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    Fclass and Benchrest shooting. Occasionally deer stalking. Reloading for my own rifles. Pest Control and Specialised in Slum cleaning / Trauma and Dirty Needles Removed.

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  1. Currently have from new since 1979 Bressnar Observation 20x80 Binoculars with hard case. used in twilight and daylight. Very powerful. Excellent condition. In there hey day these would of cost £700.00. selling for £300.00 ovno.
  2. Nick 53

    Trying to contact "The gun pimp"

    Could you contact another administrator? See if they can reach vince?
  3. Nick 53

    How do You prep Your brass? UKV survey.

    Try to anneal brass every third firing. Tumble in walnut media , re size full length, check length. chech cases for cracks, if found brass is scrapped. if trimming is needed spend more time in the garage! ( find this trimming seriously boring). clean primer pockets with Lymons prep centre. prime using RCBS rock chucker, use Hornady lock and load scales, charge ! seat bullet check each loaded bullet, check OAL , 3”117 . Wipe cases down. Box and write load data and date of re loading. Nick
  4. Nick 53

    Trying to contact "The gun pimp"

    Hi I believe his email address has been hacked! And I myself are awaiting a email from vince ! Nick
  5. Nick 53


    Hi all can anyone recommend where I may buy CCI 450 Primers small rifle? Tried my local supplier all sold out cheers Nick
  6. Hi I have the Hornady lock and load powder dispenser. I have no bad issues with it only small issue it doesn’t like fine powder for instance H335 which I call fine powder
  7. Any preference on the Sightron scopes? I shoot Fclass using 8-32x 50 LRMOA reticle nice scope! Each to there own I guess!
  8. Nick 53

    George Balfour

    Please send my condolences to George Family and to you Les. he was a great person and his insight on this forum was amazing. RIP never forgotten but Deeply missed
  9. Nick 53

    Newbie - needing a reloading kit

    Hi, i have a mixture of reloading kit RCBs rock chucker press, Hornady Lock and Load scales along with Hornady beam scales. Forster dies, Lymans prep centre.Lymans Tumbler, All good stuff and hasn’t let me down . It’s up to you bearing in mind once bought should last a life time in reloading. you can go over board ! And buy kit that’s not quite needed . So if you see something that you want but not quite sure ask on this forum as someone will have a answer for you! Then it’s up to you !
  10. Nick 53

    George Balfour (gbal on this site)

    I think all of us will say a pray for him and ask for a miracle so George Can recover and be back on this forum. Les a pray will be said for you for keeping your strength and helping you along with George family through this difficult time.
  11. Nick 53

    George Balfour (gbal on this site)

    Sad news indeed, George Knew his stuff and indeed a marvellous man.
  12. Nick 53

    7mm Shehane

    Hi although I don’t shoot shehane , I do shoot 7mm. Using Viht 165 with a moderate load. Lapua Scenar L 180g and Lapua brass necked up from 6.5x 284 to 7mm.
  13. Nick 53

    Show your Accuracy International

    Nice rifles !
  14. Nick 53

    Importing reloading equipment from the states?

    I never bothered with buying from abroad, you read about duty and tax . I support my local gun shop from the club I shoot at. I sometimes wish I could buy more ! Like the shop but at least I can browse the shop shelf’s and buy as and when I want items.
  15. Nick 53

    Importing reloading equipment from the states?

    Whilst on holiday in Italy couple of years ago I met a chap who like myself enjoyed shooting, he was from Belgium, he says brass such as Lapua is cheaper there than the uk. I often wondered if you can buy certain non explosive reloading components from other countries.other than America

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