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  1. What scope would be classed suitable for Benchrest shooting and what type of reticle would be used ? Budget is £900.00. shooting at diggle for 2019 so looking to purchase a scope rather than using one scope to cover Fclass and Benchrest. Nick
  2. Yes the gun handling is good, the loading of my ammo is good, still learning I think you never stop learning . My scope is 8-32 and very happy with the rifle and scope set up. My discipline is Fclass and I like the Benchrest I only wish I could shoot more Benchrest.its like vince says practice and practice gives great dividends and reflects on your scoring and wind reading which at diggle is one hell of a windy place. If you can combine everything and still hit the target and score then there is definitely an improvement. Work and family commitments reduce my attendance at times.
  3. Hi vince, want to shoot the 600 next week, as it’s my mums anniversary of her passing on 23rd .hence No shooting.
  4. Thanks, I will use my sightron for both disciplines.
  5. Nick 53


    Looking for K & N small and large Primer Pocket uniformers. Nick
  6. Nick 53

    Couldn't resist.

    I’d pick up Seiko 5 sports 200 metre Kinetic watch some months ago , with broken stainless steel strap for £30.00 . RRP £350.00 put new strap on and changed seiko deploy catch over onto new strap. Looks great. have you thoughts of having a new movement in the watch that given up?
  7. Nick 53

    Advice on QR Mounts for Yukon RT 6x50?

    Why don’t you get in touch with Simon or Brian fox from fox firearms, they can recommend and give you some prices
  8. Nick 53

    Opinions on Sightron scopes?

    In Basc the deer department recommended no more than 6x or fixed power as shooting in forestry you didn’t need high power scopes . if you was shooting long range and had the land and a good safe back stop then a variable scope would be fine.
  9. Nick 53

    Load development

    Hi all, now looking for some input, I shoot at Diggle fine club, mainly Fclass shooting, my current load for my 1-9 30” heavy profile barrel is Viht 165 with 53 gn. Using Scenar L 180 .My MV 2691. If I wanted to tweek my load what would my load be ? Is there such a thing of a sweet spot ? i don’t want to burn my barrel out, I am curious if a slightly higher charge would increase my results on paper ? cheers Nick
  10. Nick 53

    Load development

    Yes plotting ,wind calls is my downside, and understanding what in front of me on the plotting sheets and understanding how to correct. Nick
  11. Hi all, out of curiosity what is the weight of a Benchrest rifle? I believe there are set weights and was wondering what weights are for each component stock? Barrel? Action? Scope? And is there anything else to consider? I want to use a 6br rifle . if your rifle is over these weight guide lines can you still have your scores recorded? Nick
  12. So if my 6br say weight 16lb could i shoot 100 Benchrest?
  13. Hi firedoc, is there any limit for 100 yards shooting?
  14. Nick 53

    Load development

    Spoken to Laurie some time ago, his recommendations 53-54 gr my OAL is 3.117. I have been told 56.0 is more for shenane (can’t spell this word) barrels. Yes my load is very moderate. Thinking over the new year to try some load developing. cheers Big Al for yours and everyone input.
  15. Nick 53

    Opinions on Sightron scopes?

    I have 8-32 LRMOA reticle ,fantastic scope well worth the money, used for Fclass and Some Benchrest shooting .
  16. Nick 53

    Load development

    Yes .284 by necking up from 6.5x284 to 7mm
  17. Sounds interesting,would you use a sound moderator? Out of curiosity? nick
  18. Nick 53

    Load development

    Did tried a load at 56 gn but brass head had scuff marks on and the brass was distorted. Had to scrap the brass.
  19. Nick 53


    Hi all as you know Fclass we shoot variety of distance why do Benchrest seem only to shoot 100,600 and 1000. Yards Cheers nick
  20. Nick 53


    Cheers but I’d pass thanks for info
  21. Nick 53


    I take it there No mobile benches on the market. ? No really just kidding I hope to shoot some Benchrest next year like vince has always said extra trigger time does work wonders. cheers for all your comments
  22. Hi mike trying to contact this guy you wants this type of scope just bear with me if you get a offer don’t wait for me sell it cheers nick
  23. Hi is this scope still for sale I have a friend looking for similar spec scope Cheers Nick

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