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  1. Remington .243 PSS 20" Bedded into HS precision stock, trigger tuned, muzzle can and large bolt knob. Owned by me from new with less than 300 factory rounds through it, I look after my gear and this is in very good condition indeed. Shoots decent groups, particularly with Federal 70 gn ballistic tips. Leupold 30mm mounts, sling and a couple of boxes of Federal to get you started. £700 ONO Photos on Stalking Directory
  2. Tictac

    Remy .243 PSS value

    Hi, I'm selling my .243 Remington PSS but have little idea of the price so could do with a few ideas on what it's worth? Its had about 300 rounds (factory) through it. It's bedded, cut to 20" with a muzzle can and had the trigger re-worked. Big bolt knob. It's in very good condition, I've had it from new and look after my kit. Paul.
  3. Tictac

    Barnard SM

    Looking for a used action, possibly a complete rifle if its in a sporting stock. What have you got?
  4. Tictac

    Wilson Trimmer Micrometer.

    Which one, the stainless or black one? I have the later new and never used. Paul.
  5. Tictac


    Give Neil Mckillop a shout. Paul
  6. Tictac

    What four rifle calibres - factory ammo

    Why limit yourself to four, who's counting
  7. Tictac

    Berger 6mm

    Hi 6mm BR You have PM
  8. Tictac

    Berger 6mm

    Having been told by one supplier that they had "plenty on the shelf" and paying but no sign of a delivery and then 7 weeks later still being told "expected any time from the importer" I've decided to take my money elsewhere. Managed to track down 300 still looking for more.
  9. Tictac

    Berger 6mm

    Looking for around 500 Berger 6mm 105gn VLD Hunting. Anyone got any? Thanks,
  10. Tictac

    Wilson case trimmer

    Hi Bob, PM me an email address and I'll send you the photo. Apart from a "universal" Saturn funnel thats all I have thats looking for a new home. Thanks, Paul
  11. Tictac

    Wilson case trimmer

    I'll take a photo over the weekend, it's exactly the same as above and new/boxed unused. It was a gift with a trimmer and the trimmer already had the stainless micrometer on it. £40 posted. Paul.
  12. Tictac

    Wilson case trimmer

    I have a new unused micrometer as shown in the picture if you go with Squirrel's trimmer?
  13. I have a Borden on order so that's good to hear I thought it was worth mentioning as the subject was bolt shround accurising and "every little helps"
  14. Tictac

    6mm BR Norma Wilson FL die size?

    Thanks all for your advice. I've ordered the Norma die, fingers crossed on delivery times now. Paul.

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