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    F Class shooting, Benchrest shooting, load developement.
    Amateur bee keeper, pest controller. Own Remington action with heavy profile barrel, rifle basic trigger, and Mcree rifle stock.

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  1. Neck sizing v full-length sizing

    No not yet! But now I will look and see what is revealed. Cheers Nick
  2. Neck sizing v full-length sizing

    I have a question, if you full length all your brass as I have always done, what would cause the slight stiffness on closing the bolt? It only happens now and again. i am prity methodical in reloading for 7mm . Cheers Nick
  3. Twist rate

    Hi all what twist rate determines slow and fast ? And how’s is the bullet deemed suitable for that twist rate? Cheers Nick
  4. Nightforce Reticle change prices

    I wonder if sightron do such a service? Who’s the uk supplier for these now ? cheers nick.
  5. This rifle is awesome but I’d like similar set up but 6x47 ! 

  6. Valkyrie rifles visit

    Nice !
  7. Yes it’s still here cheers nick
  8. Yes agree with great scope, sadly it was on top of my second rifle which with regret sold. I only shoot Fclass and Benchrest and this scope is left on the shelf. so hopefully someone may buy and have a cracking scope. cheers nick
  9. Lee Aniversary powder beam scales boxed Hardly used excellent condition. £24.00 includes postage. mildot ruler and how to use excellent condition £13.00 includes postage
  10. Sightron 6-24/50 mil dot reticle, sun shade, flip up covers, re- set table turrets.M.O.A. excellent condition £550.00 includes postage.
  11. Forster Full length resizing dies 223 ,Boxed.includes postage £35.00 excellent condition sold .
  12. Tier One medium 30mm mounts

    Tier mounts 30 mm sold
  13. Is the forum broken?

    I am getting emails from the forum about emails from members up to 2-3 days after I've answered the emails. Well weird !
  14. Bullet lengths for 7mm (.284) Sierra and Lapua

    Hi might be advisable to look up gun pimp or Laurie Holland, these people might be able to help. You could make a dummy round up and then get OAL for each bullet weight . Chap called gbal is another helpful person, Cheers Nick

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