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    Fclass and Benchrest shooting. Occasionally deer stalking. Reloading for my own rifles. Pest Control and Specialised in Slum cleaning / Trauma and Dirty Needles Removed.

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  1. It's a pity they are not scenar L in 105 in 6br Thanks nick
  2. Nick 53

    seb mini exchange with Neo ( Now sorted )

  3. Nick 53

    seb mini exchange with Neo ( Now sorted )

    Yes please Vince, I am sorry I didn't realise you had one. I've only seen the heavy seb. Thanks for the offer of using it. C u Sunday. Thanks nick
  4. Nick 53

    seb mini exchange with Neo ( Now sorted )

    Would a cash sale be any good to you? Thanks nick
  5. Hi tried to email you but it's saying you can't except emails. 


  6. Instead of heads I will put 6mm pills or bullets. Thanks nick
  7. Hi what 6mm heads have you got birdandpestcontrolservices@googlemail.com Thanks nick
  8. Why is it that all the rifle you like are either left handed, no slots on your ticket,? Sod law! Nick
  9. Hi currently using viht 165 moderate load 53.0 mv 2491. Doing load development to get a better MV using scenar L180. Thanks nick
  10. Nick 53

    Gun cabinet

    Fox firearms got some in. Thanks nick
  11. Nick 53

    Niggeloh Titan 2 sling wanted

    What type of sling is it your after? I have a black Tac 4 sling with arm brace attachment. Thanks nick
  12. Hi, Would your left hand not be operating the joy stick of the front rest as if you was using a seb ? Nick
  13. Nick 53


    Hi all. My full length resize die is a Hornady.my neck tension die is a Forster. I can only assume money was the issue when I have different make of dies.my brass has been fired twice.Not annealed.i only have a wax type lube.i think I've got my wires crossed in the case preparation. Thanks for the input. Much appreciated Nick
  14. Nick 53


    Hi yes was using 2 dies .But the New neck bushing die has a de primer . So was going to just use this die, still lube the neck as before.if I see you at diggle sometime will show you the dies. Thanks Nick

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