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  1. Seating Depth Rule of Thumb

    Firstly, thank you all for your replies. I have done a OCW test and have had good results with a ES of 17fps which I am hoping to improve on with some basic work on the brass. I shall have a play with seating depth in both directions and see what I come up with, being cautious of pressure as I go. When the weather clears up a bit I shall report back my findings I am secretly hoping to find a decent sweet spot........ Many Thanks Ed
  2. Seating Depth Rule of Thumb

    HI gun pimp, I don't think i will ever buy an off the shelf rifle again, I would much rather get something re-barrelled to better specs. It makes no sense to me about the really long throat and then to compound things the feed ramp gets in the way meaning you cant even load to mag length. Though apparently some people get gun smiths to alter this. The rifle shoots very well indeed but I have a feeling it could of been even better which is a little frustrating. ATB Ed
  3. Seating Depth Rule of Thumb

    Hi All, I was wandering how many of you subscribe to the idea that when seating a bullet it is wise to have one bullet diameter of bearing surface in the case neck? So for example, with my Creedmoor I should have .264" The reason I ask is my Bergara BMP has a very long throat and I am trying to advance my reloading skills by experimenting with seating depths. I am using 123gr SST's and N150 @ around 2850fps producing .7 inch groups (COL 2.810) I would like to improve these groups as I have achieved 0.25" groups with 123gr Scenars so I know the rifle and myself are capable. COL wise I can physically go out to 2.850 before the feed ramp interferes with mag feed (which I need to keep) and I am still miles from the lands at this point. What is the minimum amount of bearing surface you would use while attempting to get as closer to the lands? Hope that all makes sense. Ed
  4. 123gr and 136L Scenars

    Hi Catch22, Thanks for this, I will give it a go. I have been very lucky with finding loads so far in both rifles, first powder choice and first bullet choice. Just a shame about REACH and the loss of some good powders. ATB Ed
  5. 123gr and 136L Scenars

    Hi all, I was wandering if I could get some advice. A bit of background I have a very accurate load running in my 6.5 Creedmoor with 24 inch barrel. it is 123gr Scenars seated at 2.810 using H4350 and it prints sub 1/4 inch groups. Now I stumbled across this seating depth by accident, it was just the first one I tried! So with the loss of H4350 I have now acquired some Viht N150, I still have some 123gr Scenars and I also have a box of 136gr Scenar L to try. I have not got a gauge for measuring where the lands are. The 123gr COL Question So load data from VIHT with N150 suggests a COL of 2.677 (which seems pretty deep), so my question is...do I use this COL or the COL from my proven previous load of H4350 of 2.810? Where would you start? The 136L COL Question The load data from VIHT for this bullet suggest a COL of 2.677 as well (again, pretty deep). Now I know this bullet is of a different design so what COL would you guys suggest, book or same as 123gr Scenars? Many Thanks in advance Ed
  6. Thought I would give a shout out for this rifle having seen it in the flesh an in action. Really nice bit of kit, shoots very well with GGG out to distance and the KRG is ridiculously well made. Well worth a look, you will see what I mean if you do! ATB BigEd

    Hi Xtrema, Thanks for this, I think I shall try and source some. I assume you got on ok with it? ATB Ed

    HI Big Al, I am looking to try RS62 with Lapua Scenar 139gr in a 6.5 creedmoore. I am I correct in my belief that I could start at say 40gr and work my way up? ATB Ed
  9. Creating a new load

    Thanks for the info guys, I think I know someone who has hornady depth gauge so I shall order a modified case for it Looking forward to seeing how I get one. ATB Ed
  10. Creating a new load

    Hi All, Just looking for advice on a process for developing a load for my 6.5 creedmoore. I have got 100 new lapua brass, some Nosler 140gr RDF projectiles and some H4350. The reason I ask is I just want to be as productive as possible during my first trip to the range with the new rifle and also the components are much more expensive than the .223! I do not have any experience in measuring where the lands are as I simply did not need to do it for my .223. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. ATB Ed
  11. Which .308 - please vote

    I have to say that the Mauser M12 that I had a go with was truly excellent. It shot a wide variety of factory loads very well (1/2 inch at 100) and the action was slick as you like. However the only reason to buy one over a Tikka in my opinion is if you would like something different. ATB Ed
  12. .223 Trim Length

    Thank you all for your advice, I shall do some further loading and see how I get on. Must look after this lapua brass, I want it to to last! ATB Ed
  13. .223 Trim Length

    That does help, guess I will just have to see how I get on. I will be interested to see peoples views on trimming the brass to the shortest one in the batch. Ed
  14. .223 Trim Length

    Hey all, Just wandering if any of you more experienced folk could advise me. I have used new .223 Lapua brass once, and then neck sized it. The case length is under 1.750 and the cases vary between 1.740 and 1.750. So far my research suggest being within this range is fine but what I can't seem to find out is if I should trim my brass to the shortest length for consistency? Or should I full length resize and see if that stretches the cases a bit? The reason I ask is my hornady brass stretches quite a bit and is full length resized after firing so I trim it down to 1.750 and it is now showing signs that it is more consistent than the lapua. The only reason I full length resized the Hornady is because it was once fired factory ammo from mine and a friends rifle and got mixed together. Any advice is greatly appreciated. My rifle is a Mossberg MVP 5.56/.223 in case that helps. Ed

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