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  1. biged85


    I have been in the lucky position to test a lot of scopes recently including the IOR crusader and more recently a PM2 with LRR-Mil ret. I think I could waffle on for hours talking about them both. The IOR I tested functioned flawlessly and had its features were very impressive - i.e. mag range, the amount of internal adjustment, the simplicity of the turrets etc etc. However, it was a prime example of a scope that will forever split opinion it as simple as that. (optical clarity, position of the parralax adjustment etc) but it is feature rich and performs to a high level which is where IOR gain their following. On the flip side, the S&B PMII for example quite simply appeals to the masses. Everything is done in a way that satisfies peoples desires (renowned glass, functionality, heritage/reputation, huge range of options etc etc) Does this make it a better scope? Not necessarily! I think this is where people get in a muddle when comparing/reviewing scopes. After all SO much is about personal preference. I shall stop waffling now
  2. Baldie, Have you ever experienced temperature sensitivity with Vhit 150? ATB Ed
  3. Hi SMLE, I think you will find that pretty much any of the common target bullets in 6.5 will perform very well at 600. I find Lapua 123 and 136L shoot very well and 139's have a great reputation as well. The good news is they are readily available and good value. Load data for all of these are on the Viht website which will make things easier for you. https://www.vihtavuori.com/reloading-data/rifle-reloading/?cartridge=95 Good luck!
  4. biged85

    6.5 Creedmoor brass

    The Starline Brass is good value Deker, better than Hornady in my opinion! https://www.henrykrank.com/reloading/cases-primers/starline-brass-cases/6-5-creedmoor-large-rifle-primer-starline-brass-cases-pkt100.html
  5. biged85

    variable CBTO / COL

    Cheers Big Al just the info I was after
  6. biged85

    variable CBTO / COL

    Hi Guys quick question. Loading for 6.5 creedmoor, Now previously when I load 123gr scenars to a COL of 2.810 this gives me a CBTO measurement to 2.270 Well I have opened a new box from a new batch and now my loaded rounds have a COL of 2.820 in order to get my CBTO of 2.270 My questions is, is this normal? Do bullets vary from batch to batch like this? Finally should I accept the longer COL and stick with my target CBTO ? Cheers Ed
  7. I have had the opportunity to try them for an afternoon/evening and I can assure you that they are very good. 100% worth consideration/a look Shame about the lens covers, thats my only gripe!
  8. SOLD to Triffid subject to usual
  9. Hi all, I have a box of 100 6.5 (0.264) HPBT 142gr SMK's for sale - NOW SOLD I am after £35 inc P&P The box has been opened. Many Thanks Ed
  10. biged85

    6.5 Creedmoor brass

    Malxwal, I have around 200 once and twice fired SRP lapua brass (all mixed up im afraid) that I will be putting in the for sale section soon. If you want to try a small batch in your rifle before committing to buying 100 new PM me and I am sure we can sort something out Ed
  11. biged85

    Schmidt LRR reticule

    Just had a 5-25 with the new LRR ret land on my desk. I will be giving it a thorough going over for a while and will also be able to compare it directly to the IOR Crusader 5.8-x 40 I have at the moment. Should be able to give you some genuine feedback by the end of the month.
  12. biged85

    Gen 6 /ball powders/ramshot 6.5 creed

    Hey VarmLR Picked up some RS62 and also emailed reload swiss. They kindly sent me the quickload data. I best getting loading! Atn Ed
  13. biged85

    Gen 6 /ball powders/ramshot 6.5 creed

    This is great, I heed your warnings I always start low and run a ladder test and never jump in the deep end. i didn't realise you could contact RS for a QL prediction, is there a specific email to use? Sorry for all the questions! Seeing as I have some 142SMK's to try I suppose it is worth asking them for a QL prediction. I really appreciate the time you have spent typing all that information for me and others to read. Many Thanks Ed
  14. biged85

    Gen 6 /ball powders/ramshot 6.5 creed

    Hi VarmLR, Many thanks for your help with this, I shall pick some RS62 up. Could you point me in the direction of some load data for 123gr Scenars and circa 140gr projectiles? maybe a starting point? I use hornady brass with CCI BR2's for reference. I have got some 123gr scenars, 136L Scenars and 142gr SMK's to try oh and some 140gr Nosler RDF's though I may not bother with these. ATB Ed
  15. biged85

    Gen 6 /ball powders/ramshot 6.5 creed

    Hi VarmLR, Unfortunately I cannot get RS62 locally though I could just buy a few containers and hope for the best, from research it seems to perform well for most people. Does it work for 123gr to 147gr projectiles? ATB Ed

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