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  1. Thanks for posting this Dave, I wasn't aware of 565 😳 I shall have to try a tub myself Gluv
  2. That's very interesting! I may have to look more closely into this Gluv
  3. As a matter of interest, what sort of brass life are you getting at these higher pressures? I'm on my fifth reload at the moment. I anneal every time Gluv
  4. It will be interesting to see what the barrel life runs to πŸ™‚
  5. I did load test to about 2900 fps but was getting a rather stiff bolt lift so backed off. The load I'm at now proved the most accurate in testing . I was kind of hoping for a bit of a free lunch with a future longer barrel ...As with most things , no free lunches 😏 Thanks for the replys, much appreciated Gluv
  6. Yes it allows you to fine tune your aim whilst keeping a solid position. No bag squeezing for height and no fidgeting for left or right. It's totally stable and very solidly built Gluv
  7. I don't know if anybody else has seen these on Mark and Sam after work before ? Mine has just arrived πŸ™‚ It allows you to elevate your rear bag and move it left and right with complete control Build quality is excellent πŸ‘
  8. Hi Guys A few questions. What would be the ideal barrel length for a .338 for shooting long range , I'm guessing 32" ? My Aw currently has the factory 27" giving me about 2750fps with 85grns vit 165 . Would fitting a longer barrel give me faster speeds up to say 3000 fps or more but using less powder , basically increasing barrel/ brass life? This is me just thinking ahead at the moment, the lure of long range beckons !😬 Gluv
  9. I've signedπŸ‘
  10. As above really, I'm after a quality two point sling for my bar22 any recommendations? Gluv
  11. I've got the hensold spotter 60 it's great but in mil Gluv
  12. Gluv

    338LM - 250gr velocity loads

    Bleeding hell , I would be happy with 3000fps but I think I would have to mallet my Aw bolt open after every shot😳 I think the army get away with it by using new brass (obviously) all the time😏
  13. Gluv

    FCSA Update

    ☝️Well said that man !
  14. Gluv

    FCSA Update

    Might be a good idea to include the attached letters for all of us to mail our MPs? They will come for everybody's guns ...all in good time

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