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  1. BBC Country file certificate renewal

    A very informative response from VarmLR and useful to retain in case of potential issues arising.
  2. Buying Seconhand

    Totally with you. Posted this for the benefit of anyone buying second hand and induced into a purchase based on incorrect data and for the benefit of those dealers (not the honest ones) who will have you believe otherwise
  3. Buying Seconhand

    Have just taken legal advice: If a second hand item is sold to you, the person selling or in the case of a gun dealer selling on behalf of a customer on commission, takes responsibility for any statements made regarding the item that you rely upon to make your decision. Additionally the item should be fit purpose. So whether the dealer tells you its being sold on behalf of a customer, your contract is with the dealer and you have recourse against them. Therefore, always ensure that you pay for any item (if you can) with a credit card (minimum £100, but not necessarily the full value, as the minimum payment will cover the whole transaction ) so you can have recourse against the credit card company as well. This falls under your consumer rights, section 75. In addition, if an item is misrepresented there is the misrepresentation act to fall back on.
  4. Out of interest is the PM2 not rated as highly as the IOR recon
  5. Buying Seconhand

    Can anyone tell me whether a gun bought second hand from a dealer selling on behalf of a private individual is covered under the Consumer Rights Act.
  6. Hello Lapua, What's your best price. Cheers, onthetin

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