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    Fclass and Benchrest shooting. Occasionally deer stalking. Reloading for my own rifles. Pest Control and Specialised in Slum cleaning / Trauma and Dirty Needles Removed.

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  1. Nick 53

    Molten Salt Annealing Rig

    Thanks. Since Paul lives around the corner me we will mix the salt together. ( Preferably not in the kitchen) !!
  2. Nick 53

    Molten Salt Annealing Rig

    There is an article on salt annealing on a web site Target sport shooting? Bloody brain can’t remember the correct title! It gives the amount of salt required to be mixed. Article is by a Paul Parkinson cracking read. Nick
  3. Nick 53

    Indecisive ftr, Savage or Custom?

    If you reload, there are plenty of people on hear such as Gun pimp who can give you an idea of starting loads as well as kit. the thing not to do is buy items that you don’t need ! Or can’t use! I have made a few mistakes in this area. you need to decide on how much money you got then factor in Rifle, scope, reloading kit, and everything else that is required. Nick
  4. Nick 53

    Molten Salt Annealing Rig

    Apparently after salt annealing the cases need to be dropped into water,I have seen the salt annealing been done a fellow shooter has this set up.
  5. Nick 53

    Molten Salt Annealing Rig

    Hi, got the salts from APC in hyde. Got the thermometer from eBay at a fraction of the company selling the complete kit. Just fancy not paying through my nose for the privilege. Only now need the plate to take my cases. Again don’t fancy paying $47.00 shipping to uk. Final option is to make one ! Nick
  6. Hi all How do you find if there is any Ranges in Spain Benidorm or Italy near Pescara.? I have family in both countries and want when abroad to visit a rifle range . Secondly can my range rifles go with me? Thanks nick
  7. Nick 53

    My new 6mm br from JR firearms

    Nice rifle Mr Fox best be careful
  8. Hi, I wonder if this article has a junk problem attached as I have received 100 emails on this topic it's sending my computer in to overdrive. Nick
  9. It’s a pity If it was for wind calculation I’d buy one, strictly MOA user. But in fairness it looks simple to use.
  10. To bloody far ! I stick to my local club Diggle.
  11. Nick 53

    Foxes everywhere today!!!

    Hi Bob out of curiosity do use lamp,or NV for your night shooting? Thank nick
  12. Nick 53

    Case annealing machine

    Great read .
  13. Nick 53

    Case annealing machine


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