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  1. biged85

    New Way to Post Pics

  2. If I could afford I would have it! Have used the XRS and own a DMR myself. Good luck with the sale, cracking scope for the money.
  3. Should get posted today Deadeyedick
  4. Hi All, I am having a bit of a clear and have a few items up for grabs Cheers, 1 x box (100 qty) of Berger 6.5mm 140 grain Long Range BT Target bullets (opened ) £45 including P&P Any Questions please ask Cheers
  5. biged85

    CNC Foam cutting?

    Try http://www.kb-technologies.co.uk/ He exhibited foam cutting at Northern Shooting Show two years ago, might be worth a try. I think his name was Keith.
  6. I have used the 55gr and now avoid it. The black residue it left in my barrel was a joke, it achieved sub MOA but then after 35-40 rounds accuracy would just fall off a cliff. Trying to clean my barrel afterwards was an experience I do not wish to repeat! Try and get hold of GGG, yes it is more expensive but the brass is really good and if you don't use it then I am sure you can sell it on to cover some of the expense. You have a choice of 62gr or 69gr, I have used 62gr (cheaper) out to 700-800m at Orion with good results. Ed
  7. biged85

    Gsr biforst

    Handled at IWA as well and a bit plasticy and clicky. Couldn't get my hands on one with a barrelled action in to check out flex. It felt a lot more ridged than the GRS Berserk in my opinion. The lightweight stock from PSE that I looked at........now that was impressive. No flex at all.
  8. biged85

    Seating Depth Rule of Thumb

    Firstly, thank you all for your replies. I have done a OCW test and have had good results with a ES of 17fps which I am hoping to improve on with some basic work on the brass. I shall have a play with seating depth in both directions and see what I come up with, being cautious of pressure as I go. When the weather clears up a bit I shall report back my findings I am secretly hoping to find a decent sweet spot........ Many Thanks Ed
  9. biged85

    Seating Depth Rule of Thumb

    HI gun pimp, I don't think i will ever buy an off the shelf rifle again, I would much rather get something re-barrelled to better specs. It makes no sense to me about the really long throat and then to compound things the feed ramp gets in the way meaning you cant even load to mag length. Though apparently some people get gun smiths to alter this. The rifle shoots very well indeed but I have a feeling it could of been even better which is a little frustrating. ATB Ed
  10. biged85

    Seating Depth Rule of Thumb

    Hi All, I was wandering how many of you subscribe to the idea that when seating a bullet it is wise to have one bullet diameter of bearing surface in the case neck? So for example, with my Creedmoor I should have .264" The reason I ask is my Bergara BMP has a very long throat and I am trying to advance my reloading skills by experimenting with seating depths. I am using 123gr SST's and N150 @ around 2850fps producing .7 inch groups (COL 2.810) I would like to improve these groups as I have achieved 0.25" groups with 123gr Scenars so I know the rifle and myself are capable. COL wise I can physically go out to 2.850 before the feed ramp interferes with mag feed (which I need to keep) and I am still miles from the lands at this point. What is the minimum amount of bearing surface you would use while attempting to get as closer to the lands? Hope that all makes sense. Ed
  11. biged85

    123gr and 136L Scenars

    Hi Catch22, Thanks for this, I will give it a go. I have been very lucky with finding loads so far in both rifles, first powder choice and first bullet choice. Just a shame about REACH and the loss of some good powders. ATB Ed

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