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  1. Does anybody here run a bag rider on their Aw ( I know,I know) and what Rear bag are you using ? 😬 Gluv
  2. I'm using field firing solutions for my calculations. I had first round hits at 1200 and 1400 hundred 2ft wide gongs . To be honest ,my mate was doing just as well with StrelokPro. You can indeed walk the shots in , but you need to be pretty damn close anyway , else you won't see the shots🙂🇬🇧 Gluv
  3. Terry Im certainly no expert ! For me it's all about being confident about your data .I have gone to the trouble of calibrating my scope turrets also when I zero at 100 m I get a surveyors tape out and measure exactly 100 m to the turrets. I measure all the atmospherics and also ammo temperature throughout the day. I believe consistent reloading plays a big part , having said that I'm not into sorting brass etc. Believe it or not I think luck plays its part too ! You really are in the lap of the gods as far as judging wind is concerned at Eskdale, there is very little to read the wind from down range. If you fancy joining us on a shoot up there let me know by pm . Gluv🇬🇧
  4. I had what is my third trip his year to Eskdale Wed/Thurs all I can say is it it's getting better every time I go up there. I arrived there rather early Wednesday afternoon with my partner in crime for the shoot, and we thought we would probably be at a loose end for a few hours . As soon as we pulled up to the range Mark and Davy invited us into the farmhouse/bunkhouse for a couple of beers and made us feel extremely welcome....suffice to say we didn't leave for several hours !. The so called bunkhouse is a rather plushy decorated traditional farmhouse that would put many good quality hotels to shame and is really quite a bargain compared to local hotel prices. Shooting was superb on Thursday with my mate managing to film himself hitting the bullseye at one mile through the spotting scope . I never managed the Bull but I put together a very tight group on the mile gong . The 2 K gong still eludes us but it's just a matter of time . In short, great trip, great facility, great pair of blokes running the range! Gluv 🇬🇧
  5. Anybody shooting up Eskdale on the 11th October on here ?
  6. Small print says refit after 19 rounds ! 😂
  7. Gluv

    Sponsor Bradders

    Done 👍
  8. I believe 800 yards is the preferred distance. It was discussed on the hide a few weeks back Gluv
  9. Gluv

    Verification of BC

    I believe this was discussed extensively on the hide and 800 was the preferred distance Gluv
  10. I had a cracking day up there Monday ...The plastic bottle at the mile target is a tricky bugger ! You're right about the wind ,one minute your brassing up the bottle sure of its imminent destruction then the next all of your rounds disappear into thin air🤔
  11. Mint 34mm mount picatinny 6Mil/20.6Moa Height 30mm 1.18 " £230 Posted Gluv

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