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    Fclass and Benchrest shooting. Occasionally deer stalking. Reloading for my own rifles. Pest Control and Specialised in Slum cleaning / Trauma and Dirty Needles Removed.

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  1. 7mm Shehane

    Hi although I don’t shoot shehane , I do shoot 7mm. Using Viht 165 with a moderate load. Lapua Scenar L 180g and Lapua brass necked up from 6.5x 284 to 7mm.
  2. Show your Accuracy International

    Nice rifles !
  3. Importing reloading equipment from the states?

    I never bothered with buying from abroad, you read about duty and tax . I support my local gun shop from the club I shoot at. I sometimes wish I could buy more ! Like the shop but at least I can browse the shop shelf’s and buy as and when I want items.
  4. Importing reloading equipment from the states?

    Whilst on holiday in Italy couple of years ago I met a chap who like myself enjoyed shooting, he was from Belgium, he says brass such as Lapua is cheaper there than the uk. I often wondered if you can buy certain non explosive reloading components from other countries.other than America
  5. my hornady scales work fine on Viht 165, but when i try to weight H335 its a bloody nightmare
  6. Hi redshift what weight are the 6mm ? Cheers Nick
  7. We all have our likes and dislikes, at the end of the day the one who pulls the trigger has only them self to blame if it goes pair shape. I have used Lee Aniversary beam scales they were my very first scales, but I moved forward and purchased Hornady kit. I have a mixture of kit Rcbs rockchucker press, Hornady scales, Forster dies, I am more than happy with my kit and have no intention to change what I have.
  8. since reloading i have used Hornady Lock n Load scales. and i double check each weight with Hornady Balance Beam Scales. Both scales are Fantastic. nick
  9. .284

    nice rifle like the paint job
  10. Reloading with Rosie

    Hi all, if you put Vince,Laurie Mike and Stuart on Youtube it would be like putting the Late Ken Dodd on the stage. You would never run out of conversation ! The above guru ‘s are well respected and know there stuff!
  11. Plotting sheets

    Hi I get mine from GB Fclass web site and print them off
  12. I had to put my coat in the cage, cover the cage with blanket on odd nights he came into our room with cage till he settled. Was not easy
  13. Reloading with Rosie

    At this rate these videos will be re classed as X rated reloading beyond your dreams ! Smiles all round !
  14. Reloading with Rosie

    That would produce some descent bullet heads !
  15. Reloading with Rosie

    I hope she doesn’t use a tumbler god imagine the vibration given of !!

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