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    Fclass and Benchrest shooting. Occasionally deer stalking. Reloading for my own rifles. Pest Control and Specialised in Slum cleaning / Trauma and Dirty Needles Removed.

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  1. Nick 53

    WANTED. 6.5-284 rifle.

    Have you tried Fox Firearms ?
  2. Nick 53

    HPS Target Rifles Ltd.

    Had great pleasure to deal with company back in 2015 when searching for primer's. By luck they had some with all relevant documents sent and fees paid was able to secure a delivery of primer's to me . First class service and very friendly staff.
  3. Nick 53

    50 Cal Ban Dropped

    They say there's not many 50 calibre fac holders and these should be held in a endangered group. Can't understand why like any legally held gun owners should be targeted. We are all law abiding citizens who have to provide total security for our weapons. We jump through many loops to keep our sport safe. And to keep our choice of guns. Our ranges have security and safety standard embossed in to our members as we ensure safety at all levels.
  4. No . On this subject . Therefore will leave well alone and stick to what I know. I will load scenar L 105 for my 6br and follow your load data advise and see you on the range in due course. Nick
  5. What are the pros and cons of using Molly coated bullets against Non Molly coated bullets? Is there any issues of cleaning a rifle barrel when you use Molly coated bullets against Non Molly coated bullets. Nick
  6. Nick 53

    What scope?

    Have you considered Sightron scopes. I use Sightron LRMOA 8-32/50 long range it's around £1000 mark . Nick
  7. Nick 53

    New barrel breaking in

    Hi all , thanks for the various does and don’t, myself and Steve have bore scoped the barrel we proceeded to use a pistol rod,with bronze brush lapped with fine wire wool and drops of oil . Afterward I cleaned the barrel and some minute bits of metal findings were removed. Since I’ve got to zero the scope I’ve opted to fire and clean the barrel. Through the process of zeroing. i must admit that when I purchased the rifle , it was assumed (gunsmith) that I know what to do in breaking in the barrel. Fortunately Steve is on hand and refreshed my memory. I appreciate that everyone has there own way and there’s Not a set way to break in the barrel. Nick
  8. Nick 53

    New barrel breaking in

    As I remember I did JB my old factory Remington rifle barrel. As it was recommended to do so , since my 6br is a Louther Benchrest barrel I have no intention to JB it. I will follow Steve DUNN guidance for my barrel as I did with my 7mm barrel, Steve ,Laurie and Vince are the ones who have guided me on my Fclass shooting and will also guide me on Benchrest shooting. if I can’t succeed with the input from these people then I will take up Fishing !! Nick
  9. Nick 53

    New barrel breaking in

    Hi all just taken delivery of a 6br rifle before I fire it would you or do need to polish inside the barrel ? Cheers Nick
  10. Nick 53

    Hot homeloads

    Hi if I had bought a rifle and there was home loads I’d pull the lot apart and start from scratch it’s not worth the risk
  11. Nick 53

    Brass preparation

    Cheers The gun pimp, will do just that. nick
  12. Nick 53

    Brass preparation

    Hi, what are the pro and cons of using a Primer Pocket uniformer? This is for 6 br rifle using Lapua brass. Nick
  13. Nick 53

    Which electronic powder thrower/dispenser

    For me Hornady Lock and Load like any powder scales spend your money wisely, always check the charge on my Hornady Balance beam scales. Choose a suitable location for using your scales, and don’t rush the reloading.

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