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    Fclass and Benchrest shooting. Occasionally deer stalking. Reloading for my own rifles. Pest Control and Specialised in Slum cleaning / Trauma and Dirty Needles Removed.

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  1. Nick 53

    Firearms Interview on Tuesday

    When I first had my first Firearm.the police just wanted to check storage,house security,were I was shooting and if I had written permission. Nick
  2. Nick 53

    Pigeon licence now added .

    Thanks I will wait.
  3. Nick 53

    Pigeon licence now added .

    With reference to Feral pigeons, would I have to apply each time any jobs comes in for removal of pigeons if all other options are not viable. Nick
  4. Thanks everyone for your information.
  5. Hi, looking for suitable scope mounts to use one scope on two different rifle's. Can anyone recommend suitable scope mounts? Both rifle's have 20 MOA rails. Thanks Nick
  6. Nick 53


    Thanks Vince
  7. Nick 53


  8. Nick 53


    Hi, How do you pick a load development for a particular round say for instance 90 gr ! I use Lapua brass,but we're the information for powder,primer, OAL ? There is a huge choice of primers,powders. It amazes me when shooting buddy says use XY and so on. Is there a way to get the data to make and shoot a particular load. Thanks Nick
  9. Nick 53

    Anyone use a drone ? (flying type )

    I purchased a phantom 4 but it didn't quite work out it went a bit mad as flight to Max height then just plummet to the ground.took it back to the shop. The sale rep took it outside to try. did we get a shock it went at full throttle side words, lost control and it plowed into the side of shop.the shop gave my money back and simply said Sorry.
  10. Nick 53

    Molten Salt Annealing Rig

    Hi, A final note is my wife has said if I spend any more time in the Garage my bed can go in and I live in the bloody garage. Nick
  11. Nick 53

    Molten Salt Annealing Rig

    These case holders are getting better by each person who builds them. Thanks Nick
  12. Nick 53

    6mm BR build

    Hi, forgive my reply as I haven't ran the New load of 31.3 Vihtvori 150 over the chronograph. I shot two Fclass comps at diggle 500 and 600 yards. On target scores average as my wind reading is crappy.i just wanted to get some range time. Overall happy with the rifle. Have purchased a new trigger and awaiting to install.my barrel was done by Mik at dolphin, .272 neck.if interested will post MV once chronograph. thanks Nick
  13. Would you consider 6.5x284 necked to 7mm same bolt for 308. 1-8 30" heavy profile barrel. Shooting Scenar L 180s. This is the way I went. Nick
  14. Yes. I am in good hands with Steve. Brian has solved part of the question. Thanks Vince

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