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  1. Firstly, let me say that any advice offered and received is welcomed. I have been enjoying F Class for 6 months and I love it, I'm hooked. I can honestly say that in the past six months I have not lifted my DT10 once or entered any Trap competitions, not one. Who needs clays when you have 600, 800, 1000 yards to master. Currently, I have a Savage Model 12 F/TR combined with a Night Force Competition Scope. I can hold my own at club and friendly challenges, and my reloading and wind reading is improving at every outing. Having had the chance at trying A few custom-built rifles, I really want to up my game now. But my disability is “Recoil”, in my case less is best. I have had a lot of reconstructive surgery on my shoulders, and the larger cal's and loads can seriously push me around after a string. My goal is to have a competitive package for F-Class Open. The best I have shot with and enjoyed was the .284 Shehane, using Berger 180g VLDs. The recoil was manageable and the next day I did not suffer. I also tried .308, 210g Long Range Target, after a string of 10… “”Mannnn” they give me such a kicking, 20 down range and I was in bad shape. I’m ready to pull the plug and spend the money, but I’d really like to hear back from rifle builders and people in the know. I have some concerns around the Shehane, such as dies and getting the setup right, some people have said that it is hard to get reloading powder and that to get a stable load and combo with our UK powder it is hopeless, others have said a straight .284 is just as good. But I don’t want just as good. I can’t run heavy hitters so I’m thinking I need the extra boiler room. Fire forming… this is just another excuse for me to go to the range J

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