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    Fclass and Benchrest shooting.
    . Reloading for my own rifles. Pest Control and Specialised in Pigeon Control and Proofing.
    Avid Bee Keeper, with own hive. Actively working with Honey Bees and Bumblebees. And educating general public Not to kill Bees.

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  1. Nick 53


    What kit is required to molly coat bullets can a tumbler be used or is it specific equipment. Thanks nick
  2. Boxed Lymans 1200 turbo tumbler with 2 bags of chestnut media. 1 bag used. Excellent condition. £60.00 plus £10.00 postage. Photos can be emailed. Failsworth. Manchester. Thanks nick
  3. Nick 53

    Latest purchase

    Nice. What scope are you getting. Thanks nick
  4. Nick 53

    Case Tumbler

    Hi its nick 53, Did you get your tumbler? Thanks nick
  5. Boxed Lee Aniversary balance beam scales for sale excellent condition. Surplus to requirement £20.00. Including postage. Manchester. Thanks nick
  6. Caldwell Rock BR competition front rest for sale. Excellent condition. Has wide bag and narrow bag. Looking for £150 .00 collected. Manchester or £160.00 including postage by Parcel Force. Thanks nick
  7. Nick 53

    Powder scales

    Good morning, currently have Hornady lock and load digital scales electrical. Now over the week they have thrown more "over " charges I've lost count. I've emailed the importers and awaiting a reply. I've tried to calibrate them but they just won't calibrate. What other preferences of weighing is suitable. Finally I do have Hornady balance beam scales. Do I need anything else? Thanks nick
  8. Nick 53

    Old brass.

    Brian fox firearms. Suggests I donate my brass. Thanks nick
  9. Nick 53

    Old brass.

    Thanks gun pimp, email sent to Brian. C u Sunday. Thanks nick
  10. Nick 53

    Old brass.

    Hi, Does anyone know were you can sell your old and knackered brass. My local scrap merchant won't deal with it even though the brass is de-primed. Thanks nick
  11. Nick 53

    52-55 inch soft bag

    Hi, Fox Firearms I'm sure Aimfield do bags 55" Thanks nick
  12. Nick 53


    Final note. Mountain warehouse Zenith Extreme II mens jacket 3-1 is I believe the next one up from the Bracken Extreme 3_1mens jacket. Thanks nick
  13. Nick 53


    Hi all. My apologies the jacket and pants I purchased from Mountain warehouse are Not Gortex. They are 3_1 jackets Bracken Extreme 3_1mens waterproof jacket. Rated 10, 000mm waterproof and 5,000g breathable. Taped seams totally waterproof. Sorry I wrote Gortex when they aren't Gortex. Thanks nick
  14. Nick 53


    After much searching and reading Gortex 3 in 1 jacket sealed seams and pants again sealed seams. From Mountain warehouse. RRP £350 sale £150.00 2 yr warranty. Can't wait to try them out. Thanks nick

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