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  1. Tikka4Sika

    Birds 1

    Your tag line looks bad underneath your photos
  2. Tikka4Sika

    Wristwatch porn......

    They shoot themselves in the foot I believe , a lot of people wont ask how much something is for fear of embarrassment or they just cant be bothered , impulse buyers see something they like and of course buy it if the price looks right , no visible price = no sale.
  3. Tikka4Sika

    Wristwatch porn......

    I generally wont buy off anyone who sells anything like that ,it smacks of underhand practices , one price for one punter and another for the next, if you are selling something you should know what you want and say so , same with Scottish property sales as in "Offers over" , stuff em.
  4. Tikka4Sika

    What watch would you buy with a £500 budget ?

    How about used ones ? any that may hold their value or even increase over time .?
  5. With Rolex values climbing I thinking of not wearing mine for work (£7k to replace it) so I`, thinking of buying a "work" watch , work is often outdoors with the potential for knocks and submersion in water , what would you buy if you only had £500 to spend ?
  6. Tikka4Sika

    What can I legally bring back from the states?

    Could you be more clear about how you feel :)
  7. Tikka4Sika

    What can I legally bring back from the states?

    The OP could try and get ITAR clearance , I`d be interested to know how he gets on.
  8. Tikka4Sika

    What can I legally bring back from the states?

    I don't see bringing any of that would be a problem with HMRC if you have an FAC, however the Yanks may have a different view on export.
  9. Tikka4Sika

    .22 WMR expieriences.

    I`m happy with mine , have a look on youtube to get some idea.
  10. Tikka4Sika

    .22 WMR expieriences.

    CZ611 , reliable, accurate and fun ,very well built,steel receiver.
  11. Tikka4Sika

    Scope warranty

    Whilst warranty may not be the deciding factor in buying a scope it would be good to hear who offers what.
  12. Tikka4Sika

    gralloching knife recommendations

    Opinel and Mora both use decent steel , cost similar money and neither will let you down, anything else is for vanity , not that I see that as a big problem, some more expensive knives are a real work of art and a pleasure to look at.
  13. Exactly, load direct to the forum........if you can work out how .
  14. Tikka4Sika

    Tight Bolt

    I suspect the heads are out of tolerance, ie too thick. Dodgy PPU tooling.
  15. Tikka4Sika

    Tight Bolt

    I've had the same problem with new PPU in my T3 , every other brand cycles perfectly, PPU was also the least accurate, consequently I'll never buy the crap again.

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