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  1. Tictac

    6mm BR build

    The stock was bought as is. Thank you for the comments. Credit to Neil for bringing it all together. I've a 6BR based on a Borden HBR on the way as well, looking forward to that. Paul
  2. Tictac

    6mm BR build

    Tubs, Thanks, It's an SM with a 1 in 8 Bartlein, McMillan Game Warden stock, Teir 1 bottom metal with accurate mags and Atec mod. Scope is an ATACR 5-25. Built by Neil Mckillop. .243 AI with 87 gn Berger, shoots very nicely indeed.
  3. Removed from my PSS after less than 300 rounds so condition is excellent. Aluminium bedding block. Bedded for SA Remington. RB/RP, includes trigger guard/floorplate. Nice easy upgrade for a standard Remington. £150
  4. Tictac

    6mm BR build

    The Barnard S is a nice action for a working rifle, I've no complaints with mine (SM). Not very Blingy, horses for courses and all that....
  5. Photos sent to those who requested. Apologies for the delay, I've had issues with wi-fi that's taken Openreach and Sky far to long to resolve!
  6. It's manual, auto wasn't for me at the time having tried one. It is nice, unfortunately the other photos are around 4MB against a limit of less than 3MB - a single shot of the engine bay is pretty useless!
  7. Toyota Hilux 3.0 ltr Invincible. Grey with matching canopy. Currently on only 58,000 miles. This was bought as a practical family car and not used as a work horse. New AT tyres. Not long MOT'd. This has not been a builders bus and is in very good condition. It's not been of road other than farm tracks. Air con, touch screen with sat nav etc, cruise control, reversing camera. Tow pack (not used by me). Both sets of keys and the important master key.I am in the South East. I'm having trouble with the photo file size limit, if interested let me have a PM with email and I'll send some.£12,750 NO VAT on this truck.
  8. Do you have a slight ejector mark at 8 o'clock in that photo?
  9. Tictac

    K&M Neck Turner

    I assumed the screw adjusted out too far would be readily apparent. If that's the case and you manage to turn a neck after winding it in I'd still watch for excessive clearance after sizing and run out on the loaded round. It would be good to have some measurements?
  10. Tictac

    K&M Neck Turner

    Its the expander mandrel being too fat I reckon.
  11. Tictac

    K&M Neck Turner

    I had the same issue, the "matched" expander for the neck turner was way too big. The case when expanded was too loose on the cutter mandrel and was causing up to 007 thou runout as a result. I switched to my Sinclair mandrel and now cut case necks with around 0005 - 001 run out. I did measure the difference between the two mandrels but can't recall what it was, I can re-measure tomorrow if it helps? My issue was with new Lapua brass, I have to neck turn to chamber it from new. Not impressed with the K&M mandrel, I learnt a valuable lesson on measuring before getting carried away and neck turning 50 rounds in future! If you have sized the necks tight you may have a bigger issue than me?

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