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  1. .22 Semi Auto Laws

    Probably 'an excellent idea' you have a read down further than the first line and maybe have a little think before you get all sarky?.... ''certain rapid firing rifles'' .....now i'm no brain surgeon but how many rapid fire rifles are there currently left on general licensing??? oh yeh only one....22LR..... Stick to the facts you said yeh?
  2. .22 Semi Auto Laws

    Hi All Not sure how many of you have read this? https://www.gov.uk/government/news/home-secretary-to-consult-on-new-laws-on-offensive-weapons Slightly concerned as I have just placed an order for a brand new semi auto .22LR Ruger 10/22 ..... which I had a call to say is ready to collect (I have not paid yet) If the law does change can my new Ruger 10/22 be converted to single shot rather than semi auto so I havent just wasted £495???? Slightly worried!!!! Mike
  3. Price drop £105 posted:-)
  4. Hi All I am selling my second hand BRAND NEW Tier One Medium 30mm mounts. Never been used as was keeping for my 'next' rifle which isn't coming anytime soon so selling on. These are the 4 screw Picatinny rail mount rings with spirit level on one :-) Pictures are of the actual item so as per pictures :-) £110 posted to you door tracked https://www.dropbox.com/sh/132vgxy0dm1dy3o/AAC4RLUmfX4B743L8bAAiZyka?dl=0 Ta
  5. NRA Insurance

    Hmmmm am I reading that correctly? If so thats a no then :-(
  6. NRA Insurance

    Hi All With the real lack of information from the NRA as usual I am still not sure what I get for my years subscription! I believe i get insurance included - does anyone know if this insurance is suitable for a little bit of hunting on farm land, obviously with permission! Cant work out if its just for NRA grounds or general shooting insurance if so should I have got a card/insurance letter? Thank you!
  7. Rifle Wipedown!

    Thanks Chris! Anyone else got any suggestions ........ or comments on Legia? Thank you!
  8. Rifle Wipedown!

    Hi Guys Fairly new an have a synthetic MDT HS3 stock and SS barrel....Have the barrel cleaning sorted however what do you advise for wiping down the outside finger prints off the Stainless steel barrels? On my shotguns I use Browning Legia spray...will this be fine on the rifle? Thank you!
  9. We're in the club.....

    Nice! Literally about to start bullet testing so when you get ammo could you pop me over a stock and price list please :-) Ta!
  10. We're in the club.....

    Literally about to start bullet testing so when you get ammo could you pop me over a stock and price list please :-) Ta!
  11. .308 Rifle Cleaning

    Guys as expected from this forum some cracking information for me to soak in and some videos to watch. I always like to get personal opinions rather than online youtube videos and its much more realistic and builds a community. Ill do more ready and if anyone else has any tips please continue the tread! Thank you!
  12. .308 Rifle Cleaning

    Hi All Just got my first rifle and realised i have no idea how to clean it! Would you mind talking me through what to do along with the products I need to buy/use please? Its a Rem 700 Custom Barrel - brand new - hence don't wanna mess up and damage the barrel! Sorry in advance I am sure every newbie asked the same question - I did a quick search but couldn't find anything! Thank you :-)
  13. Bipods

    Cheers for the advice - ill keep my eye out. Not asking for the best possible bipod but for £80. I am asking for the best possible bipod I can get for my £80.... theres a big difference :-) Good advice though thank you... Any other options? I like styles like Atlas etc but these are in the £300 mark so way out of reach!
  14. Hi all - looking for the best bipod possible for my custom HS3 build - prone 1000 yard shooting, any recommendations? Budget up to £80 ideally? Any more and ill have to wait/save!

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