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  1. .284

    nice rifle like the paint job
  2. Reloading with Rosie

    Hi all, if you put Vince,Laurie Mike and Stuart on Youtube it would be like putting the Late Ken Dodd on the stage. You would never run out of conversation ! The above guru ‘s are well respected and know there stuff!
  3. Plotting sheets

    Hi I get mine from GB Fclass web site and print them off
  4. I had to put my coat in the cage, cover the cage with blanket on odd nights he came into our room with cage till he settled. Was not easy
  5. Reloading with Rosie

    At this rate these videos will be re classed as X rated reloading beyond your dreams ! Smiles all round !
  6. Reloading with Rosie

    That would produce some descent bullet heads !
  7. Reloading with Rosie

    I hope she doesn’t use a tumbler god imagine the vibration given of !!
  8. Show your Accuracy International

    These rifles look fantastic
  9. Diggle Benchrest Success

    Cheers gbal
  10. Diggle Benchrest Success

    Cheers Laurie, I had heard of this hence why I asked. thanks
  11. Diggle Benchrest Success

    Out of curiosity in Fclass rifles once the barrel starts going they say you can re crown and get some additional barrel use. On Benchrest is this done to these rifles when the barrel start going ? Or do they just change for a New Barrel? Cheers Nick
  12. Cormorant predator

    Hi don’t do cormorants as I believe it’s 1 mating pair per year ? Not quite sure of cull specific. I have over the years dealt and culled Canada geese, done specific culls in large numbers. rifles used .22 Hornet with moderator or 223 with moderator using 40 gr Bee head with very good results. On odd occasions used 12g semi auto . Cheers Nick
  13. Illuminated Reticle

    Hi if contacts have gone green, carefully scrape contacts back to metal and remove as much as possible of corrosion, then try New battery
  14. Posting Pictures

    Thanks catch 22 will have another try. Cheers Nick
  15. Posting Pictures

    I’ve checked my storage and have only used 2% of my allowance yet still struggle to up load photos. anyone know how to fix this? Nick
  16. Weihrauch 97 K thumbhole 22 air rifle ,under leaver. Excellent condition. With Sportsman 2 piece mounts, Hawk Endurance 2-5x10 x56 Illuminated dot reticle . Rifle sling (Tac4 ) recharge torch and mounts plus 3 batteries and charger. 1800 baracuda pellets . Zeroed.No case.£480.00 ono and Face to face sale.
  17. Looking to move on Bressnar 20x 80 Observation Bino’s with Hard case.Excellent condition.very good in daytime / nighttime .£350.00 ono . Manchester. Cheers Nick
  18. Hi all out of curiosity if you had 2 rifles with different calibre , Fclass and Benchrest, but you wanted to use only 1 scope ! Can a swing off scope mounts system be used ? and would you have re -zero the each rifle ?
  19. Hi I joined BASC when my fac came in for renewal the police under the new guidance where getting a bit shirty I took legal guidance from BASC and once the matter was sorted joined BASC I’ve renewed each year my insurance covers my pest control and target shooting like the quarter magazine . Cheers Nick
  20. Hi all, think this is getting out of hand, we shouldn’t be slagging each other off! We all have our opinions and we are in titled to say what we think is correct at the time. Regardless to how we dress or what discipline we take up , someone will think and express a negative comment! imagine the general public or the antis reading this forum wouldn’t this cause negative comments?
  21. I take then we can’t wear fancy dress for the Range then? Not that I would wear fancy dress my wife says I look bland anyway. each person to there own ! What they wear is there choice if you are comfortable! Then you wear it! If we all turned up in tutu somebody bound to complain. All the very best for New year having a gamble in the casino, first time in 6months already on a roll!!
  22. New rest

    Cheers panda
  23. New rest

    Hi all, firstly wishing everyone a Forthcoming Happy New Year ! since I have sold my seb rest earlier this year ! I can’t forecast the future ! I am now going to buy a 6br in the new year, I already have my sight on such a rifle . I will be shooting 600/1000 yard Benchrest and Fclass comps. Now I want to buy a Front Rest to use under my 6br. i want to buy a mid range front rest! Seb rests are out of the price bracket. what and where is ideal to look at? I’ve seen on the net the Caldwell 6BR Rest around £240.00 what do you think Please Clean Answer please! Cheers Nick
  24. New rest

    Hi gun Pimp , thanks for the information, once I have my 6br will come to suitable comp and have a go ! The rifle I have looked at has a rail inlet into the forend so for time being I would shoot off bypod. Once I have funds for front rest then I shall ask to see if there are any second hand for sale. i hate to get a serious small group of my bypod and not be able to score points ! That could be sickening !

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