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  1. biged85

    Schmidt LRR reticule

    Just had a 5-25 with the new LRR ret land on my desk. I will be giving it a thorough going over for a while and will also be able to compare it directly to the IOR Crusader 5.8-x 40 I have at the moment. Should be able to give you some genuine feedback by the end of the month.
  2. biged85

    Gen 6 /ball powders/ramshot 6.5 creed

    Hey VarmLR Picked up some RS62 and also emailed reload swiss. They kindly sent me the quickload data. I best getting loading! Atn Ed
  3. biged85

    Gen 6 /ball powders/ramshot 6.5 creed

    This is great, I heed your warnings I always start low and run a ladder test and never jump in the deep end. i didn't realise you could contact RS for a QL prediction, is there a specific email to use? Sorry for all the questions! Seeing as I have some 142SMK's to try I suppose it is worth asking them for a QL prediction. I really appreciate the time you have spent typing all that information for me and others to read. Many Thanks Ed
  4. biged85

    Gen 6 /ball powders/ramshot 6.5 creed

    Hi VarmLR, Many thanks for your help with this, I shall pick some RS62 up. Could you point me in the direction of some load data for 123gr Scenars and circa 140gr projectiles? maybe a starting point? I use hornady brass with CCI BR2's for reference. I have got some 123gr scenars, 136L Scenars and 142gr SMK's to try oh and some 140gr Nosler RDF's though I may not bother with these. ATB Ed
  5. biged85

    Gen 6 /ball powders/ramshot 6.5 creed

    Hi VarmLR, Unfortunately I cannot get RS62 locally though I could just buy a few containers and hope for the best, from research it seems to perform well for most people. Does it work for 123gr to 147gr projectiles? ATB Ed
  6. Hi Guys, Been having mixed results with Viht powders recently, they seem to have small margin for error. I fancy trying something else though I am getting bored/frustrated with load development. I am considering trying Ramshot Hunter in my 6.5 creedmoor with 142gr SMK's or maybe 136L Scenars My first questions is, any issues/ comments with this powder choice? (I can readily get this powder and there is load data for the 142 SMK's) Secondly, I use a Lyman Gen 6 and was curious about anyone's experience with dispensing ball powders like Ramshot On a side note, my rifle shoots 123gr and 136L Scenars incredibly well any particular powder recommendations other than Viht? Many Thanks in advance Ed
  7. biged85

    New Way to Post Pics

  8. If I could afford I would have it! Have used the XRS and own a DMR myself. Good luck with the sale, cracking scope for the money.
  9. Should get posted today Deadeyedick
  10. Hi All, I am having a bit of a clear and have a few items up for grabs Cheers, 1 x box (100 qty) of Berger 6.5mm 140 grain Long Range BT Target bullets (opened ) £45 including P&P Any Questions please ask Cheers
  11. biged85

    CNC Foam cutting?

    Try http://www.kb-technologies.co.uk/ He exhibited foam cutting at Northern Shooting Show two years ago, might be worth a try. I think his name was Keith.

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