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  1. Hi all, I am having a clear out, I have: BOTH NOW SOLD --2 x USED 15-22 (25 round capacity) magazines going for £17.00 each inc P&P BOTH NOW SOLD NOW SOLD --- 1 x USED 15-22 (10 round capacity) magazine going for £17.00 inc P&P ----NOW SOLD 1 x USED Magpul EMAG 30 round 5.56x45 magazine for £15.00 inc P&P - STILL AVAILABLE All in good working order
  2. Hi, I have a Bergara BMP (remy footprint) do have any reason to think that your stock wont fit my rifle? My research suggests it will, so just after a second opinion really. If you agree I will take the stock and full bottom metal and floor plate All the best Ed
  3. biged85

    Brass Trim Length

    Many thanks for your advice, I am going to have a go at trimming some down. I then shoot some 5 round groups and chrono them at the same time. see what happens. ATB Ed
  4. biged85

    Brass Trim Length

    Thanks Andrew, i always FLR new brass, especially the starline. Well the strange thing is Popsbengo is I have some twice fired Starline that has barely grown an all, literally no growth. Very strange indeed when compared to Hornady brass that went from 1.910 to 1.918 after one firing!
  5. biged85

    Brass Trim Length

    Firstly, thank you both for your replies. Andrew, so when you say you trim to the shortest length do you still do that if it means the brass is then shorter than minimum book length? Essentially, for 6.5cm would you be happy trimming down new brass to 1.904? (book minimum 1.910) Many Thanks Ed
  6. biged85

    Brass Trim Length

    Hi All, Quick question i was hoping someone could help me with. Starline 6.5 CM brass brand new, seems to be slightly short and varies from 1.904 - 1.912 in length. I haven't had any problems running it and have avoided trimming it as it is already short. My question is, for consistency etc would you trim it all to the shortest length i.e. 1.904? My extreme spread on the chrono is not great so looking for improvement. The few I have fired do not seem to have grown much at all. I use a factory rifle. Cheers Ed
  7. biged85

    Long range scope options.

    I agree that your best bet is going to a show and trying as many as possible to reduce your number of options. Just make sure you spend the time adjusting the scope to your eyes before passing judgement, especially FFP ones. Once you have few preferred choices then see if you can find someone who will let you have a butchers out in the field. However, If in doubt just buy a S&B PMII, you can't go too wrong with one of those! Good luck
  8. biged85


    I have been in the lucky position to test a lot of scopes recently including the IOR crusader and more recently a PM2 with LRR-Mil ret. I think I could waffle on for hours talking about them both. The IOR I tested functioned flawlessly and had its features were very impressive - i.e. mag range, the amount of internal adjustment, the simplicity of the turrets etc etc. However, it was a prime example of a scope that will forever split opinion it as simple as that. (optical clarity, position of the parralax adjustment etc) but it is feature rich and performs to a high level which is where IOR gain their following. On the flip side, the S&B PMII for example quite simply appeals to the masses. Everything is done in a way that satisfies peoples desires (renowned glass, functionality, heritage/reputation, huge range of options etc etc) Does this make it a better scope? Not necessarily! I think this is where people get in a muddle when comparing/reviewing scopes. After all SO much is about personal preference. I shall stop waffling now
  9. Baldie, Have you ever experienced temperature sensitivity with Vhit 150? ATB Ed
  10. Hi SMLE, I think you will find that pretty much any of the common target bullets in 6.5 will perform very well at 600. I find Lapua 123 and 136L shoot very well and 139's have a great reputation as well. The good news is they are readily available and good value. Load data for all of these are on the Viht website which will make things easier for you. https://www.vihtavuori.com/reloading-data/rifle-reloading/?cartridge=95 Good luck!
  11. biged85

    6.5 Creedmoor brass

    The Starline Brass is good value Deker, better than Hornady in my opinion! https://www.henrykrank.com/reloading/cases-primers/starline-brass-cases/6-5-creedmoor-large-rifle-primer-starline-brass-cases-pkt100.html
  12. biged85

    variable CBTO / COL

    Cheers Big Al just the info I was after

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