up at the bottom of the hill. Gluv
  12. That sounds rather a stiff load! . I was getting a stiff bolt at about 2900fps I believe the army also runs lockbases at high pressures, can't remember where I read it though Gluv
  13. Thanks Dave Im running mine at 2750 in a 27" barrel with 81.8 gr of vit 165 It's consistently 1/2 Moa at 100 meters so I'm looking forward to seeing what it will do at range Gluv
  14. Hi guys I have been working up a load for my Aw with the 250gr Scenar .According to StrelokPro it should go subsonic at 1110 meters with the velocity I'm running. Out of interest how does the 250 gr Scenar behave as it drops in speed, has anybody mortared it out to any great distance with much accuracy? cheers Gluv
  15. I will stick with the Sphur mount thanks mate, there isn't enough room on the picattiny rail. Where do you live ? Gluv

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